What Is A Keyword Research Tool? A Must-Have For Bloggers

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Whether you’re blogging as a business owner for commercial purposes, or a casual part time writer who jots down a diary of sorts, if your goal is to generate an audience, a keyword research tool is paramount to your success.

So what is a keyword research tool, and why must you have it?

It’s basically a tool that tells you a number of variables (such as competition and number of monthly searches for that keyword) about any specific keyword you can think of, it tells you whether that keyword is likely going to rank high in the google search results or not, and ultimately whether you should write a blog post under that keyword or not.

How To Use Keyword Research Tool

First you have to pick a keyword. For example if you’re writing a blog post where you’re reviewing the best protein bars, how would you word the title?

In the keyword research tool you could type in something like “The best protein bars review,” and the tool will give you the stats for that keyword. It’ll tell you how many times people worldwide have googled that specific keyword every month, how much competition you have (how many other people are already using that keyword,) among other important stats. You want high number of searches and low amount of competition.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Keyword Research Tool

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that teaches ordinary people how to build a successful blog that generates passive income. This keyword tool I personally use is the one created and owned by Wealthy Affiliate, I get free unlimited use as a premium member. They also have certification courses, training videos, 1-on-1 coaching, live chat, the keyword research tool, and best of all they offer free membership where you can try out their tools for 7 days.

If you’d like to read more about Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve written more about it which you can read HERE.

Many different keyword research tools exist on the internet, some are free and some cost money, some have less stats some have more.

This is the keyword tool I use at Wealthy Affiliate:

looking for low competition keywords high searches

Searches: The number under “searches” is how many times this particular keyword gets searched on google every month. I wrote the post you’re reading right now under the keyword “What is a keyword research tool?” and 2778 people search for that specific keyword every month, this is pretty good. I recommend you choose a keyword with at least 50 searches a month, the higher the better.

Traffic: This is how many visitors you can expect to come to your blog if you were on the first page of google. If this post was somewhere on the first page of google, I’d likely receive 473 people coming to this blog post every month. Think of how useful it is to know that!

Competition: You click on “view results” and the competition (QSR stands for quoted search results) will be shown to you. This is the number of people using the same exact keyword you’re using, therefore the lower the number the better. I recommend you don’t choose a keyword with a number higher than 50.

the quoted search results google competition

Article Power: This is a rating that gives you an idea of how good your post would likely rank. They look at things like not only the competition, but also how tough your competition is. High authority sites are sites that are well established and has gained a lot of trust with google, therefore overtaking them would be very difficult. If your competition is made up of lots of high authority sites, your article power will be a low number. I suggest aiming for an article power of 8 or above.

Final Thoughts

So as you can see I chose a pretty good keyword to write under for this post you’re reading right now. It has a high number of searches, low competition, and whatever competition I have is pretty weak. I’ll likely rank very well in google after writing this post.

If you want to try out a keyword research tool, why not join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member? Once you join you can immediately gain access to their incredible keyword research tool. As a free member of Wealthy Affiliate you will also have access to the training course, the creation and free hosting of 2 websites, and 1-on-1 coaching. 

If you have any questions about the keyword tool or about Wealthy Affiliate, comment below and I’ll get back to you. Please like and share on social media if you found this post helpful.

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