Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Top Work At Home Recommendation

Discover Why Wealthy Affiliate Is My

Top Work At Home Recommendation

To Learn How To Build a Blogging Business From Home
That Generates Passive Income Online!


Wealthy Affiliate – Quick Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com <— create a FREE account now!
Suitable For: Anyone  – No prior experience or any technical skills required.
Earning Potential: Unlimited – $100s to $10,000+ a month
Price: 100% FREE Starter Membership, Premium Membership cost $49 a month
Recommended? YES! Highly recommended.

Table of Contents


Why You Must Be Ready To Work Hard!

It Takes Blood, Sweat, Tears, and TIME

Many people have this false idea that you can buy some done-for-you system online and all you gotta do to make lots of money is click a few buttons. This idea is dangerous, because such a thing doesn’t exist! You will continue running into scams which are designed to lure people in who have this mindset.

There are 1000s of scams and other low quality products out there that promises you all kinds of quick money, and none of them ever deliver. They cost a lot of money and are designed to get your hopes up just so you’d fork over your cash.

The point is that a REAL online business is not a get rich quick scheme. Ask any entrepreneur who makes a lot of money online, they will tell you that they have put in tons of time and effort into learning and crafting their business. They didn’t get there overnight and certainly not by purchasing some done-for-you button clicking system.

The sooner you realize that to make real money online takes blood, sweat, and tears, the sooner you will be on the right path to success.

Are You Ready?

I’m about to show you a business model that will reward you as much as the effort you give into it. If you work hard and consistently, good results will be inevitably follow. 

There are people making $50 a month from this business model, and others making 6 figures and more, you get what you give, and there is no limit to how much you can make.

I will also show you later on how you can get started today for absolutely FREE.


The BEST Way To Make Money Online

The Best Online Business Model

So without further ado, I’ll explain to you the process of how to actually make money online with a blogging business.

The first step is finding a topic (aka “niche”) that you have lots of interest or passion talking about, and you build a website around that.

Do not worry if you don’t know anything about building websites! You don’t need to know coding or anything complicated. I will explain everything later on…

The next step is to write content on that website.

So for example if your topic/niche is juicing fruits and vegetables, you will write blog posts around that. You could write a post about the best 5 juicers on the market today, and then under each of the 5 that you recommend you’d put in what is called an “affiliate link”.

An affiliate link is a link that takes your reader to a merchant sales page, such as on Amazon which is sort of a giant online retailer store that sells just about everything. The affiliate contains a tracking ID that is unique to you, and if your reader takes you up on your recommendation and buys one of those 5 juicers, you earn a commission!

This whole process is called affiliate marketing, and this business model works really well, many people are making a living doing it.

Intro Into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in a nutshell is where you promote other people’s products, and you make a commission when your recommendation of their products results in a sale.

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers and they have an amazing affiliate program. But countless online merchants also have affiliate programs that you can join to become an affiliate. Ebay, Apple, Target, Jet, and Walmart all have affiliate programs.

If there’s a product you’d like to promote and want to know if there’s an affiliate program for that product, all you have to do is type in “your product + affiliate program” into google search.

You are not selling products, you are promoting and recommending products, this difference comes with many benefits to you.

You do not deal with customer service, you do not invest and hold inventory, you do not deal with the actual payment for the products, you are just a middle man/woman.

How Affiliate Marketing Works In a Nutshell

This is the perfect online business model for many people because the startup costs are extremely low. The only thing you’d need to pay for is a website, so just a yearly domain registration fee (about $13 a year) and a monthly web hosting fee (about $10 a month.)

But later on in this guide I’m going to show you how you can build a website for FREE, keep on reading!

We’re In The Business Of Helping People

Affiliate marketers are not sales people, we are in the business of helping people to find a solution to a problem, and in the process we could recommend certain products or services that can help us do this.

My website you’re on right now is a good example of this, I’m in the make money online niche, people come to my website in search of ways to make money online.

I do review posts on paid survey sites, paid to click sites, crowd sourcing sites, and all these popular methods that people often look to make some cash from online. But the PROBLEM is they’re all low paying, so what do I do? I offer them a solution.

My solution is showing them a proven path they can go on to make real money online, I show them how with affiliate marketing you can earn the big bucks instead of pennies.

Making money online is just one of the countless niches you can get into. My god, there are so many different topics and niches out there, and they all have potential to earn you money.

Do you like outdoor survival stuff? That could be your niche. Do you like camping? That could be your niche. You could help people find the best outdoor survival equipment or camping gear, and in doing so you’ll be earning money from the commission generated from your recommended products via affiliate links. Literally ANYTHING can be a niche!

I hope you’re beginning to see the massive potential of this business and how it all comes together.

It’s important to write useful content on our blog that helps people, because this creates trust, and people will be more willing to support you and go with your recommendations if they trust you. As opposed to just spamming affiliate links everywhere randomly, which is not what we should do. 


Why Blogging / Affiliate Marketing Is
The BEST Way To Make Money Online

As of late 2017 it is estimated that there are over 4 billion people on this earth using the internet! People are googling things and looking for answers and solutions to anything and everything,  and it’s only going to get bigger every year. 

Whatever your niche is, whether it be “Best Camping Gear” or “How to Make Japanese Wax Candles”, there are going to be people out there in the world looking for your help. You just need to put up a website with helpful content, so that they can find you!

The best thing about making money with a blog using affiliate marketing is that once you published your posts, it’s out there forever, and you will continue reaping the benefits of those posts for years and years to come.

So imagine if you have written a very helpful review post talking about the “Best 5 Vegetable Juicers”.

This one post ranks well in the search engines and reaches 200 people everyday, and 20 of those people clicks on your affiliate links and buys one your recommended products, earning you a $10 commission each. That’s $200 a day just from that one post, imagine if you have hundreds of posts!

Time To Scale Up

Then once you have finished building your first website, you can move on to your second one, then your third, then fourth… etc

You will eventually reach a point where you’d have built multiple websites with hundreds of posts, you’ll be earning pretty good money while you’re sleeping, or enjoying a vacation somewhere on a tropical beach!

Imagine making $200 a day while sipping a drink out of a coconut in the sun, earning this kind of passive income is totally possible with an affiliate marketing online business. 

Tough & Rough Beginnings…

You DO have to work your butt off in the beginning. You’ll have to learn a bunch of new things, and to build those websites and publish a bunch of helpful content, but this is something that is worth working your butt for!

As oppose to some corporate 9 to 5 job where you’re working hard to make your boss rich, in affiliate marketing you’re working hard to make YOURSELF rich!


Anyone Can Get Started Right Now!
No Prerequisite Knowledge Required

Learning Is Easy

I know this whole process of building a website and all that jazz can appear very intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you’re all new to this.

But don’t worry! Everything is very easy to learn.

When I started this affiliate marketing thing back in December of 2016, I had never built a website before in my life, nor did I have any technical computer skills. I knew how to google things, and I knew how to watch videos on YouTube and go on Facebook, but that’s about it.

If you’ve read and understood everything in this guide so far, then you’re going to have no problem learning everything else. I consider myself to be a very slow learner and I’m not the smartest person, so if I can figure it out, I have no doubt you can too.

No Coding Skills? No Problem

We live in a very lucky time right now. Back in the old days (mid-late 90’s) if you wanted to create a website you’d have to learn coding and it required way more technical skills than now.

Nowadays anyone can build a website without knowing how to code. You just click a few buttons and voila! A brand new website live on the internet, with your very own unique domain name. Later on in this guide I’ll show you how you can do just that for free.

So I’ve talked quite a bit about website building and affiliate marketing so far. In the next section I’m going to summarize the whole process, the 4 main steps that it takes from the very beginning to the point of making money:


The 4 Simple Steps Of Making
Real Money Online

Step 1 - Find a Niche

So the first step is to find your niche, and it can be just about anything. Just off the top of my head I’ll give you a few examples – Best outdoor sheds, how to lose belly fat, how to make your cat happy, how to eat a vegan diet, how to eat a paleo diet, how to build muscle, how to meditate, how to fix your roof, how to get rid of spiders, I mean… the possibilities are endless!

When you’re building your website, it’s important to settle on a specific topic/niche. Just pick something you’re passionate about, something you can talk about every single day for the next 6 months to a year without getting bored.

The niche should be about a specific topic, so don’t talk about random things from one post to the next. For example, you don’t want to write about the best camping gear in one post, then go write something about the best vegetable juicer the next.

Making your website only about one specific thing will make you look like an expert in that area, and thus giving the impression to your readers that you really know your stuff.


Step 2 - Build a Website

This is the easiest part of the whole process actually! Like I’ve said before, nowadays building a website is as simple as clicking a few buttons and it’s all done. Easy peasy. The hard part is adding content to your website, because that will actually require effort.

Adding content to your website means writing and publishing posts onto your website. You can write about whatever you want, as long as it relates to your niche. How many posts and how many words per post? This will all be covered inside the training I’ll show you later on.


Step 3 - Attract Visitors

Attracting visitors is what it’s all about, it’s probably the most important skill you must master in order to succeed in affiliate marketing. You can have the best website and content in the world, but if nobody sees it then it’s all useless.

The best way to attract visitors is by having your content appear on the first page in the top search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Since most people tend to only click on results from the first page, the higher your content ranks the more visitors will land on your website.


Step 4 - Monetize Your Content

Once you have good content and lots of readers, the fun part can begin…making money. Just sign up under an affiliate program for any company that has products you want to promote, and place your affiliate links in your posts, people will click them and buy things and you will make money.

You can actually start joining affiliate programs and inserting your affiliate links within your content right from the beginning. Some people prefer to monetize their content only after they’ve built a large reader base. But you can do it either way and it doesn’t really matter.

It’s important to not overdo it with the affiliate links, place them where appropriate but don’t spam every post with dozens of affiliate links. You want your readers to have a positive user experience on your website, and remember that the main goal is to help people find a solution to their problems, making money is just a side effect of this.


Having Doubts About All This?

Do Not Worry, My Friend…

I’m about to show you an online training platform where you can get all the knowledge you’d need to start and run this affiliate marketing business the right way.

You will be provided with all the training you need, this training guides you step-by-step through the whole entire process of building a successful online affiliate marketing business. 

The training is designed with the complete beginner in mind, the video and written material is presented in layman’s terms, no fancy big nerd language here. If you can read and understand this guide, you’ll have no problem understanding the training and apply it towards building your online business.

So do not worry, my friend, this is not something reserved for smart nerds. There are grandmothers, retired folks, stay at home moms, restaurant servers, high school dropouts, and basically people from all walks of life doing this successfully, and so I’m positive that you can too!


It’s Time To Get Started!

The Training 

Getting the proper training is very important if you’re either new to affiliate marketing or someone who have tried it before but didn’t succeed in making money. I know of several people who tried it on their own for a while, didn’t succeed, then quit. But they later realized that tons of other people were doing it successfully, so why couldn’t they?

There MUST be something they completely missed or just didn’t understand. So why not find people who succeeded, and ask them to show them exactly how THEY did it, and then just follow the same process step by step?

They did just that. They went and got trained by the place I’m about to show you, and they succeeded the second time around, now they’re making a living online.

Success in this business has nothing to do with luck, it’s all about understanding the correct process and implementing the same steps that someone else took to become successful. All you have to do is learn what those steps are, and do everything the exact same way.

The Best Training Platform

So what is this place I keep talking about and saying I’m going to show you?

I’ve been a member at a place called Wealthy Affiliate since December 7th 2016, they are a training platform for affiliate marketing created by two successful affiliate marketers by the name of Kyle & Carson, and what they teach you is the right way to do it, in a step by step easy to understand training course. 

The day I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate, I almost instantly knew I found something special. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before on the internet. One thing that stuck out was how vast their resources are, also I love how comprehensive the training is, and the huge amount of support that is available.

They offer not only top notch affiliate marketing training, but also supply you with everything you’d need to build your business such as free monthly website hosting, among other business tools. You’ll also have a huge community of 250,000+ members to support and help guide you along the way. 

I’m about to go over everything about Wealthy Affiliate in great detail. Feel free to sign up for a FREE account right now through the link below, this way you can follow along with the tour of this platform that I’m about to show you.




Let’s Dive Deeper Into Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that teaches people how to build a successful online affiliate marketing business from the ground up from scratch. It’s training courses and other education material is highly geared towards the complete newbie.

The training starts under the assumption that you have no prerequisite knowledge, and so all you have to do is start from the beginning and work your way through, and every little thing will be explained to you in detailed layman’s terms.

It’s also an all inclusive, everything you’d need is provided by them, type of platform.

As mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate is unlike anything else that’s out there because of the vast resources provided to you, the platform has many features and I’ll do my best to summarize them here:

  • Training Lessons – Simple & Easy To Follow
  • Website Builder Tool – Builds a Website For You In Seconds
  • Custom Domain Registration (domain purchase is separate, it cost about $13 a year)
  • Top Notch Secured Website Hosting
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • 13 Classrooms – 13 Different Topics To Ask Questions, Get Answers, Learn New Things
  • 1000’s of Video & Written Training Guides On Various Topics In Addition To The Main Training Lessons
  • Weekly Live Interactive Webinars – A New Topic To Learn From Every Week
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • 24/7 Technical Website Support
  • Private Messaging System
  • Website Feedback Exchange System Between Members
  • Website Comment Exchange System Between Members
  • Free Starter Membership
  • Premium Membership

I’m going to elaborate on each of these different points below in greater detail, starting with the main training courses and lessons.

I highly recommend you sign up for a free starter membership account right now so you can check out the Wealthy Affiliate platform as you go through the rest of my guide.



The starter membership is 100% free, you don’t need a credit card to sign up, and the account never expires.

Now without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what the training at Wealthy Affiliate is all about…

Training Lessons – Simple & Easy To Follow

The main training course at Wealthy Affiliate is called the Online Entrepreneur Certification (aka Certification Courses), you can access this course by clicking the big green “Get Started Here” button on the left hand side of your dashboard.

There are 5 levels in this course, within each level there are 10 lessons. This is the course you should start with. 

As a free member you’ll have full access to all 10 lessons of the training in Getting Started level 1.

The first part of the lessons will introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate and the concept of affiliate marketing and making money. Then it’ll guide you through the process of building your website such as picking a niche, putting in content, word press, menus, finding good keywords, and getting your website indexed.



The training will be taught to you in video and written format, and everything is very easy to understand and follow. The lessons are totally designed with the total beginner in mind.

Below each lesson there is a discussion area where you can post your questions if you don’t understand something, this is a huge community of 250,000+ members so answers tend to come quickly.

As you go through each lesson, there will be “tasks” for you to complete, these are steps of action you need to take in order to proceed to the next step. Once you’ve completed these tasks, check them and then move on to the next lesson.

It’s a good idea to follow the lessons chronologically and to not skip any tasks, everything is placed there for a good reason, skipping any steps may come back to bite you later, especially if you get stuck on something.

Once you’ve completed all 10 lessons along with the tasks, you will see 100% at the top, indicating that you’re ready to move on to the next level.

There is a second main training course called Affiliate Bootcamp, it is for people who want to get into the “make money online” niche and promote Wealthy Affiliate under it’s affiliate program. 

Some people get confused as to whether to start with this one or the Certification Courses. It’s very simple, if you settle on a niche that’s not in the “make money online” topic, then go with the Certification Courses. If your niche is to teach people how to make money online (like I’m doing on this website,) then go with the Affiliate Bootcamp.

The Affiliate Bootcamp has 7 levels (aka phases) and within each level there are 10 lessons. Just like the Certification Courses you should start at level 1 and work your way through in chronological order, completing the tasks before you move on to the next part.



Website Builder Tool

As mentioned earlier in this guide, making a website nowadays is as simple as clicking a few buttons, this is due to powerful new technology like Wealthy Affiliate’s website builder tool.

It is incredibly easy to use, it only involves 2 easy steps:

  1. Pick a domain name for your website, this is your website’s URL address
  2. Click “Build it Now”

Try it now below!

Once you click the “Build it Now” button you’ll be prompted to choose either “On a Free Domain” or “On a Domain I Own,” and you’ll just pick the free domain for now.

Then it’ll ask you to come up with a title for your website, this is not the URL, it’s just something you’d like to call your website. You can name it whatever you like, such as “My First Website.”

Then you’ll have to pick a theme design, so just choose one you like. Then click the big green button at the bottom that says “Click Here to Build This Site” and a new website with your own unique domain name will be created within seconds, live on the internet!

Domain Registration & Top Notch Website Hosting

To run a website you need 2 things – a registered domain (either your own custom domain or under a free domain like SiteRubix) and a website hosting service. There’s no need to look elsewhere because both of these things are provided to you right on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

If you already have a domain and website hosted somewhere else, you can choose to move it onto Wealthy Affiliate, but that’s up to you. Conversely if you have a domain and website on Wealthy Affiliate, you can move it wherever else whenever you please, and it can all be done in just a few clicks. 

But chances are you wouldn’t find better hosting elsewhere, because Wealthy Affiliate already offers top notch hosting where the quality is second to none. Websites hosted by Wealthy Affiliate enjoy the latest web hosting technologies, they are highly secure, fast, and very stable.

Websites are backed up daily, and sites under a custom domain comes with free additional security features such as the SSL Certification (see the padlock on this site right before the URL) which usually cost extra elsewhere.



Keyword Tool

There is a very useful keyword tool on the Wealthy Affiliate platform called Jaxxy. This tool is available to use for both free & premium members.

When you’re writing your content you want to use good keywords for the titles of your posts, this is so that people will be able to find your posts via search engines, you don’t want to just randomly make titles for your posts!

So you want to a keyword tool like Jaxxy so that you’ll find keywords that have a high number of searches per month, but also with low competition. Because if you use a keyword with high competition, you’ll be competing with other websites using that exact same keyword, and you’ll likely end up ranking on page 200 and nobody will ever see it.

The Certification Course training will go over what metrics to look for when using this keyword tool and how to use it properly.

Additional Training

The training offered at Wealthy Affiliate is extensive and far from one and done. When you first join Wealthy Affiliate you should click the green “Training” button to go over the main training course. Your first priority is to go through all 5 levels and to make sure you understand and complete all tasks.

By then you should already be well on your way to building your online business. You may have questions about different topics not covered under the main training, this is where the additional training comes in.

There is so much additional training on Wealthy Affiliate that it’s impossible to go through all of them, there are literally 10’s of thousands of lessons in both video and written format! It’s like an encyclopedia of affiliate marketing.

If there’s anything you don’t understand you can just type in a question or some keywords on the search bar of your dashboard:

With so much training under so many topics already in the Wealthy Affiliate database, chances are you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. If not, you can go to one of the “classrooms” and post a question under one of the 13 different topics.

An answer usually comes within minutes of asking due to the sheer size of the Wealthy Affiliate community. Whatever time zone you live in, there’s bound to be someone helpful online whether it’s day or night. Even if it doesn’t get answered within the first few minutes, no questions ever go unanswered, so someone will give you a response within a day or two at most. 

If the additional training and classrooms aren’t enough training for you, you can always attend the weekly live interactive webinars, hosted by Jay, an expert on Wealthy Affiliate.

Every week features a brand new topic relating to various aspects of creating an online business, they will be discussed in detail for about 60 minutes. There is a live chat bar on the side where you can type in comments and questions.

These webinars take place every Friday at 5pm Pacific Time, don’t worry if you cannot attend, each one is recorded and is available to be played back later. There are currently 200+ videos recorded that’s available to be watched, good luck watching them all! 



Get Paid To Post Comments On Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has a feature called “Site Comments” which is a comment exchange platform between members. Blogs that have more comments tend to rank higher in Google search and Wealthy Affiliate understands this, so they have created this opportunity for members to help each other out.

This is also a great opportunity to earn some extra cash because Wealthy Affiliate pays you to write these comments.

The way it works is that every time you post a comment on another member’s blog post you’ll earn credits which can be used towards requesting comments on your own blog, but you can also earn cash credits which you can cash out via PayPal.

To learn more details on how this all works Check Out This Full Tutorial Here.

You do have to upgrade to premium membership in order to participate in Site Comments, but it’s well worth it because you can easily earn back your membership costs in a week or so.

Each comment you write earns you $0.25 USD and there’s no limit on how many comments you can write, so this can absolutely turn into a reliable source of supplemental income for people who need the money.

Personally I don’t use the Site Comments feature very often because I’m just lazy, but I was still able to earn $37.50 this month which paid for my premium membership (I’m on yearly).

If you’re willing to spend a lot of time and effort writing comments I’m pretty sure you can earn $100s a month which easily covers your premium membership costs plus giving you some extra spending cash.

If you’re interested in making money posting comments you can Join Wealthy Affiliate Today and start earning!

A Community Of 250,000+ Members

It’s hard to pin point exactly how many members there are at Wealthy Affiliate as many new members sign up each day, and many old members leave as well. But one thing is for sure, the community is HUGE.

The size of this community is a huge benefit to it’s members because help is always there just a few clicks away.

Unlike sparsely populated forums where questions you post may take a few days to get an answer (or no answer at all,) this simply wouldn’t ever happen at Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve been a member since December 2016 and have posted almost 100 questions in the classrooms during this time span, most question was answered within minutes of posting it, an hour or two tops, and no questions ever go unanswered in the classrooms. 


A lot of members have been here for years, and have gained a lot of knowledge about this business which they now use to help other people succeed. These people are experts in many areas of building an online business, and as a member of Wealthy Affiliate you’d have access to them directly either by private messaging them, or using the 24/7 live chat on the side bar if you see them online. 

These experts don’t work for Wealthy Affiliate, they’re just regular members like myself who likes to help people. You may see an “ambassador” badge next to their name, which means they’re very active in helping others by answering their questions.


2 Ways To Join Wealthy Affiliate

There are 2 membership options at Wealthy Affiliate, you can join as a FREE member or as a premium member.

I recommend you to first sign up with a free starter account and just try out their platform and the training. Free starter accounts don’t cost anything and requires no credit to sign up, you can upgrade to premium at any time, and if you upgrade within the first 7 days you get a huge bonus discount at over 50% off!

I should emphasize that your free starter membership itself never expires! You can keep your free membership for as long as you want along with the 2 free websites.

Free Starter Membership (Click HERE To Sign Up)

  • Access To The First Level of The Certification Course
  • Access To The First Level of The Affiliate Bootcamp Course
  • Build Up To 2 FREE Websites
  • Free Hosting For Your 2 Websites
  • Access To Keyword Tool (30 Searches Per Month)
  • Access To 2 Classrooms
  • For The First 7 Days You’ll Have Access To Premium Features
  • Membership Never Expires



Premium Membership (Click HERE To Sign UP)

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate in December of 2016, it only took me 2 days before I upgraded to premium. Then about 2 months later I upgraded to yearly.

I’m sure that once you try out Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of days, just like me you’ll see the value of everything it has to offer and wouldn’t  be able to resist upgrading. There are no upsells, once you go premium you’ll get full access to everything!

So let’s take a look at all the benefits of going premium:

  • Full access to all 5 levels of the Certification Course
  • Full access to all 7 phases of the Affiliate Bootcamp Course
  • Build Up To 50 Websites (25 on a custom domain, 25 on a free SiteRubix domain)
  • Free Hosting For Your Websites
  • 24/7 Website Technical Support
  • Unlimited Use of The Keyword Tool
  • Access To All 13 Classrooms
  • Access To 24/7 Live Chat
  • Private Messaging System
  • Website Feedback Exchange System
  • Website Comment Exchange System
  • Private Access To Wealthy Affiliate’s Owners, Kyle & Carson
  • Full Access To All Training Material



Why Choose Premium Membership?

The premium membership is for serious action takers who are ready to start earning REAL money online.

 The free starter membership is awesome, it lets you get inside the platform without risking a dime, check out the training, and see what it’s all about. But free accounts have limited features, and in order to take full advantage of this amazing platform and realize your full potential, you’ve got to upgrade eventually and move on premium.

The biggest advantage to choosing premium is having full access to all the training material and business tools, as well as the many ways to get support such as the classrooms, live chat, and private messaging.

Another huge benefit of the premium membership is having access to the Site Comments feature which allows you to earn cash by posting comments. This feature allows you to earn back your membership costs in no time.

Yearly & Bi-Yearly Premium Memberships

The premium membership cost $49 a month, personally I think for all the value you’re getting, it’s an absolute steal. Just the top notch website hosting alone is worth at least almost that much, then you get access to such an extensive database of training material, the tools, the support…

For some people, especially in developing countries, $49 a month may be a big chunk of their income. But the good news is there is a way to drastically reduce the price of the premium membership.

monthly yearly membership
Premium membership options at Wealthy Affiliate

You can pay with the bi-yearly membership option which costs $234 for 6 months, this means you’ll pay $39 per month instead of the $49. This is about 20% off and saves you $60 total!

Another option is the yearly instead of monthly, a yearly membership cost $359/yr, which translate to about $29 per month instead of the $49. That’s a whopping 39% off and saving you $229 total!

Personally I’m currently signed up with the yearly premium membership and I highly recommend you do the same. Because this website affiliate marketing business is a long term game, be prepared to invest at least 6 to 12 months into your website before seeing any serious profits!

Bonus To You:

If you sign up for a free starter membership by clicking on the button below and upgrade to premium within the first 7 days, your first month of premium membership would only cost $19 instead of $49!

So take advantage like I did and try out the platform along with full access to all the training, tools, and support for only a small fraction of the normal cost. Take action now!




Frequently Asked Questions
About Wealthy Affiliate

Do I Need To Go Premium To Make Money?

You can make money even with a free starter account with your 2 free websites, but with access to only 1 level of the training and limited features of the platform, it’s just not very likely.

Your odds of succeeding goes way up when you have full access to all the training and tools Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. The free account is great for starting out and trying out the platform, but when you’re serious about making the money, it’s time to go premium.

How Long Before I Start Making Money?

This depends on you and how well you’re able to apply the training given to you by Wealthy Affiliate, and how solid your work ethics are. Personally I’m very lazy and I only write 2 times a week, so I started making money about 4 months in. I know of people who started making money within the first month, and other people who never make any money at all.

How Much Money Can You Make At Wealthy Affiliate?

Again this depends on how much effort you put into your online business. You can make anything from $0 to 7 figures, it’s all possible and just depends on whether you’re able to put in the amount of work it takes to get there.

Do You Need To Be a Good Writer To Succeed?

Let me tell you something, I sucked at writing when I first started this. When I look back at my older posts I feel like I’m reading something written by a 5 year old! It’s embarrassing really. But the more I do it the better I get, now I think I’m actually a pretty decent writer. So to answer the question, no you don’t need to be a good writer, you just have to try your best and eventually you’ll improve.

Does All This Really Work?

Yes! There are countless testimonials on Wealthy Affiliate from people blogging about their success every single day. Success comes in varying degrees. Some people blog about making their first dollar, and some others blog about making their first $10,000 in a month! I’m going to give you a link that takes you to a list of these success stories so you can check it out for yourself, check it out HERE.


Any More Questions?
I’m Here To Help You

Still have questions? This was a long guide and I’m sure after reading everything you’d have a lot of questions.

If the FAQ didn’t answer them, then I’d be happy to answer any specific questions you may have. The easiest way to get my help is to go on Wealthy Affiliate and search for my name “MrKent,” and just click on the private message button as illustrated below:

I’m always on the computer and I always leave my Wealthy Affiliate dashboard opened. If you send me a message I’ll likely see it and reply to you within a few hours, and I’ll do my best to help answer any questions you may have. 

If you sign up through my link below I will personally send you a welcome message right afterwards along with some instructions as to where to begin and start on the platform, as well as a BONUS for you.

I look forward to meeting you on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and I hope that you have enjoyed reading this guide.

See you on the inside!



58 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Top Work At Home Recommendation

  1. RoDarrick says:

    This is by far the most detailed review I have read about wealthy Affiliate. I joined wealthy Affiliate too but creating a niche has been my major problem. It just doesn’t seem to work out. I realised affiliate marketing pays but I still find it difficult to create my niche or narrow it down. I have learnt a lot from wealthy Affiliate and I am still still learning especially from the live chats. I understand your points listed and I will work more to narrow my niche to be able to help people more. Thanks

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      While it’s important to narrow down your niche if you want to target specific types of readers, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. If you narrow down your niche too much then it’ll be difficult for you to find new things to write about. In my opinion it’s actually better to have a broader niche so you can write on more topics. 

  2. Peace says:

    I’m a Wealthy Affiliate member and although new, I’ve already put out my first post, and I’m working on the second. 

    I did this thanks to the training that comes with joining the community. 

    One thing you can’t do in this community is get lost. You can’t get lost just as far as you can ask questions. Round the clock, there are people waiting to answer your questions. 

    It’s so amazing that the Wealthy Affiliate comes with a free sign up package and an upgrade to premium for such a small amount as $19.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey there, Peace

      Yeah the community is one of the things that sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from other similar training platforms. Along your blog building journey you will probably have tons of questions like “am I doing this right?” or “why is this not working for me?” so to be able to get an answer quickly on the platform 24/7 is a really big plus. 

  3. Etah says:

    Yays, wealthy affiliate all the way, the best decision I have made in my online career.

    Awesome and detailed review.

    I like that you began by reminding us of the importance of being ready to put in the work.

    nothing good really comes easy.

    Thanks for sharing the list of success stories, that always inspires me to keep working.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah seeing success stories can be motivating, but at the same time it can be frustrating if you’re not seeing results yourself, but usually it just means you have to put in more work and effort. For example some people complain of not earning money yet after writing 10 posts, that’s too early. Most people don’t earn money until several months of building the blog, and maybe around 60 posts. So it’s definitely a long term game. 

  4. Wealthfather says:

    Affiliate Marketing is a great route for people looking for a way of earning money from home.  All you need is your computer, and a lot of time and effort but it is so worth it when you start earning money from it provided the right niche has been chosen. Wealthy Affiliate is a great training platform and allows people to learn in a supportive environment. I joined a few months ago and do not regret it!

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah my favorite part is how you can work anywhere you want as long as you have a computer and the internet. It’s one of those things that give you a lot of life freedom down the line. 

  5. Mandy says:

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get your online business up and running! I started in September 2018, so I am still very new to it. What I have seen so far is the great community of people cheering each other on and working together.

    I completely agree it takes a whole lot of effort to get it going. You get out what you put in. That is what Wealthy Affiliate stands on. They show you the way. It is up to you to do the work and get where you want to be.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Mandy, yeah the community and support is a big part of why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation. The creators of this platform seem to really care deeply about making you successful, and it’s not just a money grab like so many other programs out there. Just follow their training and you’ll see results. 

  6. Cathy Cavarzan says:

    I will attest Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms around for everything related to affiliate marketing. But the platform is as you pointed out so much more. When I started last year I was surprised that what you see is what you get no upsells! no pressure..and the community of like minded individuals was the most surprising. At WA even the two owners Kyle and Carson will answer members questions and provide support. Truly unheard of in today’s society. So I noticed the payment methods, can any member take advantage of the new 6 month plan ?

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah the 6 month bi-yearly membership is a new option, they just added that in a few days ago.

      I think it’s a nice addition because the monthly payment of $49 is a tad bit expensive for some people, and although the yearly payment of $359 saves you almost 50% in the long run, it’s still a pretty big chunk of money to pay upfront. So the bi-yearly 6 month plan gives you something in between. 

  7. Paul says:

    To share my own experience with WA…

    I am a WA member since November 2016. As we all use to be afraid and be skeptical about online make money programs in the initial part I was afraid to join WA.

    After doing my research I felt like I found something amazing and joined WA.

    To cut the long story short…

    WA is the best training platform I came across online, the community is awesome and there support is mind blowing. I am a full-time blogger since December 2017 by just following the WA training.

    Much Success!


    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      We joined around the same time, I started at Wealthy Affiliate in December of 2016. I noticed you said you’ve been a full time blogger since December 2017, so you quit your day job to do this for a living now?

  8. Jean says:

    Actually, it was a similar article reviewing wealthy Affiliate that made me join in. Ever since, I have been on my grind. Grinding hard and putting my blood, sweat, and tears into my website. My first niche is about music. Eventually, my second website will be around the sports niche. You explained in a detailed manner the way we do things in Wealthy Affiliate. Anyway, keep dropping that good content.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Jean, thanks for sharing your 2 cents. I also have 2 websites, one is in the veganism niche and the website you’re on now is my 2nd website with Wealthy Affiliate. 

  9. alexandra says:

    This is super informative and really detailed. I was looking into online networks for a while but nothing seemed right until I found wealthy affiliates. It wasn’t scary to join because you didnt have to pay anything as plenty of the other programs want you to do. You can try it out and then decide if you want pay or not. The community is by far the best. You get so much support and help and I must say the training is really good. I have learnt so much. 

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah I think the thing that will entice people to join is the fact they let you try out their platform for free, including premium features for 7 days. That’s how you know something is legit, when they’re transparent about how they operate, they have nothing to hide. If you like it you can upgrade to premium, or if not then stay a free member without pressures to pay.

      There are so many other programs out there that make you pay to take a look behind the scenes. On the sales page they keep it vague and give no real details, just saying generic things like “100% legit method” and “Newbie friendly” and to find out more you’ll have to pay the fee, and you don’t get to know what you’re paying for upfront.

      So it’s good to know that with Wealthy Affiliate you get a free pass behind the scenes, and only pay if you like what you see!

  10. Shy says:

    The best part of Wealthy Affiliate is exactly what you said “We’re in the business of helping people”.  That is the number one goal when it comes to affiliate marketing and making money online.  The more that you are able to help people with whatever problem they have the more you will make for yourself, it’s a win-win.  Anyone can have a website but it does take some effort in researching and writing content for your website.  

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      That’s correct, and that’s why this affiliate marketing business is such a golden opportunity, especially those who don’t have a lot of money to start any other type of business that requires a lot of capital. With affiliate marketing you just need a website and the ability to write.

  11. Abagatan says:

    Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best legit platform to join. It’s Online University Education is being loved by newbies and experts. The fact is that even those people who have experienced online entrepreneurship  for years still come to Wealthy Affiliate to learn.

    Since I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I have proven to myself that there is no a push button system that generates money. Online Entrepreneurship is just like an offline business too, you have to establish your business identity before people will know and support it.

    I believe in hard work and that is what Wealthy Affiliate has affirmed in me and since that time I will host my business there because it’s affordable. Top 1 recommendation to everyone.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah one of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is that there’s always more training you can learn from. Just because you’re an experienced internet marketer doesn’t mean you know it all, and Wealthy Affiliate can help you get to the next level.

      People need to realize push button systems that say you’ll make $1000 a day or something like that doesn’t work! Wealthy Affiliate is not a system, it’s a training platform that teaches you a legit business model called affiliate marketing that you can use on your website to make money.

  12. Ceddy says:

    You did a very good job of explaining what I as well feel is the best way to start a home business or affiliate marketing business online, The Wealthy Affiliate! Information is King. So having the right information to make a good decision is a great start. You give that to your site visitors. 

    I like the fact that you are honest with internet marketers. Building and online business is not easy. It is tough. It is also about helping people. If you work hard and find a way to help people I believe you will be successful! 

    Wealthy Affiliate has helped me to position myself in front of hundreds of customers and to evolve as an internet marketer. How do you see the WA progressing in the future? In major changes like raising hosting prices or taking away benefits? 

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      I see a very bright future for Wealthy Affiliate and the business of affiliate marketing in general, it is definitely here to stay. As long as the internet exist there will be people online searching for information, and this creates a demand for affiliate marketers like myself to create helpful content that answers their questions and recommend products if needed.

      Wealthy Affiliate has not raised hosting prices and I don’t see them doing so in the future. As far as benefits go I only see them adding new benefits, not taking away.

      A good example is their new Site Comments 2.0 which is a vast improvement over the old one. The biggest change is now you can actually EARN CASH by writing comments for other people’s blogs, whereas before you could only earn credits.

      For those of you who are on a budget and don’t think you can afford Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership, with this Site Comments 2.0 means you can actually earn enough money on the platform to cover that cost!

  13. Lauren Kinghorn says:

    Hi Kent, I really enjoyed your review.  I’m also totally sold on Wealthy Affiliate as, since I’ve joined WA, I’ve built 3 thriving sites and have ideas for a few more. 

    So yes! Everything you have said is true. All the training, support and tools are there for anyone who wants to grasp this opportunity with two hands and work it.  And yes, it took time and patience. And it will take more time and patience for me to advance to earning a full time income.

    This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but an opportunity to learn real skills that you can use to create your own online empire based on your passions and interests. I encourage everyone reading this to click on your link to Create their Free Account and get started on building their future online.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hi Lauren, yes the best part about this business is that it can be scaled however you like. You’ve built 3 sites and can build 10, 20, 30, more! There is no limit to how much income you can generate.

      When you start making some real money you can invest it back into your business. For example you can hire freelance writers to create content for you. Use your money to make more money.

      Obviously if you have 10+ sites you won’t have time to create content yourself, so it’s time to outsource. Poor people work, rich people supervise!

  14. Glen says:

    Kent, I would like to add my experience to part of your discussion on training. First of all, I have been marketing online since 1996 and have built and monetized a number of different websites. Back in the day, training resources were very sketchy. But a few stand out before Wealthy Affiliate started in 2005. Site Build It! provided a complete package from training to hosting. And Rosalind Gardner, acknowledged Queen of Affiliate Marketing, wrote the “The Super Affiliate Handbook” in 2003. 

    With that said, anyone considering Wealthy Affiliate and its training program, must commit to doing the training completely in chronological order as you state in your post. It is best that every lesson task is completed and videos watched before moving on to the next lesson. Because each lesson is built upon the previous. I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2016 after waiting almost 5 years. My rationale was that I didn’t think Wealthy Affiliate training could add anything to my knowledge about affiliate marketing or website building. (I already had days where I made $1,000+.)

    But after joining Wealthy Affiliate, I learned I did not know what I did not know. I found that there were gaps in my knowledge. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone serious about making money online. 

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah I think it’s great that there are both newbies and people with years of marketing experience like yourself.

      When you have all this knowledge you can help out other people along their journeys, also it goes to show that Wealthy Affiliate has lots of ongoing training and it is always up to date, you won’t run out of things to l earn no matter what. That is why you’ll see both beginners and experienced marketers on the platform.

  15. Dave says:

    Hallo there Kent, 

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago and I have to say that all you say about the platform is so true, especially the hardwork part.

    When I joined, I thought that I only had to follow the lessons according to my convenience and I would make lots of money before the end of 3 months. To my surprise, I had not earned a dime because I was only working on my site once per week.

    After being serious with the training and working at least 5 hours per day for 7 days a weeks, I am now earning more than $1,000 per month. 

    I wish I knew what you are sharing 6 months ago, I would be at $5,000 per month. Either way, I am glad I learned the lesson and am well on my way there.

    Have a good day mate.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah you have to treat it like a full time business to be able to expect full time success. Like you I also worked on my first website whenever I felt like and wasn’t seeing much success, it wasn’t until I started publishing at least once a day that my traffic/revenue started to see new heights.

      If I made $5,000 a month I’d be over the moon but it hasn’t happened yet, but I think it will eventually. Every month I am receiving more and more organic traffic and revenue to both my websites and I think if I continue on I’ll be able to quit my job within the next year. Thanks for sharing your experience, Dave.

  16. Matt says:

    This is a really well done review of WA plus you put a little extra on how affiliate marketing works which is pretty cool for the ones that see this and are new. I feel the ones that aren’t with WA will defiantly benefit from this in depth review. The one thing I like about WA other than the cheap start up or the community is the fact you can get 50 websites 25 free and 25 of your own domain.

    The community is pretty cool to me since we all are in different stages in our online business and it helps to know if you need help you can search it in the search bar or ask a question and others will get back to you. You don’t see many programs with a community that is willing to help whenever they can help you. 

    For me affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways to leverage to make money. it goes to show that WA is worth the investment plus for the ones that can pay the monthly or yearly and they want or like to blog they should jump on this offer.

    I know there will be skeptics out there but the good thing I like WA is the fact the skeptics can go and check out and get their feet wet in the free version. Which actually helped me take the plunge my first time around on WA back in 2014. I finally found my way back a few years later and been a premium member for about a year and a half and wouldn’t change it for anything.

    Thanks for the share I do hope the best for you and your success in achieving your dreams


    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah it’s definitely worth the investment if you’re ready to put in the work. Think about the future and what Wealthy Affiliate’s training can actually do for you.

      An online business that generates passive income is like a dream come true for many people, it certainly is for me. It’s almost like a personal ATM machine that generates cash all day and night, once your website and content is up then it’s live 24/7 and it will generate revenue for you while you sleep.

      I remember one successful person once said “if you don’t learn to make money in your sleep then you’ll always be poor” or something along those lines, and I think it’s very true.

      Having a full time income from a blog is something that can actually become reality, but it takes a lot of steps to get there.

      • Matt says:

        I can agree with you 100% I can say me personally ever since I was a kid I seen people traveling the world. Or even out in Africa spending time with the animals over there documenting their lives.

        I since I could remember I knew I never liked working for others, but since my parents are hard working and that is all they know is work, work, work, work and work. They didn’t know how to get out of the daily grind.

        As I got older went from J.O.B to J.O.B hated it to be honest in 2014 found WA didn’t stay committed financial and life in the way. A few years later things changed now been working on my websites one of them for a little over a year and the other about 2 almost 3 months now.

        I will say WA and learning about websites has been a game changer and what you said about the quote is totally true.

        “if you dont learn to make money in your sleep then you’ll always be poor”

        I know that may sound a little cynical but to be honest if you really look at it if you don’t become your own boss working for your own dreams then someone will hire you to work for theirs.

        I know me I would rather work for mine then be poor and work for someone elses you know?

        I really do thank you for your review and your words I hope the best and keep motivating people to be their own boss and follow their dreams


        • Author - Kent Leung says:

          Hey Matt, I only wish I had found Wealthy Affiliate and this whole affiliate marketing business sooner. I’m 32 now and practically wasted the last 10 years of my life working some dead end J.O.B. (just over broke) as you say. But this won’t be the case much longer as my website keeps receiving more and more traffic and I make more revenue. I’m not making a full time income just yet, but I will be there soon from the looks of it.

          Thanks for the comments, and I wish you lots of success with your websites as well.

  17. Kenny Tang says:

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a little while now so I feel qualified to comment.

    When I first found Wealthy Affiliate on a advertisement it almost seemed too good to be true, but after reading several reviews. Everything makes sense and I agree building an online business takes a lot of work and determination, but the rewards for doing so payoff many times over. 

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Its definitely not too good to be true, because people have to understand that this is not an easy way to make money online. In fact, there are no easy paths to financial success aside from winning the lottery.

      If you choose to put your blood, sweat, and tears into building your website business, only then will you see some major results! It’s definitely a long term game and one that is worth chasing.

      Imagine if you spend a year or two building your business to the point of making a consistent monthly part time or full time income, then from there you have a life of freedom basically. You can do whatever you want, work wherever and whenever you want, and you can build more websites to generate even more income.

      But yeah in the beginning it’s a lot of grind, but the encouragement comes from reaching little milestones like earning that first commission, or seeing your website’s traffic increasing. People who don’t succeed are those who end up quitting.

  18. Sujandar Mahesan says:

    I have been with wealthy affiliate for almost a month now. I just have one question – How long did it take you to get your first revenue? How many posts did you create till your first revenue?

    I’m looking forward to your response. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      How long it takes to see revenue depends on many things like how competitive your niche is, the quality of your content, how well you apply Wealthy Affiliate’s training, and more.

      Generally speaking it takes 3-6 months for most people to start seeing revenue, as in making that first dollar or commission. Then another 3-6 months from there to start seeing some major results like making 3-4 figures a month. Personally for me it took me 4 months to see my first commission.

      This business is one that grows exponentially, so you’re going to be seeing a lot of months where you make almost next to nothing. It’s very discouraging at the beginning but don’t give up. There are people who made $100 their first year, but then the second year they’re making $30,000.

      If you’d like to see some Wealthy Affiliate success stories then check out this page here. As you will see, most people who end up succeeding had stuck to it for at least 6-12 months.

  19. Babs says:

    It almost sounds too good to be true, but since there is free membership, and since you are a member and will be there to help, I’m going to go ahead and sign up because this is something that I’ve always wanted to do. I have several passions, and I can’t wait to express them in my blogs and make some money doing it.


    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Babs, it’s not really too good to be true because there is a LOT of hard work involved in building an online business. It’s not a done-for-you system and you’re not going to get rich overnight. Yes, you CAN get to the point where you’re making 4-5 figures monthly and from there it’s possible to be able to make money in your sleep, that part sounds all sweet and fine. But many people underestimate the amount of work it takes to get to that point. But yeah if you have a passion you should start a blog, as long as you follow Wealthy Affiliate’s training step by step, you will get to the point of making money eventually!

  20. sanjay says:

    I really liked the way you have explained the truth about making money online.  There are so many scams out there and I spent a few hundreds of dollars but never earnt any money. Thank you for showing the right way to learn and earn from affiliate marketing step by step. I will definitely check your recommended program.

  21. Celeste says:

    Hi Kent, 

    I can say from my own experience that it takes a lot of hard work to get started and become successful.  You need determination! Affiliate Marketing has created a world of opportunity for people like myself who had a 9-5 job.  I’m now able to work from home full Time.  The training with  Wealthy Affiliate you recommend is fantastic.  I’ve personally gone through all the training and it’s helped me build my online business. Great article. 

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Celeste,

      Glad to see that another Wealthy Affiliate member has found my post. Being able to work from home full time is pretty much my dream. I’m not there yet but as I apply Wealthy Affiliate’s training my blog’s traffic and income continues to grow every month, and so I know the training definitely is legit and do work.

      I’m pretty envious of people like you who’s already “made it” but then I realize being jealous ain’t going to get me anywhere, what I need to do is work harder. Thanks for sharing your experience with Wealthy Affiliate, and I hope to join your ranks someday as a full time blogger.

  22. Kit says:

    I love wealthy affiliate, I get to learn a lot of new things. It is like going to the school of my dreams. Of course , if you are new to this you may be skeptical. I assure you it is one of the best learning platform online. If you come across other platforms , they will give you a short 3 to 7 days seminar and off you go. Learning takes a lot of time. With wealthy affiliate you can take as much time you want and learn from teachers from all over the world. And it is free to start.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      When I tell people I am doing web marketing they always ask what University to learn to do it at, I tell them it’s the Wealthy Affiliate university which teaches you more practical things that are more useful anyway.

      Unlike a real university you won’t graduate with 50k in debt, but you get to learn how to build a 4-5 figure online business where you can work for yourself. Honestly if you want to build a business, especially online, Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best option out there.

  23. Genesis says:

    What a comprehensive guide to getting started with online earning. I used to make a lot back in the day, with Squidoo, but when that tanked, so did my income. I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and I have to say that your take on it is true. It’s an amazing site and full of so much information.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hello, nice to meet another Wealthy Affiliate member. It’s definitely far from a one-and-done site, the training is on going. I’ve been a member for over 1.5 years now and I’ve learned enough to build a blog that makes money, but compared to veteran affiliate marketers I’m still in kindergarten!

  24. Mat A. says:

    Hi Kent,
    Great post on creating passive income with affiliate marketing. You’ve done a great job explaining how it works and what a great partner wealthy affiliate is. I learned a few things from your post!
    Similar to you I’ve discovered what a great community WA is. It’s really one stop shopping for a place to host your site, fantastic training by Kyle, wonderful support for your website, and above everything a fantastic community.
    I think the most difficult step was the first one – just taking the first step. It is certainly not easy but boy oh boy it can get really rewarding .
    Keep up the good work!
    Mat A.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Well, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership that makes it easy to take the first step. In my experience once you get inside the platform you will understand how useful their training and tools are, I only took 2 days before I upgraded to premium, and 2 months before I upgraded to yearly.

  25. moderngeomancy says:

    I think compared to drop shipping and the many shopify stores popping up online everywhere recently, affiliate marketing is definitely a better business model, and is more sustainable. There is no need to handle customer orders and complaints, and you do not need to worry about shipping or payment issues. Also, with so many people selling their products, the demand for promoters and affiliate marketers is only going to increase from hereon out! I would want to try out affiliate marketing as a source of passive income.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yes exactly, I don’t see the business model of affiliate marketing slowing down anytime soon. The internet is only going to get bigger and more and more people are doing their shopping online. Even people in developing countries nowadays have computers and internet, creating more income potential for people doing affiliate marketing.

      The thing I love most about this business model is how easy it is to maintain once you’ve built it, because like you’ve mentioned how you won’t need to handle customer service and payment issues, once it’s generating income on it’s own you can then go built another site, then another..etc. I know a guy on YouTube who has built 20 of these niche websites and they’re all generating passive income for him, can you imagine how good life is for him? Before the internet this kind of thing wasn’t possible, but now it is!

  26. Jason says:

    Wouldnt everybody like to one day be receiving passive income from something they did 5 years ago. This affiliate marketing business is a great way to do that. I like the way you laid out the steps very clearly and thoroughly. You would certainly get me jumping into affiliate marketing if I wasn’t already doing it. I hope this post really introduces a lot of new people to the affiliate marketing lifestyle. Because that is what it is; a lifestyle.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      It’s pretty close to total passive income, but you do need to continue putting content on your website in order for it to keep growing. If you leave it stagnant for 5 years your ranking on google will probably gradually decrease. But once you’ve made it to the point of making say $5000 a month, maintaining that is super easy compared to the work required to build it in the first place. I mean, just post 2-3 times a week to keep the website “alive,” so that’s like what 5 hours a week to keep a $5000 a month salary? Yeah pretty close to being passive income.

      • Cencaru Masin (Username) says:

        Hi Kent
        Thank you so much for your info
        Really appreciate that. But I need more time to think and make a decision about this.
        Please keep in touch
        I will find you soon
        Thank You

        • Author - Kent Leung says:

          Hey Cencaru, thanks for reading my guide. I hope you’ll check out Wealthy Affiliate, it’s completely risk free to try them out

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