Univox Community Review – Legit Cash For Surveys Or Scam?

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Univox Community is a survey site that offers you cash to do their surveys and share your opinion. I decided to write a review on them because many people have called Univox Community a scam and in my opinion they’re legit but I still don’t recommend you join them.

Personally I hate doing surveys and consider them a total waste of time. The toughest part about surveys is that they’re very hard to qualify for. But they don’t tell you whether you qualify for it or not from the get-go, you need to answer screening questions first and this takes about 5 minutes. Most people find they don’t qualify over 9 times out of 10.

Univox Community is what I call a “pure” survey site, meaning surveys is the only thing offered. I prefer these other sites that offer many more ways to earn like reading emails, clicking ads, searching the web, and more.

In this Univox Community review I’ll go over how this site works, what I like and dislike about them, and whether they’re a scam or not.

Intro – Univox Community Review

Name: Univox Community
Website: univoxscommunity.com
Type: Paid surveys
Membership Price: No cost to join
My Rating: 1.7 out of 5

take surveys earn rewards

I gave Univox Community a rating of 1.7 out of 5 and I think they’re a really bad site to join. I wouldn’t call them a scam because they are free to join and they aren’t stealing your money, but there’s no reason to join them.

They only offer surveys to earn and so you won’t make much, you’ll seldom qualify for them and so you’ll just waste a lot of time. I do like that they offer Paypal, prepaid Visa, and Amazon gift cards as a way to receive your earnings, but their minimum payment threshold of $25 is just too high in my view.

Also there are quite a few negative user reviews on the internet, many of them complaining about how hard it is to qualify for surveys and some even saying they haven’t gotten paid.

Overall there’s just too many negative things with this site and if you’re looking for extra income then I recommend that you look at These Legit Extra Income Sites instead.

How Does Univox Community Work?

Step 1 – Signing Up

They give you a $5 bonus just for signing up, all you have to do is give them your name, email, birth date, and some other info. Signing up is free and membership is open to many countries. Once you have a new account you can log in to start taking their paid surveys. 

Step 2 – Take Surveys

start earning

Surveys at Univox Community works just the same as other survey sites out there. Surveys come from 3rd party research companies who are seeking the opinions from their target demographics.

Every survey you take will earn you points, each point is worth $0.01 USD, once you have accumulated at least 25,000 points you can redeem them for a $25 payout via Payapl, Amazon gift cards, or prepaid Visa cards. Why they pay in points and not cash I have no idea, it just seems stupid to me.

Surveys typically take about 10 to 30 minutes to complete and the pay is around $0.50 to $3. Before starting a survey you’ll see how much it pays. 

Needing To Qualify

Often times when you start a survey you’ll start answering questions, at this point many people think this is the actual survey…but it’s not. This is actually the screening survey to determine if you qualify or not. The screening process takes about 5 minutes, and usually you won’t qualify and thus you don’t get paid.

No Longer Available

Even if you do qualify there’s still a chance that the survey becomes unavailable after you’ve already done 90% of it. Why? This can happen if the quota has been filled, meaning they have all the info they needed and no longer need any more opinions.

There are more survey takers than surveys available, so it’s a first come first serve basis, once you qualify for a survey you need to finish and submit it ASAP. If other people finish first then they’ll fill the quota and you’ll get kicked off.

It does look like Univox Community rewards you with a 5 point ($0.05) consolation prize in this case, but who the hell wants to work on a survey for 30 minutes only to get kicked off and only earn $0.05?

Step 3 – Getting Paid

Once you have earned a minimum of 25,000 points ($25) you can redeem them for a cash payout. There are currently three different ways to get paid – Paypal, Amazon gift cards, and prepaid Visa cards. 

Do They Really Pay?

Most of the complaints about Univox Community is for how hard it is to qualify for the surveys and how sometimes you get kicked off the survey even after you qualified and completed a big portion of the survey already. But I have also seen a few users complaining about not getting paid, and not getting a response when they emailed support.

Keep in mind that usually only people who run into problems write negative reviews, those that do get paid don’t make any noise. That being said, it does seem like Univox Community pays but they’re not perfect and so there is a chance of running into problems during cash out time. 

Take a look at these negative user reviews:

Source: www.surveypolice.com


Source: www.surveypolice.com


Source: www.surveypolice.com


Source: www.surveypolice.com


Source: www.surveypolice.com


The Good

  • Free to sign up and start earning
  • Offers Paypal, Amazon gift cards, and Visa prepaid cards as payment methods, which are in my opinion three of the most convenient ways to get paid online

The Bad

  • Only offers surveys and no other way to earn
  • Surveys are very difficult to qualify for
  • Even if you qualify you might still get kicked off because the quota has been filled while you were still working on it
  • Very low earning potential, you can’t depend on it to make anything significant
  • Seems like many users have bad experience with this survey site
  • Minimum payment threshold of $25 which is on the high side

Is Univox Community a Scam?

After researching Univox Community I don’t consider them a scam, but it’s still not a survey site I would ever use.

I don’t like how doing surveys is the only way to earn, also a big chunk of time is wasted on trying to qualify for the surveys. Also the fact you can still get kicked off even AFTER qualifying for surveys is just too frustrating. The minimum payout is at $25 which is high, and you still need to worry if you’re going to get paid or not.

Honestly this site just have too many negatives, and so I’d advise against you joining them.

I think Univox Community is legitimate but there are much better options out there to make an extra online income. I recommend you check out These Top Get-Paid-To Sites I have already reviewed and DO recommend. Get-paid-to sites pay you to do surveys, read emails, watch videos, search the web, do tasks, and more!

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What do you think about Univox Community? Do you have experience with this survey site? Share all your comments and questions down below!

Univox Community – Final Rating:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings
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