Is Traverus Global a Scam? Are They a MLM Pyramid Scheme?

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Given how much people spend every year on vacation and traveling, it’s no surprise that the traveling industry is one of the most lucrative out there. For people who want in on the action you can join MLM companies like Traverus Global and create an income by promoting and selling traveling packages.

But is Traverus Global a scam? Are they another one of those pyramid schemes where the only ones making the money are the top 1%? If you want to know the truth, read this Traverus Global review very carefully and I’ll show you the good, the bad, and the ugly about them.

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Traverus Global Review

Name: Traverus Global
Type: MLM (multi-level marketing)
Membership Price: You can choose the $199.95 package or the $399.95 one
Recommended? No

make money selling travel and vacation packages earn commissions

What Is Traverus Global?

Traverus Global is a Texas-based MLM (multi-level marketing) company that sells cheap vacation packages. In addition they also offer a business opportunity to ordinary folks where you can sign up to become a Traverus Global Associate and make money by promoting and selling Traverus Go services as well as recruiting new associates to do the same.

This company started up in 2006 by David Manning, they used to be known as Paycation but then changed their name to Traverus Global. Currently they have a C- rating on the Better Business Bureau website, but it doesn’t automatically mean red flag just yet.

In this review I’ll be talking mostly about how you can make money with their MLM program. But first I’ll explain to you what products and services they sell.

Traverus Global Products

Traverus’s flagship product is their cheap vacation packages which they sell through their travel agents, aka associates.

If you want to book a vacation package most people will probably look on sites like Expedia and Priceline. But with these big booking sites you’ll be paying retail price which is a lot more expensive.

With Traverus you’ll be getting cheap wholesale pricing of up to 50% off retail. They’re able to bring to you these low prices because they use a website called “Booking Ninja” which eliminates the middlemen like Expedia and just lets you access the wholesale discounts.

Traverus Global not only offers you a decent opportunity to save money on flights, hotel bookings, car rentals, etc. if you’re a traveler, but they also let you sign up as an associate where you can earn income by selling and recruiting others to these wholesale vacation packages.

Become a Traverus Global Associate

You can sign up to become a Traverus Global associate and become eligible to earn commissions for referring other people to book their travels and vacations with Traverus Global as well as for recruiting new associates to do the same.

Becoming an associate does not mean you’re employed by Traverus Global, this is an opportunity for you work for yourself as an independent business owner.

To get started you’ll need to enroll in one of the two different sign up packages:

  1. Referral Travel Consultant ($199.95) – Includes one-time sign up fee, annual fee, website fees for first month, travel club membership, access to booking website to refer people to, virtual back office, commission tracking system, and being able to earn 65% commissions.
  2. Certified Travel Consultant ($399.95) – Includes one-time sign up fee, annual fee, website fees for first month, training via XStream platform, access to reduced rate travel, and you’ll earn 75% commissions.

The main difference between the two packages is that with the Certified Travel Consultant you’ll be able to earn higher commissions and receive more travel training.

Both of these packages are one-time payments, but notice how it comes with a website where the fees are paid only for the first month. This fee is $59.95 per month and appears to be the only ongoing cost for your Traverus Global MLM business.

Traverus Global Compensation Plan

Traverus Global associates can earn income in many ways, in addition to earning travel commissions you can also earn a large variety of bonuses and commissions from recruiting a downline. Their compensation plan is a bit hard to understand so I’ll break it down for you below:

Here are the two main ways that Traverus Global associates can earn money:

  1. Travel Commissions – As an associate of Traverus Global you can refer your friends, family, clients, etc. to book their travels through your own travel portal and earn 65% to 75% commissions.
  2. Recruiting New Associates – There are a number of achievement bonuses and commissions you can earn from your recruits as long as they’re active and are producing results. 

Important thing is note is that you’re only paid out if your referrals enroll with the Certified Travel Consultant package which is the one that costs more at $399.95.

I won’t complicate you with the details, but if you want to learn more about the different types of bonuses, commissions, and ranks, then check out Traverus Global’s Full Compensation Plan. You may also want to see the video below explaining it all:

Video Explanation Of Traverus Global’s Compensation Plan:

Is Traverus Global a Pyramid Scheme?

No they are not a pyramid scheme, they are a MLM business and I’ll explain the difference.

A pyramid scheme is a system where the only way to earn income is by constantly recruiting new people, this type of system is not sustainable in the long run and only people at the top make any real money. With a MLM business you can either earn by selling the company’s products or by recruiting others to do the same.

Even though MLMs are considered legitimate business models, they focus too heavily on recruiting in their compensation plans. If you’re not recruiting a  huge team then you may not earn a level of income that’s worthwhile.

So in reality both MLMs and pyramid schemes rely heavily on recruitment, it’s just that MLMs have their products to allow them to fall under the “legitimate” camp, but in my opinion both are very similar and should be avoided!

How Much Could You Expect To Earn?

One thing I do like about Traverus Global is that they pay a lot better than most other MLM companies.

Traveling and vacation packages can cost thousands of dollars, when you’re making 65% to 75% commissions you can easily make some good part time or even full time income from just one or two sales a month.

So imagine if someone bought a $2500 travel package from your portal, at 75% commissions that is $1875 profit to you. Make two of those per month and that’s $3750 which is pretty decent!

However, your ongoing challenge is going to be consistently finding clients who are willing to spend that kind of money on booking travel packages from some random unknown travel agent.

This is where most people who fail at MLMs fall short, if you can’t find enough customers then any business will sink. The obvious place to start would be selling to your neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, etc. but eventually your personal contacts will run out and you’ll have to know how to  expand your web of connections beyond just people you know.

By the way, you should also check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation where I’ll show you how I personally make $1000+ monthly with a blogging business. Free to start, and no selling or recruiting required!

Is Traverus Global a Scam?

No, Traverus Global is not a scam. They appear to be a legitimate MLM business opportunity where you can earn some good income by selling their travel packages. However, this type of business would only work for you if you’re the type of person who is good at selling and recruiting.

Even though you can earn $1000s from a single commission, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find travelers who are willing to book their travels through some random travel agent, especially one who’s connected to a MLM company.

More downsides include the huge startup costs of almost $400 right off the bat, then there’s the ongoing costs of $59.95 a month from the website fees.

Overall the Traverus Global business opportunity is quite expensive to start and making those huge commissions sound good but is not as easy as it sounds. Most people fail at MLM businesses and I wouldn’t recommend you join Traverus Global or any other MLMs.

I know of a much better way to create a part time or full time income and it’s got nothing to do with selling or recruiting, keep reading to find out how I built a 4-figure monthly income with a blogging business and how you can too!

How I Make My Money Online

Basically what I do is I have a blog and I write product reviews just like this one. I make money by recommending other people’s products and services, when my recommendation results in a sale I earn a commission for it.

This is called Affiliate Marketing and is a MUCH better business opportunity for a few reasons:

  • No selling or recruiting required
  • You can work from anywhere in the world as long as you got a laptop computer and an internet connection
  • You can promote any product you want, not just limited to the products of the MLM company you joined
  • It’s free to start

I’ve been an affiliate marketer since 2016 and have been running this blog you’re on now since 2017. In this time I’ve been able to grow this blog to the point of making $1000+ per month. With the right training and mindset anyone can learn to do this!

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My top recommendation is definitely a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs out there who are seeking an inexpensive business opportunity where you can earn as much efforts as you’re willing to give.

A blogging business can definitely replace your 9 to 5 income someday, but it’s not a cakewalk and it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Only join if you’re ready to work hard and put in the effort!

There are much quicker options for making money online such as my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites where you can get paid to take surveys, play games, watch videos, and more. But these sites won’t pay you a full time income, they’re just fun and easy tasks you can do in your spare time to make some pocket change every month.

That’s the end of my Traverus Global review, please share your reviews or experiences below.

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2 thoughts on “Is Traverus Global a Scam? Are They a MLM Pyramid Scheme?

  1. Hanna says:

    I do like to travel.  When i was reading your review about Traverus Global, i am so eager to know how much to join.  At first, i was thinking it is doable. I mean, if you have even one sale, that will be more than enough to have paid your membership.

    But it`s true, who would book a vacation or holiday in your site if it is not as popular as Expedia? I mean, people might not feel comfortable. 

    It sounds like a good opportunity, but i am thinking, it may be hard to promote.

    Thanks for your review.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Hanna, yeah it’ll be hard to make sales unless you’re just promoting it to people you know personally like your friends, family, co-workers (maybe).. A better idea might be to find an affiliate program with big well-known companies like Expedia and then promote them instead. 

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