Top 3 Benefits of Working Online From Home

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When I tell my friends and family about legit ways to earn an income working from home, a lot of them have a surprisingly nonchalant reaction. Either they don’t believe me and think they’re all scams, or they just don’t understand the benefits of working online from home and just how much it can better your life. 

If you’re like me, you want to take control of your life. You don’t want to do what everyone else is doing, instead you want to stand out from the herd and do something completely different. All of my adult life (I’m 31 now) I’ve been dreaming about being able to work for myself, earning a comfortable living working online from home.

Until recently all the “work at home” opportunities I’ve found online were all scams, or gigs that paid pennies and was just a big waste of time. But I’ve finally found 3 legitimate ways to earn money from home.

Those 3 ways are:

  • Affiliate Marketing (blogging)
  • Drop Shipping on Ebay
  • Online Poker (with the right strategy.)

I’m been playing online poker for a while now, but the other two I’ve only discovered in the past year, and currently still relatively a beginner at it. On this blog I write about what I’ve learned along my journey so it can help people like you who are also looking for ways to earn a living online and quit that 9 to 5 slavery.

So why do I want it so bad? Well, just think of the many many many benefits of working online from home.

Benefit # 1: FREEDOM

For me personally, the freedom is everything. I honestly don’t care that much about being rich, I just want to be able to live out my day however I want and not have to give 40hrs + commuting time + overtime every single week to “The Man.” What the hell is the point of working a job I hated everyday, just to make enough money to feed myself so I can wake up the next day and do it all over again!!? Doing that till I’m 65? NO. I rather die than live like that. A lot of people have accepted this way of life, but not me. I need to be free or die trying.

I want to be able to wake up whenever I please, and while still in bed (holding in a bladder of pee) I would daydream about what I wanted to do that particular day. Perhaps getting up at 11am, go for a stroll in the park and then an early afternoon movie at the cinema? No problem, I’d have the freedom to do that. If I wanted to take the whole day off and play video games, I could do that!

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Benefit #2: Unlimited earning potential

Unlike jobs where the ceiling of how high your salary can go is generally limited, sky is the limited if you have your own business and work for yourself. Often times when you’re working for yourself, the amount of money you can make is directly related to the amount of work and effort you put in. This holds true for the 3 legitimate ways of earning money online that I’d mentioned earlier. 

The harder you work = the more money you can make.

For example in affiliate marketing, the more useful content you write the better chances of your posts ranking. When you rank well in google, you’ll get more traffic and more sales and adsense revenue.  In Ebay dropshipping, the most listings you post the more sales you can have. In online poker, the more hands you play the more money you can make at the tables. All those things can be scaled and it’s your choice how much you want to work, there is no limit.

You can choose to be a blogger who only writes 2 times a month which is not very much, so therefore you will only achieve mediocre results. If you’re serious about success and write 20, 50, or 100 times a month, you are going to achieve a lot more, and the choice is all yours.

At a regular job where you earn a salary, you are limited by the opportunities your boss gives you. Even if you’re a talented and hard worker, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be offered a higher paying position, your destiny is in the hands of someone else. When you have your own business and work for yourself, you get total control of whether you succeed or not. 

Benefit #3: Being able to stick it to everyone else

I may sound like a bigot but I’d love to be able to earn a good living working on my laptop, then go rub it in people’s faces and show them how wrong they are when they say you can’t be successful without a college degree.

Maybe I’m like this because every time I tell people that I know ways of making money online, people always sort of roll their eyes at me with this condescending  look on their faces. As if me becoming successful on my own without following someone else’s beaten path is so hard to believe, and that working some dead end pointless 9 to 5 is all I’ll ever be good for, and that if they can’t do it then no way can I. Well, you know what?  I want to prove them all wrong and then stick it to their faces. Earning 3k, 5k, or even 10k while working in my pajamas on my laptop and being able to do whatever I want whenever I wanted, while everyone else needs to put in a 4 week notice with their boss just to get a day off to watch their kid’s soccer game or whatever, you get my point.


These are just 3 of the main benefits of working online from home, there are countless other little benefits. When you have the freedom to work from home, you can spend more time with your family, play with your kids, your dog, make love to your wife etc You don’t have to ask permission to take your family for vacation for a few weeks, you are your own boss so you answer to nobody except yourself. This can also be a bad thing though if you don’t have good self discipline, because nobody will care if you don’t show up for work.

With nobody hovering over you, you better have what it takes to control yourself and not slack off too much! A movie, popcorn, and beer in the early afternoon sounds great. Video games all day sounds fantastic! But don’t make it a regular thing where you constantly go for days or weeks at a time like that. Make sure you have a consistent schedule of working hard on whatever online business you’re into, and then it’s okay to occasionally be laid back and flex those freedom muscles. 

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  1. You have 3 great reasons. I totally agree. Why limit your earning possibilities, why commute to do something you hate when you don’t have to and the other one is just bonus.

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