Top 10 Ways on How To Avoid Scams Online & Find Legit Opportunities

scammer trying to scam you out of your money

As the internet grows bigger and more people are using it, increasingly more people are going online to look for ways to earn money. The good news is that in 2018 there are more ways now than ever before for anyone to start making an income online.

Unfortunately scam artists are popping up everywhere at the same time to take advantage of people who are new or don’t know any better.  So in this post I’m going to show you the top 10 ways on how to avoid scams online, and I’ll also show you how to find the legit opportunities that do exist out there.

First you have to understand that 99% of the “work at home” opportunities you’d find from a google search will produce a list of options that are either scams that tricks you into spending money for a worthless product, ask you to work and then simply don’t pay, or almost scams… meaning time wasters, they’ll make you work a ton for only pennies, and then make you crawl through the mud to get it. 

So who am I? I’m someone who’s been online for years looking for ways to make decent money off the internet to replace my full time job cause I’m sick of the 9 to 5 grind. It took me many years, but in 2016 I finally found that one truly legit program that’s been helping me to make a consistent monthly income online, I will elaborate more on it at the end of this post.


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Top 10 Ways on How To Avoid Scams Online

Whenever a product or program is a scam, there are usually major red flags that give you a pretty good clue.

Although some scammers make it pretty obvious, there are those who are much better at conning people and so the clues may not be as obvious. So I have compiled a list of tell tale signs and what you can look for to avoid getting scammed:

1. It Only Takes 15 Minutes a Day

Have you ever seen these click-bait ads on the internet where you see a headline saying something along the lines of “This guy quit his job to make $2500 a week working 15 minutes a day!”

Believe me, nobody wants to do little work for big cash more than me. But the reality is that success always take lots of hard work. If you asked people who actually earn the big bucks online from running their own internet businesses such as bloggers and affiliate marketers, they’ll tell you that it took years of blood, sweat, and tears to get to where they’re at today, not 15 minutes a day. 

2. Make $1000’s Within a Few Days

A lot of people have this get-rich-quick mindset where they want to find that one program that’ll teach them how to make $1000’s immediately within the first week or month. Unfortunately scammers know this, and take advantage by creating products that promises you just that, only they never deliver.

To earn the big bucks online you would need to build a business such as in affiliate marketing, and that is almost always a slow process. It’s definitely possible to make $1000’s every single week eventually, but it ain’t gonna happen in a few days after starting no matter how good you are. 

Many successful online affiliate marketing business owners take 6 months to even start seeing their first dollar in profit! Then maybe another 6 months they’ll start earning $500-$1000 a month, and then another 6-12 months to earn several $1000’s a month. If you’re serious about success, expect to put in at least 1-2 years of consistent work into building your online business, not a few days.

3. FREE $600 For Joining

Although many legitimate make-money websites (such as online surveys and paid-to sites) do offer you a bonus for signing up, they’re usually very small, like $5 or $10. If they’re offering you $600, chances are you probably won’t see that money. This doesn’t always mean they’re a scam per se, but it’s a way to deceive you into thinking you’re getting $600 for free.

For example, some online poker sites have sign up bonuses up to $600, but there’s always a catch, such as having to play a certain amount of games before they let you cash out that money, and by the time you’ve finished playing those games you’ve already lost more than $600! Unless of course you’re the 5% of winning poker players…

There are also many make-money-online scams out there that “gives” you the $600, you’ll see it in your account dashboard, but it’s not actually yours until you can cash it out into your bank account. And they won’t let you do that unless you complete certain tasks, such as buying more products and spending more money!

4. Scarcity Sales Tactics

This is where they tell you there’s only “25 out of 100 spots left,” and to sign up quickly or else you’ll miss out on a golden opportunity. You may even see a clock counting down by the second to when it’s “sold out.”

That’s just a classic scarcity sales tactic to create a sense of urgency, but in reality there are unlimited spots available! All you have to do is wait till the next day or the week after and go back to the same website or page to see there’s still the same number of spots available.

5. Fake User Testimonials

It’s pretty obvious that testimonials are fake when all of them are positive. No matter how brilliant your product is, there’s always going to be a few negative nancies to bring down the ratings.

There may also be a photo of a person next to their testimonials, and sometimes those pictures are fake! Scammers may use stock photos off the internet and stick them onto the testimonials. All you have to do is take one of the photos from the testimonials and do a google image search with it, and see if the same photo pops up from a stock photo site.

6. Fake Owners

This is similar to the last one. They may upload a fake picture of themselves using some random stock image off the internet. All you have to do is take their picture and do a google image search, and see if their picture shows up from a stock photo site. If they tell you their name, you can also do a quick google search to see if you can find out any additional information about them. If nothing comes up, I’d be really suspicious.

7. No Answers Or Help From Support

This is when you contact them via email or whatever contact methods they put up and nobody responds. This doesn’t necessarily prove that they’re a scam as I know of many legitimate business who flake off their customer’s request for help, but it does show they don’t really care about you. So this can become a big problem if you end up having problems with getting paid.

8. Endless Upsells & Upgrades

You may come across a cheap looking program that promises that you’ll make $500 a week, and their program only cost $10 so join now! While you may be tempted by the low initial price, be aware that many of these programs have endless amount of upsells once you get inside.

Once you’ve joined they’ll tell you there’s various levels of membership, and each level costing more than the next, and to make the most money you should upgrade to the highest level that now cost $100. Then once you’ve upgraded they’ll come up with some other line of BS to convince you to spend even more money!

It never ends.. and finally you will realize that there is no money to be made, and that initial $10 loss has now become $100’s.

9. They Don’t Tell You Exactly How You’ll Make Money

At least not until you’ve forked over your membership fee. But on the sales page they’ll only talk about all the $1000’s you can make in a short amount of time. But they won’t ever discuss exactly what you’ll be learning or what you’ll be doing to make that money. What are they trying to hide?

Legitimate companies will have nothing to hide of course, they will tell you exactly what you’ll be paying for and there won’t be any trickery and deception, there isn’t a need for that when the product is honest. Everything will be laid out on the table for you to see before you buy. 

10. Lack Of Free Trial

These days almost every legitimate product offers a free trial of some sort. For example if you go to Netflix and sign up, they’ll give you a full 30-days to watch their movies for free. Many online software, tools, and applications are the same, usually at least 7 days to test out their product to see if it’s right for you.

If they don’t offer a free trial, that means they’re not confident in their own product. While it may not mean they’re an outright scam, it’s definitely a clue that their product is most likely sub-par.

Let’s think about this backwards… if you’re running a scam product, why would you offer a free trial? People will try it out and immediately know that it’s not good and won’t pay you anything.

Therefore, scams will never give you a free trial. But, not all products that don’t offer a free trial are scams, but it’s another tell tale sign that they might be or at the very least not worth your time and money. 

Final Words

If you come across any product that matches even just one of the things on this list, I’d highly recommend that you do some research before buying. If the product is a scam then chances are somebody out there already fell for it and have complained on some forum or review site.

I know it can sometimes be hard to accept the truth. Some of these scammers are really good at talking and making their scam product sound like the real thing, they are good are putting up a flashy sales page, but do not be fooled. If the red flags are there, do more research.

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If you have any comments or questions about the 10 ways to spot and avoid scams online or anything else I’ve mentioned in this post, please leave them down in the box below, I always reply to my readers. Thanks for reading!

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