TimeBucks Review – Scam or Legit Rewards Site That Pays?

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Name: TimeBucks
Website: www.timebucks.com
Type: Get-Paid-To site (GPT)
Membership Price: Absolutely Free
My Rating: 2.6 out of 5

TimeBucks is what’s known as a GPT (get-paid-to) site, they pay people to do things like taking surveys and completing offers. As a user you can go there to earn real cash doing things you may already be doing online, but don’t get too excited because you won’t earn much. You may even be wondering if TimeBucks is a scam or a legit site that really pays, you’ll find out soon enough by the end of this TimeBucks review. 

Well first of all they’re free to join, so that’s a good sign, because if you don’t pay them anything then the worst case scenario is that you’d just lose a little bit of time. Best case scenario you’d get to earn a little pocket change every month, yay!

GPT sites like TimeBucks and other similar sites are not a viable way to make any substantial income, generally you’re looking at earning $10-$30 at best from these things. If you’re looking to make a part time or full time income online, consider checking out my a free guide I wrote where I show you the best way to do that. Get my free guide below:



What Is Timebucks About?

paid cash to do tasks take selfies

TimeBucks is a bit different from the typical GPT site as they offer some unusual ways for you to earn. You’d get the usual GPT ways to earn such as taking surveys, doing offers, playing games, watching videos, doing puzzles, etc. but you’d also get some unconventional ways too such as taking selfies, growing a beard, drawing photos, and other fun gigs.

They’re also different from other GPT sites because they only pay you in cash, no gift cards. But I think most people would prefer to receive their earnings in cash anyways, so this is not a big issue.

If you like GPT sites then you may want to check out the top paying ones out there like Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate.

How Do You Earn Money At TimeBucks?

Doing Surveys:

You’ll earn about $0.25 to $2.50 per survey, and each survey will take about 10-30 minutes to complete. It’s my least favorite because they’ll offer you a lot of surveys, but they always say you don’t qualify after you’ve answered a few questions, if you don’t qualify you just wasted time for nothing. Surveys is the most popular earning method for GPT sites, but it’s my least favorite for this reason.

Visiting Websites: 

All you’ll have to do is go visit the websites given to you and scroll through a bunch of slide shows and stuff, and you’ll be credited. Sound super easy, but the negative is you’ll be earning less than 1 cent. 

Completing Offers:

Doing offers will earn you about the same as doing surveys, but offers are a little bit more risky and I’ll explain why. Offers are things like signing up for a free trial, trying a new app, downloading things, and other things like that. Some are free, but some like the free trials you’d need to provide your credit card number. Be sure to read the fine print and cancel right before your trial ends, if you don’t then your card will be charged.

Watching Videos: 

It is super easy to just sit back and watch some videos, unfortunately the easier it is the less paying it is. Just like visiting websites, you’ll be earning a fraction of a penny to do this. It’s really not worth your time.

Unusual Gigs:

As I’ve mentioned earlier, TimeBucks differs from the typical GPT site because they offer some unusual ways for you to earn. Some of these ways include taking selfies, growing a beard and taking a pic of it everyday, drawing pictures of someone else, and also taking daily polls. What’s not unusual is that all these gigs are…you guessed it, low paying.

Referring Others: 

TimeBucks provides you with an affiliate link, you just share that link with people you know and if someone signs up under your link you’d get a percentage of their earnings. Their referral is a pretty good at a 5-tier level, what this means is that you’ll not only earn from your referrals, but your referrals’ referrals….5 tiers deep!

How Does TimeBucks Pay You?

Once you’ve reached at least $10 in earnings, you can request to have your earnings paid out, the only 2 ways to receive earnings are via Paypal and Payza. They send out payments every week on Wednesday. So for example, if you reach $10 in earnings by Thursday, you’ll have to wait till the following Wednesday for your payout. 

TimeBucks Complaints

You Won’t Earn Much

If you’re looking for something to replace your job, this is not it. All GPT sites like TimeBucks is low paying, and you can’t make more than pocket change every month. You may think you can just join 20 of other GPT sites and it’ll add up to more, but it just doesn’t work that way. Because of the micro hourly rate you’ll be earning, you can work all day and night and still won’t make much.

If you’re here looking to make a full time income, check out my #1 recommended way of making money online.

You’ll Rarely Qualify For Surveys

If you’ve ever taken surveys from any other GPT sites or survey sites, you’ve probably experienced not qualifying for surveys. This is where you start doing a surveys, and maybe 10 or 15 questions later you’ll see a message saying something like “sorry, you don’t qualify for this one! But keep trying.”

Surveys typically only pay $0.25 to $2.50 (more on the low end of that spectrum), but in my experience more than 9 times out of 10 you won’t even qualify, but would have wasted time doing those pre-screening surveys. Not worth it!

Only 2 Options To Receive Earnings

I personally love that they pay using Paypal, it is way more convenient than any other method. You can also get paid via Payza. But some people don’t have Paypal or Payza and this could be an issue, because if you don’t have them then there’s really no way for you to receive your earnings and they’ll just be stuck in your account forever!

Final Verdict: Scam or Legit?

TimeBucks is not a scam, it seems to be a legit GPT site with a variety of ways to earn. It offers some unusual ways to earn but overall they’re not that different from all the other similar sites out there like SwagBucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate. The common denominator is that they’re all low paying and only good for making $50-$100 a month at best.

Here’s a Much Better Way To Make Money Online

If you’re looking to earn a full time income online, the best way to do so is by building your own online business.

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If you want to share your own experiences or opinions on TimeBucks or if you have any questions or comments about anything I’ve covered in this post, let me know in the comment section down below. I always reply to every comment!

Timebucks Final Rating:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings
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