The Freedom Shortcut Review – Earn Full Time Income Or Scam?

helping people earn a full time income from home

There are many make money online programs out there that tries to convince that there are shortcuts to major success. They’ll try to sell a done-for-you system and tell you all you gotta do to make all that money is just click a few buttons.

It’s a very popular way to trick people into buying their programs, and many people fall for it and get scammed…realizing only after they’ve paid that hard work IS required.

So what about The Freedom Shortcut, are they a scam? Are they different from the rest? Are they a rare gem that actually lets you get rich quick? I’ll go over everything you’ll need to know about them in this The Freedom Shortcut review.

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The Freedom Shortcut Review

Name: The Freedom Shortcut
Type: Internet marketing
Membership Price: $49 to $1,000+
Recommended? No

make money online program

My Freedom Shortcut is a program that teaches you how to make money online. It comes with lessons in the form of step-by-step training, support, and business tools to help you succeed.

Many people are looking for shortcuts, they don’t want to do the work and programs like My Freedom Shortcut capitalizes on that. The fact of the matter is there are no shortcuts to financial success (aside from winning the lottery) because real businesses takes time and effort to build.

So what does My Freedom Shortcut offer? Let’s take a look at their sales video.

First Look – The Sales Pitch Video

When you land on the website you’ll see a free video that starts playing. In the video some guy named Jeff talks about all this money he’s making and how he’s able to live life on his own terms and how the best part is he gets to show you how to do the same.

We all know that it takes time and effort to succeed whether it’s at a job, a business, learning a skill, or whatever. But Jeff makes it sound as if he has some secret shortcut that will make you succeed much quicker.

make $5000 per month or more
The sales video will get your hopes up

After finishing watching his video you’ll be left feeling as if you found some gold mine and you can’t wait to spend your $49 to get a look at his secrets. You’ll be thinking that your life is about to change and you’re on the verge of financial success.

If you think that you will be disappointed…

How The Freedom Shortcut REALLY Works

The Freedom Shortcut costs $49 but that’s just the beginning. As you progress through the training there will be upsells where you’ll be enticed to spend more.

The Freedom Shortcut is basically what’s called a “high ticket system” where you have to pay a ridiculously high price (Usually into the $1,000s) to buy into a level of the system, then promote that system, and earn commissions when new people you recruit joins that very same system.

So what the heck do you get for The Freedom Shortcut which costs $49?

  • 6 Steps To Freedom
  • You’ll be assigned a coach for 1-on-1 help
  • You’ll have access to a private forum
  • Lots of helpful support
  • A bonus New Money Playbook

High ticket sales systems like The Freedom Shortcut don’t tend work because you’re not selling anything with any real value. The only income comes from constantly inviting new people to join that very same system, and the system itself is incredibly expensive to take part in.

The Freedom Shortcut is similar to another program called My Online Business Education (MOBE) which has already been shut down by the FTC earlier this year. Obviously this kind of program is crooked, do you really want to join something similar to that?

Your so-called “business coach” is basically someone who’s just trying to get you spend money to purchase their high ticket programs so they can earn commissions from you. They do not have your best interest at heart. 

The other problem is that in order to recruit new people you’ll need ways to drive traffic. How are you going to do that? The only way to get traffic fast is by paying for it. You already spent $1,000s buying into the system, now you’ll have to spend more to get paid traffic. Even after all that, you still might not make money.

The bottom line is it’s very hard to sell a high ticket program because it’s basically a useless product and nobody wants to buy into it cause it’s so expensive and it sounds so sketchy.

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Can You Really Make a Full Time Income?

If you go to the My Freedom Shortcut website you’ll see a bunch of testimonials with people saying they’ve make $1,000’s of dollars really quickly in a matter of days and weeks. You guess it… these results are NOT typical.

But if those people could do it then so can you, right? Well, it depends…

Can you make money with The Freedom Shortcut? It’s possible. So yeah it’s possible for you to make a full time income, but is it likely? No. The average person will probably not even make enough to recoup the money they’ve spent from buying into the high take program and the money spend on paid traffic advertising it.

The disclaimer at the bottom of the page basically says that the average person gets little to no results, and that his results are not typical. Success depends on many things like how much experience you have, your background, your work ethics, etc.

the average person gets little to no results
The Freedom Shortcut disclaimer

The bottom line is that if you’re not some marketing guru with 10+ years of experience, you’re unlikely to make any money with The Freedom Shortcut, in fact you’ll most likely LOSE money.

Is The Freedom Shortcut a Scam?

I wouldn’t call The Freedom Shortcut a scam because they’re not stealing your money, but I highly do not recommend you spend money on them because it’s a low quality product that don’t deliver any real results.

The sales page and the video also has a very misleading tune which makes you believe there is some secret behind the curtain of that $49, and once you pay you will learn that secret and make money really quickly and easily, but that’s just not the case.

You may get very excited after watching the video, maybe even very eager to spend more money into buying into a high ticket sales system because you think it will be easy to make that money back in just a few sales. Problem is, you’ll soon learn just how tough it is to make even just 1 sale.

If you keep spending money on paid traffic and not producing any sales or not enough sales, you will lose money!

The internet may be full of low quality products and scams, but if you know where to look there are still legit programs that offer real value and teaches you the true way to make a full time income online.

Let me show you exactly what I do to make MY money online…

A MUCH Better Alternative…

Back in December of 2016 while looking for a legit way to make steady income online I found a website called Wealthy Affiliate. They are an online training platform which basically teaches anyone how to build part time or full time income by blogging and using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products and receive commissions when your promotion results in a sale. It’s different from high ticket sales programs like The Freedom Shortcut because you’ll be promoting actual products that helps solve people’s problems. You can promote anything you want, like kitchen appliances, food products, pet supplies, tools, services, etc.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to get FREE traffic to your website from search engines like Google and Bing. Not spending $1,000s on paid ads and all that stuff that’s going to get you further in the hole.

With affiliate marketing your earning potential is unlimited, there are people making 4-5 figures a MONTH doing this, but they didn’t get there overnight and this is not a get-rich-quick program. You have to understand that REAL results takes REAL effort and hard work.

If you’re looking for a legit opportunity to make REAL money online and you’re ready to spend real effort into building a real online business, check out my free guide below where I’ll show you exactly how this affiliate marketing business works and how Wealthy Affiliate can help you succeed:




If building an online business sounds like too much work then I recommend you check out “get-paid-to” websites like Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate where they pay you cash to do simple online tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, reading emails, and more.

Thanks for reading this The Freedom Shortcut review, what do you think about them? Let me know in the comments below!

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