The Banger Method Review – Scam Or Earn $372 Per Hour?

simple easy method makes $372 an hour

Today I came across something called The Banger Method, apparently they say you can earn $372 per hour, it’s easy and requires no skill, and it only takes 25 minutes to set up! Yeah right… is The Banger Method a scam or your ticket to financial freedom?

So in this The Banger Method review I’ll go over how it works, what kind of training they give you, and whether they really have some special “twist” that changes everything.

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The Banger Method Review

Name: The Banger Method
Type: Affiliate marketing
Membership Price: $13.17
Verdict: Legit, but not recommended

easy method to make lots of money online

What Is The Banger Method?

The Banger Method is a video training course that is currently being sold on a platform called Warrior Plus for $13.17. This course shows you step-by-step on how to make up to $1000+ per day using a simple method.

The method is supposedly very easy, newbie friendly, takes only 25 minutes to set up, can be repeated over and over again, and the secret behind this method is some “twist” that changes everything.

So what is the “twist” and method exactly? Well, from looking at their sales page you’d never know what the heck they’re even selling, because everything is so vague and they don’t really give anything away.

They just say very general things like “100% proven” and “Easy Method (No Skills Needed)” and other things like that.

You’d have to buy their course to get inside to see what they’re all about. For those who aren’t interested in taking that leap of faith I’ll just spill it out to you right now…

This “twist” and method is basically giving out bonuses to people as a way to entice them to purchase digital products through your affiliate links and thus you earning commissions.

Their Flashy Sales Page

One thing I’ve noticed about many of these make-money-online products on Warrior Plus is that they all have really flashy sales pages with endless amount of hype. The Banger Method is no different and once you land on their sales page you’ll see claims that’ll spike your hopes up such as:

  • Easy method makes you $372 per hour
  • 100% proven method that’s newbie friendly
  • No technical skills or experience needed
  • Exact steps to set up in 45 minutes or less
  • Make $1000+ a day which is only the beginning
  • Scale as big as you want
simple twist on easy method make $372 per hour
More hype than reality

If you have ANY internet street smarts you should have alarm bells ringing off in your head right now, because anything that sounds that good cannot possibly be true, right?

Can You Really Make $372 Per Hour?

Well, the truth is making $372 per hour using The Banger Method is actually 100% possible. But it’s not as easy as they make it out to be. The key to make money with internet marketing is always going to be lots of quality traffic, without it no business can survive.

So yes, you can make $372+ per hour with The Banger Method, but only if you already have a big source of traffic you can promote your products to, meaning you have a big audience already somewhere. 

There are many good sources of traffic these days like by having a website, a big YouTube channel or other social media accounts, a big email subscriber list, or if you have a big online presence in other mediums.

But on the sales page it just nothing but hype:

payment proof 1 day
The hype continues on

I’m not a fan of how The Banger Method makes it seem like you can start from absolutely nothing and within 24 hours start raking in those $1000s and be on your way to living the good life.

They say that a newbie with zero experience can set this up in 30 minutes and you could earn $5,619 in just a day…I’m pretty sure that isn’t true. If that’s the case then everybody would be doing this instead of grinding away at a 9 to 5.

The Banger Method’s sales page just seems very misleading and I think a lot of people will be made to expect quick and easy results, this will only lead to disappointment in my opinion. 

If you have no traffic, no online presence, and no marketing skills, how can you make $1000+ per day?

How Does The Banger Method Work?

Basically the method is to offer people an incentive to buy products/services through your affiliate links by offering them a free giveaway.

So for example you’ll be encouraged to find “make money online” courses/tools from Warrior Plus and JVZoo and promote them by offering bonuses to people who buy through your affiliate links.

The method isn’t anything new or groundbreaking, it’s a very old and effective internet marketing strategy that many people have been using for a long time. People are more likely to buy when they’re offered a bonus, for example “buy 2 and get 1 free!”

If you look for “The Banger Method reviews” on places like YouTube, Google, Yahoo, etc. you’ll likely find many reviews created by people doing The Banger Method, there will be affiliate links somewhere in there offering bonuses if you join through them.

Bonuses are usually things that give you additional information or training, like tips on how to get free traffic, how to use solo ads to build profits, how to earn more commissions, and/or more.

What Does $13.17 Get You?

Once you’ve paid for The Banger Method you’ll have access to a list of training videos:

  1. Filtering Your Traffic – Learn to offer bonuses to increase conversions
  2. 3x Conversion Rates – See proof that you can achieve 3x more sales if you include bonuses
  3. Structuring Bonus Pages – Learn to create your bonus promotion pages correctly
  4. Creating Custom Bonuses – Learn to easily create bonuses
  5. Delivering Your Bonuses – Learn to deliver the bonus, plus how to make more commissions while doing so
  6. Tricks and Tools – They’ll show you tools you can use to better construct your bonus pages, plus tips on how to increase your click-through-rate (CTR).

In addition you will also get access to 5 case studies where you’ll be taken behind the scenes where the owner Mark will walk you through 5 of his affiliate campaigns so you get to see exactly how it’s done.

Also included are a couple of bonuses (of course!):

  1. WP Ever Funnel – An exclusive WordPress plugin that creates expiring links for limited time affiliate product promotions
  2. WP Simple Cloak – An easy-to-use link cloaker to cloak your affiliate links
  3. Copy & Paste FTC Disclaimer – A copy/paste text to put on your product promotion website to comply with US laws

Is The Banger Method Worth Buying?

While The Banger Method itself is an effective marketing strategy that does work for many people, it will not make you any money if you don’t have any traffic, and the training doesn’t teach you how to get traffic.

You can have the best promotional page in the world, but if you have no traffic then nobody will see the enticing bonuses, and nobody will click and buy through your affiliate links.

Not only will you need traffic, but you’ll need LOTS of it. Not every single one of the people who land on your promotional page will convert into a buyer. If you don’t know how to get traffic then The Banger Method is useless.

For $13.17 you’re getting some pretty good information and training, but then again they’re the kind of information that you can easily find on the internet for free.

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The Positives

  • Inexpensive. You’re getting a lot of value for $13.17
  • 100% legit method that does work, but only if you have traffic
  • Easy to follow step-by-step video lessons
  • 5 case studies that’ll walk you through the exact steps to success using this method
  • 3 bonuses valued at $201 at no extra cost to you
  • 30 day money back guarantee

The Negatives

  • The Banger Method is basically a simple marketing strategy you can find for free on the internet, no need to pay for it
  • No lessons on how to get traffic to your affiliate/bonus promotion pages
  • Too much hype that can create false hope and over expectation on the flashy sales page

Is The Banger Method a Scam?

It appears that The Banger Method is NOT a scam, they’re a legit course that does teach you how to make lots of sales and commissions by promoting products on a page with an enticing bonus.

The problem is I don’t think that their training is comprehensive enough, there’s no training on how to get lots of traffic, and having lots of traffic is crucial to finding success using The Banger Method.

In my opinion traffic is more important than any method itself, if you have traffic you can monetize it in SO many different ways using so many different methods, but the other way around isn’t true. If you have a good method but no traffic, you won’t make a dime.

My #1 Recommendation

I’ve been part of an online training platform since December of 2016 and I always recommend it to people. 

It’s basically a platform that offers courses and training videos on how to build a website from scratch, one that can generate a monthly income of at least $1000 to $10,000+ per month using a business model called Affiliate Marketing.

They teach you how to get traffic to the website, how to create content, and also how to monetize your traffic. Their step-by-step training is very in-depth and is targeted towards the complete newbie.

The training covers EVERYTHING you need to know, from creating that first website to making that first dollar.

In addition to the training there are also a bunch of useful tools and support that’s included in the membership. Best of all, you can try out this platform for FREE today (no credit card required!)

If you’re interested then check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation to learn more. 

My top recommendation is a 100% legit method to earn a full time income from home, but it does take time and effort and is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I’m not going to mislead you into thinking you’ll start earning $1000s overnight because you probably won’t.

Any legitimate business online or offline takes lots of time and work to build up, it’s not something that can just take off on day one. But if you stick with it and apply the training correctly, then it’s only a matter of time before you start generating part time or full time income.



If building a website and all that doesn’t appeal to you then fortunately there are 100% legit ways to earn some quick and easy cash online at my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites where you get paid to take surveys, do offers, watch advertisement videos, play games, and more.

That’s the end of this The Banger Method review, hopefully it was helpful for you. Let me know below in the comments if you have any questions or opinions about them.

14 thoughts on “The Banger Method Review – Scam Or Earn $372 Per Hour?

  1. Andy Zeus Anderson says:

    While a legit course they use dubious and untrue Hype to sell a product that has been around over a decade. In 2003 we were offering free bonuses with everything and it started a trend of the product owners themselves trying to add value-offering 5-10 free bonuses to their $97 product to make it over a $2,000 value. Sound familiar as I guarantee you have seen it before? $300+ an hour takes a ton of targeted traffic because the method works against itself as much as for itself. You will have nearly 1/3 more people run away saying why does a product worth this amount need $2,000+ in free gifts to sell it?

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah, I think that if you offer too many free gifts then it tends to cheapen the main product, you know? Like if you’re selling a $97 product with like 10 free bonuses then one has to wonder why there’s so many free things? Perhaps it’s because the main product isn’t valuable enough to draw sales?

      The best way I think is to offer 1 or 2 free gifts that have a value of less than the main product. For example if selling a $97 product give away 2 free ebooks worth $20 each or something like that. 

  2. DerrAd says:

    $372 per hour is an overly hyped campaign for a product which is not driving traffic to my site. This would be the end of the world’s financial problems if this hype is true. I completely brushed it off as a total scam but my curiosity landed me on your site and it’s worth reading your review for a better on how the product works. 

    As you rightly said you’ll need tons of traffic to benefit from this product so I would rather focus on increasing my traffic rather than offering incentives. 

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah, while offering incentives is a good idea, traffic is the driving force behind any business and that should be your main focus. You can have the best bonus offerings in the world but without traffic nobody will see it.

      Products like The Banger Method is nothing more than an okay idea dressed up with an insane amount of hype, don’t fall for it..

  3. Topazdude says:

    Wait… with just 25 minutes of work, you can start generating $372 PER HOUR or more?? I actually say this is an immediate RED FLAG! Yes, their membership fee is inexpensive and even if people seems to say they are legit, I can’t recommend them. The Banger Method is another warning to those who are scavenging for a quick fix. The picture is pretty clear, it’s a waste of money.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah I just have a problem with the way they’re advertised, you know? People who are attracted to “Earn $372 Per Hour” is not going to want to do the necessary work to create a successful online business. They’re looking for a quick fix, like a button they can push to make money without doing any work. If that’s what you’re going for then The Banger Method will certainly be a waste of money. 

  4. Michele says:

    As they say, if something is too good to be true, it probably is. I’m always skeptical and lean towards the side of caution when that happens. Even if the Banger Method is not a scam, it does not seem like a very likely platform that the average person will become successful with.  Like you said, you need a lot of traffic to be able to be able to market whatever you are selling.  And you don’t just acquire that overnight.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah there are a lot of these programs with attention grabbing headlines promising you quick riches, but the truth is that nobody who is rich today made money this way. The fact is every successful person who makes lots of money online did so by putting in lots of time and effort in a consistent manner into building their business. One doesn’t just join some program and make $372 per hour, that is just unrealistic. 

  5. Dave Sweney says:

    I had heard about this one from a couple of friends who recommended it to me. I suspected just from the name that it likely was yet another over hyped product that does not deliver. I am glad to hear that it is not a total scam, But for someone to get my money, they need to over deliver. If they are promising over $300 an hour, this seems a bit misleading based on what the content is.

    Also, as with other products I see often on Warrior Plus, they do not tell you exactly what you are getting, you have to buy to see. Normally when this is the case, I have been disappointed. There are a number of channels on YouTube that will teach the same for free. 

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Lol well yeah there’s a reason why they won’t tell you what you’re getting until you pay, cause their product is crap and they know that if you knew what you were getting then you wouldn’t buy it in the first place! 

  6. LearnToEarn Admin says:

    Sounds like a whole lot of hype and no bang-for-your-buck to me. I wonder if these people at Warrior Forum think people are unaware of their intense hype that can be seen through a mile away. Who would believe such an amount to be earned so easily really is true? It is good that you have pointed out the pros and cons so that everyone can make their own informed decision and not be taken for a ride.Thank you for taking the time to compile this review for us warning us of the pitfalls.  Much appreciated.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Well I’m guessing that the large majority of people wouldn’t fall for this kind of hype, but there’s always going to be a few people who either has too much money and don’t care or people who are so desperate for that get-rich-quick miracle that they’ll hand over their cash in desperation….only to be disappointed once again. 

  7. Glen says:

    Kent, I enjoyed reading your review of The Banger Method. You are correct about the importance of getting visitors to see a website. The world’s worse product sold on the ugliest website will make money if enough people see the offer. But for $13.17, this seems a small price to pay to learn how to use bonuses as an incentive. Bonus incentives are just a small part of the marketing toolkit to turn website lookers into buyers.

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