TellWut Review – Another Scam Or Real Rewards For Surveys?

earn rewards answering questions

As you probably already guessed, TellWut is a survey site that give you points for taking surveys, these points can be exchanged for gift card rewards. Unlike other sites like Swagbucks, there’s no way to exchange points for cash at this time.

TellWut is not a scam but they don’t offer the best ways to earn. They’re a “pure” survey site which means it’s a site where surveys are the main/only way to earn. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I think surveys are a waste of time, so honestly I think pure survey sites are crap.

Surveys are typically low paying and hard to qualify for, that’s why I always recommend my readers join Get-Paid-To Sites instead where there are many other ways to earn money, not just from surveys.

In this TellWut review I’ll go over how to earn, how they pay, the good and bad, and whether they’re worth joining.

Intro – TellWut Review

Name: TellWut
Type: Paid surveys
Membership Price: Free To Join
My Rating: 1.8 out of 5

tell what you think for gift cards

I gave TellWut a rating of 1.8 out of 5 and they’re honestly just aren’t any good in my opinion. If the primary reason you’re here to is to making money online, then there are better sites to join.

There are a few problems I have with TellWut. The biggest one is that they don’t let you turn points into cash rewards, so the only way to get “paid” is by exchanging points for gift cards. If you rather have cash instead then check out These Top 6 Survey Sites That Pays Via Paypal.

The next problem is they’re a pure survey site. I always tell people, why join pure survey sites when get-paid-to (GPT) sites offer you so many more ways to earn? People love having options, that’s why buffet restaurants are so popular. 

With GPT sites you can earn with surveys, videos, games, offers, clicking ads, doing tasks, and more! My favorite GPT site is Swagbucks (read review) because they have the most ways to earn, they pay cash, and also currently offering a $5 sign up bonus.

How To Earn Rewards At TellWut

earning gift card rewards telling what you think

Signing Up / Creating Account

After creating an account you’ll get 100 points as a sign up bonus right away, then filling out your profile will earn you another 150 points for a total of 250 points. From there you can earn by taking surveys, creating surveys, and referring others.

How Much Are Points Worth?

It depends on what gift card you redeem them for, but roughly 400 points equals $1 USD. So the 250 points sign up bonus that TellWut gives you really isn’t all that much. If you like free money you’re better off joining Swagbucks where they’re now offering a $5 sign up bonus.

Taking Surveys

There are two different kinds of surveys you can take – TellWut surveys and external 3rd party surveys.

TellWut Surveys

You can earn 5-20 points for each TellWut survey you do, these are just brief surveys consisting of usually 1-4 short questions you can answer. The topics are random and some are created by TellWut themselves and some from other members. The good thing is there’s no need to qualify with these surveys.

External 3rd Party Surveys

3rd party external surveys pay much more, 25-2000 points. These are created by 3rd party sites and they are for marketing and research companies. You do need to qualify for these, but that’s why they pay a lot more.

Creating Surveys

You can start a survey that other TellWut members can answer, doing this will earn you 10-20 points which is the equivalent of about $0.02 to $0.05. They only allow you to create your own survey twice a week and it must be approved by TellWut first. As you can tell, this is not a big money earner.

Referring Others To Join

TellWut does have a referral program, you can earn 25 points for every person you refer to join. 25 points is not much, it’s only worth about $0.06 and seems like it’s a one-time reward.

Honestly this paid referral program is just pathetic. Many other sites like Swagbucks allow you to earn 10% of whatever your referrals earn for LIFE. You could potentially earn $100s of dollars from referring others, unlike the measly 25 points ($0.06) that TellWut gives you, lol. 

How Does TellWut Pay You?

redeem points for gift cards

You can only redeem your points for gift card rewards, you cannot get cash for them.

Gift card options include Amazon, Walmart, Cineplex, Visa, and a Motorola XOOM Android Tablet. Each gift card has different redemption increments:

Amazon Gift Card – $15 (cost 6,000 points)
Walmart Gift Card – $25 (cost 10,000 points)
Visa Gift Card – $25 (cost 12,500 points)
Cineplex Gift Card – $10 (cost 4,200 points)
Motorola XOOM Android Tablet – (cost 200,000 points)

As you can see, the value of points vary depending upon which gift card you choose. A $25 Visa gift card is going to cost 2,500 points more than a $25 gift card at Walmart. I’m really not a fan of this, and I prefer other sites like Swagbucks that have an equal point/dollar exchange. 

The Good

  • Free to join and membership is opened worldwide
  • TellWut surveys doesn’t require you to qualify and so you’re guaranteed to earn points
  • Gift cards include several big name merchants like Amazon, Walmart, and Visa.

The Bad

  • Surveys are the only way to earn points, there’s nothing else offered (besides referring others)
  • TellWut surveys pay very little
  • Higher paying 3rd party surveys have strict qualification requirements
  • Referral program is really stingy compared to many other sites
  • Cannot redeem points for cash, only gift cards
  • Points have different values depending on which gift card you redeem
  • You won’t earn much on this site

Final Thoughts: Is TellWut a Scam?

It appears that TellWut is a legit site where you can earn a few bucks here and there, but that being said there are much better sites to join. The biggest problem I have with TellWut is you can’t trade in points for cash. I don’t love gift cards cause I don’t shop online, so I rather have cash via Paypal.

Surveys are also low paying and some you need to qualify, so I really don’t recommend you join sites that only offer surveys as a way to earn. I highly recommend you check out These Top Get-Paid-To Sites where you can earn doing surveys, offers, reading emails, watching ads, clicking ads, playing games, shopping, and more.

But all these survey sites and similar things are only good for making an extra income online, if you’re looking for a larger income then check out my #1 Work At Home Recommendation where I’ll show you how to create a full time online income by building blogs/websites using affiliate marketing and some other methods.

Do you think TellWut is a scam? As always I’d love to hear your thoughts about them, leave me your questions and comments down below!

TellWut – Final Rating:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings
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