Take Surveys For Cash Review – Another Scam or Legit?

learn to get paid making money doing online surveys

Name: Take Surveys For Cash
Website: www.takesurveysforcash.com
Type: How to make money taking surveys
Price: Starts at $78
My Rating: 0 out of 5

On this blog I do reviews on various make-money-online opportunities such as survey sites, GPT (get-paid-to) sites, crowdsourcing sites, and other similar things. I’ve reviewed many legit sites, as well as many scams, and I know them both pretty well. Legit survey sites are ALL low paying relative to time spend doing them, and they’re no good for making any serious money, they’re useful for only making a little pocket cash here and there.

Do not believe anyone who say you can make $1000s of dollars a month sitting on your ass clicking buttons doing surveys, they are ALL lying to you!

When there are sites out there that claim you can make good money doing online surveys, my BS radar goes into high gear, because I know it’s completely false. So this post will address a site called Take Surveys For Cash, and boy… I’m glad you landed on my page first so I can warn you about them.

So is Take Surveys For Cash a scam or legit? In this Take Surveys For Cash review, I’m going to go over what it is, the major red flags, and why you shouldn’t waste time and money with it.


Want To Earn Money Online But Sick
Of Running Into Scams?


What Is Take Surveys For Cash About?

make money taking paid surveys

The website Take Surveys For Cash is run by some guy by the name of Jason White…or so he says. Apparently the site started around 2015 and the main thing he’s selling is information on teaching people how to make the big bucks doing online surveys.

Making Money – How Does It All Work?

So once you land on Jason White’s website you’ll see a very flashy page full of exciting claims such as him making $500 from taking one single survey. He says he’s the “king of paid surveys” and he’s making over $3500 a month taking paid surveys, and that he’s made over $274,000 from paid surveys since 2009. He also claims to have some sort of “secret system,” and he would like to teach you how to earn the big bucks just like him. All you need to proceed is to give him your email… 

Wait… It’s NOT FREE??

At the bottom of the page Jason White will ask you to give him your email, so at this point you’d probably think he’ll send you his secret system via email and hook you up for free. No…

His “secret system” starts at $78, but he crosses it out and lowers the price to $39 to give the illusion that you’re receiving a discounted price. But then if you still don’t want to pay $39, he’ll lower it even further to $24, then finally it continues to descend to the final price of $12. If you pay that money and get to go on the inside, there will be more up sales offers and eventually if you go along with his sales pitch you’ll end up spending about $124.

I wrote another post called “Top 10 Ways on How to Avoid Scams Online” where I highlighted the red flags to look out for when trying to determine is something is a scam or not. Take Surveys For Cash matches several major red flags, let’s take a closer look:

4 Major Red Flags

1. $3500 a month? C’mon…

The first major red flag is how Jason White claims he makes $3500 a month doing online surveys. He claims he was initially making only $3 per survey like everyone else, but now using some survey secrets which allow him to earn $500 per survey. His whole sales pitch is to get you to fork over your hard earned cash to him, cause that’s probably how he’s making money online, not from surveys.

Do you really think it’d be that easy to make money online? If so I’d be doing that right now, so would be everyone else. I bet the guy cleaning the toilets at the food court would rather be taking surveys to make $3500 a month than to be scrubbing poop and making half of that.

The reality is legit online surveys pays very little, usually around $0.50 to $2 per survey, and there’s really no getting around that. Anyone who claims to have some “secret system” to get rich quick is lying to you.

2. Using Scarcity Sales Tactic

This is a trick used by sales people to rush you into buying before you can decide for yourself. At the bottom of the website Jason tells you that there’s “only room for a few more people,” so he’s pressuring you into joining now because maybe tomorrow all the spots may be gone and you’d have missed your golden opportunity of a lifetime to learn how to make the big bucks taking surveys.

The thing with these scarcity sales tactic is that it’s so easy to prove that they’re full of crap. Just go back to that website a month later and somehow there will still be “only a few spots left!” as before. He is playing you, do not fall for it.

3. Paying For What?

You’re not paying Jason White for anything special, you’ll basically get a list of survey sites that you can find with a simple google search. On the website’s disclaimer page he says that he doesn’t guarantee that you’ll make the big bucks, only that it’s a possibility. Well in that case why the hell are you paying him at all? By paying this Jason guy you won’t gain any advantages over someone else taking the same surveys. His survey secrets aren’t so special after all, it’s just all hype to get you all excited and hopeful so you’d hand over your money to him.

4. His “Proof” of Earnings

In this day and age you can Photoshop damn near anything to make it look real, and so proof of earnings by displaying pictures isn’t really much proof at all. On his website he claims that he went from earning just $3 per survey to $500 per survey, and he display pictures of 2 checks, one for $3 and another one for $500. If you look closely it seems like those 2 checks are the exact same but with some small adjustments! There’s some fine print at the bottom of the check, it’s grainy but you can see that it’s an invitation to make money doing surveys. There’s a good chance the checks are fake…

Then further down he shows his bank account and Paypal balance of having lots of money, but again these can be easily Photoshopped. Even if it was real it doesn’t prove he earned all that from taking surveys. The more you dig into his program the more it smells like a complete scam. 

Final Verdict: Scam or Legit?

I would definitely stay away from Jason White and this shady website Take Surveys For Cash. There’s no way he makes as much money from taking surveys as he claims, his program raises plenty of red flags, and he’s selling you very basic information that you can easily find online. You won’t be getting any “secrets” that puts you steps ahead of the guy who didn’t pay for Jason White’s program. It’s all a bunch of hype and empty promises.

If you still want to do surveys to make money online then stick with the reputable ones that DO pay, the top sites I usually recommend are Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate.

All legit online surveys are low paying and you can’t make a full time living doing them, sorry but that’s the truth. But the good news is making a full time income is possible, and if that’s what you’re ultimately looking for then check out my #1 Recommended Way of Making Money Online.

A Much Better Way To Earn Money Online

I used to do online surveys making pennies and dimes, but then in December of 2016 I learned of a much better way to earn money online and I wrote it all about it in a detailed guide. Today I’m making a consistent online monthly income doing something I enjoy, my earnings are growing every month, and I have forever said goodbye to those time wasting survey sites. To learn what I do, how it works, why it works so incredibly well, and how you can learn to do it too, check out my free guide here:



If you have your own experiences with Take Surveys For Cash, online surveys, or anything else I’ve spoke about in this post, then please share them with me and my readers down below in the comment section. I always reply to every comment!

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2 thoughts on “Take Surveys For Cash Review – Another Scam or Legit?

  1. Chukwudi says:

    I like making money online, but I’m sick and tired of all these people creating websites promising you’ll make money just to scam people!

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Chukwudi, the majority of survey sites out there are actually legit, but yeah there are a few out there that take advantage of people who are desperate to earn a few bucks and that really gives online surveys a bad reputation. If you stick with the biggest and most popular sites like Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate, then you can’t really go wrong. Those are sites I use myself to make money online and they’ve all paid me before, you can also find lots of people on forums who said they’ve been paid.

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