Get Paid To Download Apps With AppMan – Read This Review First!

Tried everything you can to make money online? There are plenty of extra income sites out there, but the tough part is figuring out which ones are the legit ones and which ones are the scams. AppMan is an app-based mobile platform where you can get paid to download apps, you earn “points” for downloading Read More

Validately Review – Scam Or Earn Cash Testing Websites?

Validately is a site that pays people to test websites, apps, and other project prototypes. These creators want feedback and opinions on their products so they can better improve them before they’re released. If you want to earn money, Validately appears to be scam free and legit, but they’re not the best way to earn Read More

Is User Testing a Scam? Can You Really Earn $10 Per Test?

Name: User Testing Website: Type: Get Paid To Test Membership Price: Free of join My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Table of Contents Intro – What Is User Testing About? How Do You Earn Money? How Do You Get Paid? Pros & Cons Final Verdict: Is User Testing a Scam? A Much Better Way Read More