Is SurveySheep Legit Or a Scam? Review Exposes The Truth!

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SurveySheep is a site that provides you with opportunities to get paid real money for taking surveys. Companies out there want to gather opinions from normal people in order to improve their products and services, and the cash is the incentive for participants to join and to lend their time answering these surveys.

I’ve done a lot of survey reviews on this blog, but SurveySheep stands out from the rest. It’s not because of it’s random funky sounding name (what does sheep have to do with surveys? lol) but because of something else I’ll explain in this review.

Is SurveySheep legit or a scam? What makes them different from regular survey sites? How much money do their surveys pay? How do you get paid? Find out in this SurveySheep review.

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SurveySheep Review

Name: SurveySheep
Type: Paid online surveys
Membership Price: No cost to join

earn money sharing your opinions online

What Is SurveySheep?

SurveySheep is a site that provides paid survey opportunities for their members. Currently they only provide surveys for people in USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

At first I thought they were just like the dozens of other survey sites I’ve reviewed before, but upon joining I realized that they are completely different. What I mean is they’re only the middle man for other survey sites.

When you join SurveySheep they’ll just give you a list of other survey sites to join, they want you to join through their links so they get paid a commission for referring you. So basically SurveySheep doesn’t actually have any paid surveys for you, they just point you to sites that do. 

Personally I don’t feel what they’re doing is wrong or anything, making money by referring other people to products/websites they recommend is called affiliate marketing and it’s actually a legit and really popular way to make online income, I do it too on this blog.

But the question you should be wondering is whether the sites that SurveySheep point you to is any good? I have no problem with people making money by referring others to good websites, but if they’re pointing you to crap just for the sake of making money then I don’t agree with that at all.

SurveySheep’s List Of Survey Sites

mysurvey global test market survey club junkie
Some of SurveySheep’s recommended sites

SurveySheep is free to join, all you need to do is fill out the sign up sheet with your name and email, then you’ll be given access into the member’s area where you can view SurveySheep’s list of survey sites they want you to join.

I took a look at their list and see a couple of good sites I’ve already reviewed and recommend such as Survey Junkie and Toluna US. But I also see a few other ones that aren’t so good in my opinion.

If you see a site you like you can click SurveySheep’s link and be taken to that survey site to sign up. For every site that you join you’ll have to sign up to each of them individually. You may have to fill out a 5-10 minute profile for each site, so just take that into consideration if you plan on signing up for multiple sites.

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How To Earn Money Taking Surveys

After you have joined the survey site of your choosing usually you’ll see survey opportunities when you log in to your member’s area, or you may get survey invitations via email. They’ll let you know how much the survey pays and how long it is before you start it. Usually you’ll receive at least 2-3 survey a week.

The pay of surveys vary, but from the ones I’ve seen they’re usually in the range of $0.25 to $1.50 each and they take about 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

The biggest problem with taking online surveys is that at the beginning of the survey there are usually a bunch of screening questions to see if you’re the right candidate for the survey, and usually after a few minutes you’ll be told you don’t qualify.

In my experience it takes a LOT of tries to find a survey that I do qualify for and end up wasting a lot of time on screening questions.

Unrealistic Income Expectations

One thing I really dislike about SurveySheep is that they give you really unrealistic income expectations. For example they say that taking surveys can earn you a part time or even FULL TIME income if you’re committed enough.

This is probably stretching the truth a little too much there, SurveySheep, because from my own experience and reading many others’ experiences, typically you can make no more than about $10 to $20 monthly per survey site after a LOT of time and effort spent.

basic survey tips
Earning full time income from surveys is very unrealistic

In some survey descriptions they tell you that you can make $10-$150 for an hour of work.

Again, this is highly unrealistic because the VAST majority of the surveys you’ll qualify for pays around $0.25 to $1.50, usually on the lower end of that, plus there’s all this wasted time trying to qualify for a survey. So in the end you’re probably looking at making $1 per hour if you’re lucky!

make $10 to $150 for an hour of work
Not very likely!

In rare events there are indeed surveys that can pay $25-$100+ each, they are extremely hard to come by and qualify for. It only happens very very rarely once in a blue moon, most people might not get anything close to that ever.

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How Does SurveySheep Pay You?

Since SurveySheep is just the middle man they don’t pay you, you get paid by the 3rd party survey sites that you join. Each site provides different payment methods so you’re going to have to check each site individually.

Personally I always looking for a good payment option before I join, I need to make sure I have a reliable way to get my earnings off the site. I prefer sites that offer Paypal payments because they’re a fast and safe way to receive money online.

Many sites do offer Paypal payments as well as other options like gift cards, check, Bitcoin, and more.

Some other sites don’t have any cash payments, they only pay in points you can redeem for gift cards. If you want to get paid with cash I highly recommend you join these sites here.

Is SurveySheep a Scam Or Legit?

From my research it appears that SurveySheep is NOT a scam. They’re a legit site that provides you with a list of survey sites to join, but it’s important to know that you don’t need SurveySheep to sign up for any of these sites as you can just sign up to those sites directly. But having someone gather a list of sites for you is convenient.

From what I can tell most of the sites on their list is legit, all of them are free to join. By the way you should never have to pay anything to join a survey site, if they’re asking for money you can be sure it’s a scam!

But like I’ve said, it’s hard to qualify for surveys and you end up wasting a lot of time on screening questions. That’s why I recommend you join These “Get-Paid-To” Sites instead because they offer other paid online tasks that does not require you to qualify to earn from. So you’re guaranteed to earn something for your time.

But regardless of what site you join, online surveys are not going to make you a full time income. If you’re looking for a legit method to make a job-replacing level of income online then keep on reading.

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I hope you enjoyed this SurveySheep review, tell me below if you have any questions or comments and I’ll respond shortly.

10 thoughts on “Is SurveySheep Legit Or a Scam? Review Exposes The Truth!

  1. Pandamelody says:

    Great in-depth article ! There are so many articles out there speaking about how to make easy money online doing nothing, or just by watching videos or doing surveys and earning over 100$, it’s great that your real and don’t push the products up in everybody’s faces. This seems to be legit and I will try it out ! 😀

  2. RoDarrick says:

    Excellent review you have written up here concerning survey sheep and firstly, I am glad because it is very legit and I’m sure I will get paid for work done on the platform. But however, surveys are not really great with making money online because the pays are always lesser compared to the time used. Though most survey sites are scams but seeing that this is not a scam is great. I will suggest this to a cousin who is still in college to try out. Thanks

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      I think most survey sites do pay and are legit… in my experience only a few are actually scams. Since most survey sites are free to join, you won’t lose much other than time. 

  3. Henderson says:

    Hello Kent, this is a truly great review of survey sheep. I have nor heard of survey sheep before and I’m happy I have karnt something new today. After reading your post, I can say I am slightly discouraged to do anything that has to do with surveys because I waste a lot of time and I get to earn very little at the end of the day. And some don’t even pay in real cash, that’s not good enough. I think I’ll check out your recommendations though. Great post.

  4. Adyns68 says:

    Surveys are a good way to make extra cash online but the claim that you can make that much money is not true. I have done surveys in the past and I know it is time-consuming and the pay is not great.

     They should keep their marketing truthful and stop misleading people. And surveysheep is a middle man, so they get a commission, which reduces again the revenue of the people taking the surveys.


    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Im not sure if Surveysheep’s commission means less earnings for survey takers, but yeah there’s no need to go through a middle man at all. 

  5. Taetske says:

    You are right, sheep have nothing to do with surveys, they have to do with sleeping right? Good to hear it is free to join. I must say I am not overly charmed when reading you can be denied after spending time answering screening questions. Then the wages are really not brilliant and do not even reach the minimum wage level.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      No it’s definitely not going to earn you minimum wage in any western country, but I’ve heard on some online forums that some people make a living taking online surveys. Probably people in some 3rd world countries where if you made $2 an hour you’re doing well. But even $2 an hour with online surveys is on the good end, with all those surveys you won’t qualify for you’ll be wasting most of your hour on answering screeners.

  6. Liz says:

    I have signed up to many survey taking sites in the past, but all of them were a disappointment to me because I realized how little you make even after spending so much time, plus I am not sure it was very sustainable work for me anyway because there was no way to earn passive income. But, I am still open to exploring new opportunities and you never know when a good one might come up. 

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      If by “good one” you mean better paying ones then I’m sorry but all of them are pretty much just as low paying. I reviewed hundreds of these kinds of sites on this blog so I know what’s out there, they are either legit and low paying or they’re full of high income hype and are scams.

      But if by “good one” you mean sites that offer good legit ways to earn and have a good payment options, then yeah there are plenty of good ones that I do recommend and use myself. 

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