Spare5 Review – Scam Or Legit Income In Your Spare Time?

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I’m always on the lookout for sites that offer you the opportunity to earn money online, so when my friend told me about Spare5 which is a site you can earn extra income by doing easy tasks, I just had to check it out.

Basically they pay you to do tasks that only humans can do, like categorizing images, identifying objects in photos, and a bunch of other tasks. Is Spare5 a scam or a legit extra income opportunity? How much can you earn? How do they pay?

Read this Spare5 review to find out!

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Spare5 Review

Name: Spare5
Type: Crowdsourcing tasks
Membership Price: FREE

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What Is Spare5?

Spare5 is a crowdsourcing website that pays you to perform various tasks that computers cannot do. For example a computer currently can look at an image but cannot identify objects within that images, like trees, buses, benches, etc. It’s up to the humans to look at the image and identify them.

These tasks are pretty low paying but you do get paid cash which can be paid out via Paypal, and the minimum payment is only $1 which means you won’t have to wait long before receiving your first withdraw.

You can do these tasks on their website, but they also have an app you can download to your smartphone to do these tasks as well.

How To Join Spare5?

You can join by going to the Spare5 website and either signing up with your email or your Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn account. 

Once you have an account you’ll have to log in to fill in a profile survey which is basically a personal questionnaire which will take about 5 minutes, after that they will reward you with $0.10 in earnings. 

To earn more money you can start by doing paid tasks, but first you’ll have to take a short tutorial and pass the quiz.

Take Tutorials To Access Paid Tasks

Before you get to do paid tasks you’ll be required to learn how to do them by taking a bunch of short tutorials which basically teaches you how to use their tools to perform those tasks. You’ll be shown how to draw boxes, ellipses, lines, segmentation, and points.

task tools tutorials
You must take tutorials before you can do paid tasks

There will be a short quiz at the end of the tutorial, you’ll be given a task to do such as drawing a box, a line, circle, or whatever.

Only if you follow the directions in the tutorial properly can you pass the quiz and move on to paid tasks. 

Completing Paid Tasks

Most of the tasks are extremely simple and only takes a few seconds to complete and pay about $0.01 to $0.02 each. Here are some examples of tasks:

  • Putting Things Into Categories – For example, identify the type of food in an image
  • Drawing boxes around certain elements in an image
  • Listening to an audio clip and identifying the tone, meaning, and contents
  • Finding information on the web, for example finding the phone number of a hotel
  • Writing captions for images
  • Tagging images and providing keywords to help computers identify them
annotate images isolate elements
Spare5 Tasks

These tasks are similar to what MTurk and Picoworkers offer. These tasks doesn’t take much skill to do but they can get quite boring. You won’t be able to earn much since each tasks only pay pennies. So how much can you earn per hour?

Let’s say you complete one task every 30 seconds, and each task averages $0.01.

So at $0.02 per minute that works out to be $1.20 per hour! Bottom line is you shouldn’t rely on this to make any substantial amount of income.

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How Does Spare5 Pay You?

The good news is that Spare5 pays you once you earn just $1 which is a very low payout threshold, this shows that they’re not interested in keeping your money on their platform.

They make payments via Paypal every Friday. There doesn’t appear to be any other payment methods, but I love Paypal because it’s a fast, convenient, and safe way to transfer money from online to your bank account.

What I Liked About Spare5

  • Free and easy to sign up
  • Tasks require very little skill and are simple and easy to do
  • Low payment threshold of only $1
  • Pays with Paypal

Spare5 Problems

  • Each task only pays $0.01 to $0.02 on average
  • You’ll make more hourly working at Taco Bell
  • Tasks can get very repetitive and boring
  • Income potential too low to replace your day job

Is Spare5 a Scam or Legit?

It appears that Spare5 is a legit crowdsourcing website that lets you earn a little bit of online income by doing easy tasks. They make payment really easy by setting the payout threshold at only $1 and they pay with Paypal which is many people’s preferred payment method.

Although the tasks are easy and takes very little time to do, they only average about $0.01 pay per task, which means you will have to complete 100 tasks to earn that measly $1 payout. These tasks are typically very boring and repetitive which may not seem worth your time and energy.

Personally I rather make my extra online income with These “Get-Paid-To” Sites instead where you can get paid for more enjoyable online tasks like playing games, watching advertisement videos, clicking ads, reading emails, shopping, and more. It’s still just as low paying, but at least these tasks are fun to complete and you can treat it like a fun past time.

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That’s the end of my Spare5 review today, do you have any opinions or experiences with them? If so I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below.

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