Is Small Business Knowledge Center a Scam? Do They Pay You?

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Small Business Knowledge Center is a website that pays you to participate in their market research studies by forwarding all your junk email and junk direct mail to them. So basically they pay you for your garbage mail. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Well I wanted to research them to see if they pay enough for it to be worth doing. Also you may be wondering if Small Business Knowledge Center is a scam? How much can you earn? How do they pay you?

In this review I’ll cover all you’ll need to know including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s get rolling!

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Small Business Knowledge Center Review

Name: Small Business Knowledge Center
Type: Paid to send in junk mail, surveys, mystery shopping
Membership Price: FREE

business surveys mystery shopping

What Is Small Business Knowledge Center?

Small Business Knowledge Center (SBKC) works with people all around the USA to collect junk mail for the purpose of market research and learning about trends in direct marketing.

They are based in Chicago, IL and have been around since 2006. As a SBKC panelist member you get paid for sending in the type of junk mail that you would normally throw down the trash or recycling bin.

Getting Started

Unfortunately it looks like only those from the USA and Canada can join their panel, but membership is 100% free.

SBKC has two different panels you can join:

  • Consumer Panel – This is for consumers, small business owners, or people who are self employed.
  • Producer Panel – This is for insurance agents, producers, and financial advisors

For the majority of people you’re probably going to join the Consumer Panel.

Getting started is pretty simple. Just fill out their registration form with some basic info like your name, email, date of birth, income level, whether you own your business or not, and some other stuff.

Once you’ve submitted your application you’ll have to wait for them to contact you via email and phone to let you know if you qualify for their studies. If you qualify you’ll receive a welcome kit in the mail.

How To Earn At Small Business Knowledge Center?

Sending In Junk Mail

As a member of their Consumer Panel you’ll be asked to send in your junk mail from categories such as

  • Insurance
  • Telecommunication
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Department Stores
  • Food and Beverage
  • Apparel
  • Home Improvement
  • Technology
  • and much more…

If you’re a member of their Producer Panel you can send in junk mail from categories such as:

  • Financial Institution Bulletins
  • Newsletters
  • New Product Announcements
  • Promotions
  • Sales Contests

Basically all the junk mail that you receive to your home or business that you normally discard, you can forward them all to SBKC. They supply you with postage-paid envelopes to send in your direct mail, and you can forward all your junk emails to them.

You can send them junk mail once a week, but there’s no limit to how much material you can send in.

You can also send in junk mail from other members of your household, you just have to mention how many people you live with when you sign up with them.

How Much Can You Earn?

They say that members who frequently participate can earn up to $20 in points every 6 to 10 weeks. So basically your earning potential is about $10 per month at most.

SBKC operate with a points system, once you’ve earned at least 2,000 points you can cash it in for a $20 prepaid Visa debit card.

Occasionally you might also receive invitations to other opportunities such as paid surveys and mystery shopping where you can earn some more rewards. But this isn’t guaranteed and so not a dependable source of income.

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The Pros

  • Free to become a panel member
  • Doesn’t take very much time to forward your junk mail to them
  • Lots of positive reviews from members saying they do pay

The Cons

  • Only available for USA & Canada
  • Long sign up process
  • Only payment method is Visa debit card, no PayPal or anything else
  • Can’t make anymore than about $10 a month

Is Small Business Knowledge Center a Scam?

SBKC is definitely not a scam in any way, they are free to join and never charge you anything. You kill two birds with one stone by not only getting rid of your unwanted junk mail but also making some side income by doing so.

However this is not going to earn you anything significant, $10 a month is about as much as you can expect.

If you’re looking to earn more cash I recommend you see my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites where you can get paid to do a lot more stuff such as answering surveys, playing games, watching videos, and more. These sites also pay with PayPal which means cash you can withdraw to your bank account, unlike SBKC which only pays with a Visa debit card.

But all these sites are only supplemental income opportunities, you won’t make enough to replace your day job with them.

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That’s it for this Small Business Knowledge Center review, if you have any questions, comments, or your own reviews to share please leave them all down below.

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