Slice The Pie Review – Scam Or Legit Get Paid To Review Music?

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Welcome to another extra online income review. Today I’m reviewing a site called Slice The Pie, this is a site where you can get paid to review music, new songs, fashion products, and commercials before they’re released.

Slice The Pie isn’t a scam, they’re actually a legit platform that connects musicians to ordinary people like you and me. Musicians can benefit from this platform by getting their music heard and critiqued, while people like you and me can earn a bit of cash by rating their music and giving our feedback on it.

In this Slice The Pie review I’ll be focusing on the money-making side of the site. I’ll go over how everything works, how you get paid, and whether they’re worth joining or not.

Slice The Pie Review

Name: Slice The Pie
Type: Paid to review
Membership Price: Free To Join
My Rating: 2.4 out of 5

earn cash for every review you leave

I’d given Slice The Pie a rating of 2.4 out of 5 mostly because they’re without a doubt a legit site. You can find payment proof from members all over on forums online, so obviously they do pay. But just because they’re legit doesn’t mean they’re worth your time.

I do like that they pay with Paypal which is fast and convenient, but don’t expect to be able to quit your day job doing this. The main concern with this site is that as a beginner you’ll be earning only about $0.01 per review which is a waste of time. But there are bonuses and a way to earn more which I’ll discuss more on below.

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Earning Money At Slice The Pie

Doing Reviews

rate the music 1 to 10

Doing reviews on songs is the main way to earn on Slice The Pie. All you have to do is listen to a song for at least 90 seconds and then write a brief review of what you think. Just comment on what you like or don’t like about the song’s vocals, production, instrumentals..etc. Then rate the song from 0-10 and tell them whether it’s a song you’ll include in your playlist or not.

The review itself doesn’t have to be that long, but you should make it at least 3-4 sentences. As soon as you’re done you can submit the review and you’ll instantly be credited with earnings. You can earn anywhere from $0.01 to about $0.25 per review, I’ll discuss more on this later on. 

Refer a Friend

Slice The Pie does have a referral program where you can earn money from referring others to join. They give you a unique referral code to send to your friends or post on your blog, anyone that joins Slice The Pie under your link becomes your referral and you earn 10% of whatever they earn from doing reviews.

You can refer as many people as you like, but unfortunately your referrals do expire after one year. Meaning you can only earn 10% from each referral for a maximum of one year. I prefer other referral programs such as the one you’ll find with Swagbucks that let you earn 10% off your referrals for LIFE and they never expire. 

How Much Can You Earn? Star Ratings

levels of rank

How much you’re paid for writing reviews depends on your star ratings. When you first join you’ll begin with one star which has the lowest pay, then as you move up the levels you’ll get paid more. You move up the levels by consistently writing reviews that are detailed, constructive, and helpful.

Here is the breakdown of each level and how much you can earn:

One Star – Base pay of $0.01 per review + Bonuses
Two Stars – Base pay of $0.02 per review + Bonuses
Three Stars – Base pay of $0.03 per review + Bonuses
Four Stars – Base pay of $0.04 per review + Bonuses
Five Stars – Base pay of $0.05 per review + Bonuses


Each time you write a review you can earn bonuses. Several factors are taken into consideration when determining whether you get the bonuses or not, such as how detailed and helpful your review is. Typically you can expect $0.10 to $0.20 of bonus for a very well-written review.

How Does Slice The Pie Pay You?

Once you have accumulated at least $10 in earnings you can get paid via Paypal. Slice The Pie make payments every Tuesday and Fridays, but it can take up to 5 days to receive your money. But one thing is for sure, it’s definitely much faster than a check! 

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The Good

  • Free to join and membership is available to most English speaking countries and Germany
  • If you’re a music lover you get to earn money doing what you love
  • No limit to how many people you can refer
  • Pays via Paypal which is fast and convenient

The Bad

  • Only one main way to earn, I prefer these better sites offering multiple ways to earn
  • New members only earn $0.01 per review which is really low
  • Not a substitute for a job, you won’t make any significant income doing this
  • Your referrals expire after one year

Is Slice The Pie a Scam Or Legit?

Slice The Pie is not a scam, they’re a legit site that connects musicians wanting feedback to money earners willing to give feedback. Both parties benefit from this and it’s a win-win situation. Although you should ask yourself if you’re okay with making $0.01 at a time for doing these reviews? Sure these pennies add up, but not to much.

If you’re okay with a small income then Slice The Pie is actually not bad, but I think there are still better sites to join where they offer more tasks to do, thus raising your earning potential.

If you’re unsatisfied with earning pennies at a time, then check out my #1 Recommended Way of Making Money Online where I’ll show you how to making a full time online income by creating a website/blogging business.

That’s all for now, and as usual I’d love to hear what you think about Slice The Pie. Leave all your comments/questions down below!

My Final Rating:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings
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