Six Figure Empire Review – (Will You Earn $1000 Paydays?)

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Welcome to my Six Figure Empire review.

In this article I’ll walk you through this program and by the end of it you’ll know whether they are a scam or if they can really help you earn $1000 paydays working just 1 hour a day.

There are so many similar programs out there nowadays that make similar big claims, they are usually just full of hype and do not deliver. Here are the truths about Six Figure Empire you should know about.

Short Summary

Instead of making you read through a 1,500+ word article I’m just gonna give you the short version right here.

So basically Six Figure Empire is a system where you pay a $1000 to $6000 fee to join, you make money by promoting that very same system and getting other people to join under you.

When someone joins under you and pay their $1000 to $6000 fee, you will earn 80% of that, and the other 20% goes to your sponsor which is the person who referred you to Six Figure Empire.

It pretty much works like an illegal pyramid scheme!

It’s absolutely a pyramid scheme because the only income comes from constantly recruiting new members, and because there aren’t any real products to sell since you’re just promoting the system itself.

Businesses like this never last long and tend to get shut down eventually.

I highly do not recommend Six Figure Empire for a few reasons:

  • It’s very expensive to start
  • It’s hard to make money because it’s very difficult to get leads willing to spend $1000s
  • It might not be around long. Similar systems like MOBE have already been shut down by the FTC
  • There’s no refund

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What Is Six Figure Empire?

The first thing you see when you visit the Six Figure Empire is a page that asks you whether you’d rather make $1,000,000 over the next 40 years or the next 18-24 months. It’s such a no-brainer because obviously the answer is the latter one.

When you choose the latter as your answer they’ll take you to a sales page for the product which has a video where Tim Berger (the product creator) explains everything about the system.

Six Figure Empire is basically a product that teaches you how to make lots of money really quickly.

They emphasize on promoting high priced products where you earn big commissions of at least $500+ each time as opposed to promoting cheap products that earn you $10-$20.

This makes sense because by promoting expensive products with $500+ commissions you’ll need less sales to make a significant amount of money. If you’re promoting cheap products that earn you $10 each, you’ll need a lot more sales to get the same result.

In the sales video Tim Berger explains how he will give you the blueprint that will help you retire in 100 days while working just 1 hour per day.

retire in 100 days working 1 hour per day

This right there is the first red flag, because no successful businesses were built being this lazy, they all took years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. Not 1 freaking hour a day!

It’s an old trick that does a great job at attracting people who are looking for some secret system to get rich quick without a lot of effort, unfortunately no such system exists.

The problem is that there are people out there who thinks such a system do exist, and products like Six Figure Empire preys on people with that mindset.

Any success online business requires you to learn new things, put in lots of hard work, and time.

How Does It Work?

So the method they teach you on how to make money is basically by promoting Six Figure Empire itself.

Your only job is to find leads, which are people who are willing to spend $1000-$6000 to buy into the system. 80% of this money will go to you, and the other 20% will go to the person who referred you to Six Figure Empire.

So as you can see you’ll have multiple levels of referral income. You get paid 80% commissions when your direct referrals join, and you also get paid 20% when your referrals’ referrals join.

You may have heard of Affiliate Marketing which is what they try to make it seem like, but it really isn’t. Despite having multiple levels of referral income it’s not even Multi-Level Marketing.

Six Figure Empire appears to be a pyramid scheme more than anything else, which is an illegal business model by FTC guidelines.

A pyramid scheme is one where your only way to make income is by getting new members to join the system itself.

You may promote products such as training material, tools, services, and other things, but in the end all that is ultimately used to promote the very same system.

You see, in a legit affiliate marketing business you earn commissions by promoting real products such as kitchen tools, camping equipment, food items, internet software, clothing, you get the idea… 

But with pyramid schemes the “products” you promote are merely the product itself, which doesn’t provide any actual value!

This is problematic because a system where it depends solely on recruitment instead of promoting real products will eventually run out of people to recruit and the whole thing collapses.

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How Much Will You Have To Spend?

One of the biggest problem with Six Figure Empire is that the entry price is extremely high.

You’ll have to spend $1000 to $6000 to join into the system, 80% of that money will go to the person who referred you, and 20% of that goes to their referrers. The more you spend the more you’ll be eligible to earn, so of course they’ll push you to join the most expensive package. 

So you’re probably thinking this isn’t a problem because you’ll only need to make 2-3 leads and you’ll have made it all back and plenty more, right?

Well, yes but I think most people overestimate how difficult it is to make even 1 lead.

We’re talking $1000 to $6000 entry price here, and it’s not even a real product. It’s basically you having gotten duped into such a system and you’re trying to drag other people into it as well so you can earn back the money that you got duped out of.

You’ll realize that you’ll probably not make even 1 sale and the regret will grow stronger and stronger over time.

This video below illustrates my point perfectly:

By the way the $1000 to $6000 won’t be your only expense, you’ll need to think about advertising costs as well.

Six Figure Empire will give you a single landing page to promote the system, it’s basically the same sales page you see when you visit their website, but your own page will have your unique referral code.

But how will you promote that page?

You can start by sharing that page with people you know such as your friends and family but these people will very quickly get sick of you being an annoying salesperson.

The other option is by promoting that page via paid advertisement such as with Facebook ads, Bing ads, Google ads, etc.

Paying for ads can run you up $100s and even $1000s, if you fail to recruit enough people  to recover your advertising costs then you’ll be even further in the hole.

Six Figure Empire doesn’t offer refunds by the way, so there’s no way to recover any of those costs!

As you can see this is a very expensive and risky business to get into and I highly do not recommend you waste you money on products like Six Figure Empire.

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Pressure Tactics

Another thing I want to talk about is Six Figure Empire’s use of Scarcity Sales Tactic which is an annoying strategy where they put a timer on the top of the page saying there’s x number of spots left.

This is never true and it’s just used to rush you into acting for fear of missing out.

For example take a look at this timer they have on their page:

timer counting down

They’re saying that there’s only 4 spots left in my area which will be gone when the timer runs out in just over 2 days.

This is 100% complete bullshit because if you come back to the same page a week or a month later there will still be spots left.

Also all I had to do was refresh the page and the timer restarted again!

timer counting down again restarting

If they’re legit then why do they need to rush you at all?

Imagine if you went into a car dealership and the salesperson warned you that the car you’re interested in buying will be gone in 2 days, if you don’t buy it now then you’ll have missed out on a great opportunity.

You come back to the dealership 2 months later and the same car is still there. Wouldn’t that make you want to buy that car a little less now? You’ll be wondering why the salesman was pushing, maybe there’s something wrong with the car?

It’s the exact same thing here.

Legit programs never use underhanded tactics like this to rush you. They’ll give you all the time you need to think it over and decide whether it’s right for you or not.

Is Six Figure Empire a Scam?

Six Figure Empire resembles a pyramid scheme which is considered illegal by the FTC, I highly recommend that you stay away from them because you’re likely to lose a lot of money.

Like a lot of similar programs they come with endless amounts of hype such as telling you that you’ll be on your way to retiring in 100 days working just 1 hour per day, which is ridiculous and only designed to reel in the suckers with the get-rich-quick mindset.

In reality there are no systems out there that will make you rich without hard work and effort, it’s all bullshit.

Fortunately legit ways to make money online do exist, I recommend that you start a blog which is how I currently make 4-figures a month online. It’s simple and anyone can learn to do it.

Start Your Own Blogging Business Instead

For anyone looking to start a real online business I recommend Affiliate Marketing and promoting other people’s products and services with your own blog, which is currently what I do.

This is very simple to do, but by simple I don’t mean no effort. I mean that it’s easy to learn and anyone can do it without needing any technical knowledge or experience.

This is not another get-rich-quick scheme and I’m not showing you another “secret system.” I’m showing you a real way to build a legit and reliable source of income online, but it does take a lot of effort and time.

Affiliate marketing absolutely works and your job is simply to help answer people’s questions and recommend products to them that will help them. You won’t be scamming or deceiving, you’ll be helping to solve other people’s problems.

If you’re interesting in doing this then check out my link below where I’ll explain more about how this business works, I’ll also show you the best online affiliate marketing training platform that taught me everything I know:



Thanks for reading my Six Figure Empire review all the way till the end. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them in the comment section below.

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