Secret Profit Club Review – Make $45,921 In The Next 30 Days?

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Welcome to my Secret Profit Club review.

In this article I’ll go over how it works and whether it’s a scam or can you really make $19,510 today as advertised.

Let me start off by saying that this is an unbiased and honest review, I’m not affiliated with Secret Profit Club in any way. I’m just going to give it to you straight up and tell you what they’re up to.

I’ll give you all the information you need to make your own informed decision. So are they a scam or a legit site to make some good money? Here’s the truth!

What Is Secret Profit Club?

Secret Profit Club advertise themselves as a program that can help you make $19,510 today. So basically they’re another one of those done-for-you systems that promise that you’ll get rich quickly without effort.

Apparently some members are making $45,000 in just a month. Yeah, right!

make $45,921 in 30 days

Of course, no special effort or skills required either. For just $9 you can buy Secret Profit Club and be well on your way to making all that money. Doesn’t this sound too good to be true?

From their sales page and video where the owner “Jack Robertson” says that when you make money he will make money, and the more you make the more he makes. This sounds like he’ll be teaching you how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an effective strategy to make money online. In a nutshell how it works is that you promote other people’s products and services on your blog, social media, or other channels. When people click your affiliate links and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Many people actually make good money online with affiliate marketing, I actually do it too on this blog.

However, the problem is that Jack Robertson makes it sound like a walk in the park, which is far from the case. Even though affiliate marketing is a legit business model (and probably the best way to make money online) it takes a lot of hard work and time to produce results, you won’t make $19,510 in just one day, one week, or even one month.

If anyone can just spend $9 and buy Secret Profit Club to start making $45,000 a month and be making more money than doctors and lawyers do, why isn’t everybody doing it already?

The truth is that while the strategy that Secret Profit Club promotes is legit, their hype is ridiculous and is designed to reel in people with the get-rich-quick mindset. There’s no such thing as a system that helps you make $19,510 today with little effort!

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How Does It Work?

Jack Robertson, the narrator of the sales video, doesn’t talk much about how Secret Profit Club actually works. All he does is put out these wild claims and “testimonials” from people who supposedly got great results.

Apparently a 21 year old student from Canada made over $9,565 last week and can now afford a new car. Another member Julie who is a single mom from the UK made $1,231 yesterday. And it goes on and on…

Jack tells you to imagine how great life would be if you had enough money to be able to buy a mansion with enough rooms to get lost in, new Bentley, and first class flight tickets to your dream vacation destination.

rich enough to buy your own mansion

Jack tells you more things you want to hear. Such as not having to put in any real work or effort, because apparently this system does it all for you on autopilot.

This is total bullshit because no such system exists!

So how does it work?

Unfortunately Jack Robertson avoids talking about the specifics so you won’t know anything about what you’re getting until you spend the $9 for the product. But based on my research and the fact that they have an Affiliate section, I’m guessing that you’ll be earning commissions by promoting Secret Profit Club itself.

You’ll probably get a bunch of low quality training materials such as PDFs and videos. But for $9 you won’t be getting anything ground breaking or unique, it’s all going to be stuff you can probably find for free on the internet.

The $9 won’t get you much of anything, really.

I’ve fell for crap like this before. You watch the captivating sales video where the charismatic narrative tells you things you want to hear and sell you hype, you pay the $9 thinking you’ll get a system that makes you rich on autopilot.

After you paid the $9 you’ll be met with upsell after upsell, products that they’ll tell you that you need to make more money.

Before you know it you’re $236 in the hole and you still won’t be making money, and only then realizing that this is all much, much, much, much, much harder than they make it out to be!

How Much Does It Cost?

Well like I said the main product cost $9.

You may think that for nine buckaroos you get a system that makes $1,000s for you on autopilot but that is not the case, that is simply the hype and exaggeration designed to lure you in.

get started now for only $9

Once you have paid the $9 there will be a total of THREE upsells:

  1. Secret Profit Club 2.0 – $99
  2. Secret Profit Club Pro – $79
  3. Secret Profit Club Social – $49

If you buy them all (which I’m sure they’ll push you to do) then you will have spent $236 in total!

affiliate program upsells

If you knew from the get go that the product is going to cost $236 instead of $9, would you still buy it?

Also why does there even need to be all these upsells? They say that the $9 gets you “Full Access” which should mean that it includes everything that you need to make $19,510 or whatever.

They also say that they give a 60 day full refund if you’re not satisfied, so basically it’s risk-free.

But it’s not risk-free because you still have to pay them first via PayPal or credit card. How do you know they’ll honor their refund if it turns out you want your money back?

Refunds are handled by a website called Click Better, and according to the BBB website some people had problems getting their money back when requested.

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Are The Testimonials Real Or Fake?

Okay so if Secret Profit Club is full of crap then what about all these testimonials they show in their sales video? What about that guy from Canada who supposedly made enough money for this new car down payment? Or the single mom from UK? Or Brian from South Africa who made $15,000+ last month?

Well here’s the thing… testimonials are very easy to fake, especially when they’re just a bunch of text and don’t even show the faces of these people. The creator of Secret Profit Club could have easily made up some random names and numbers!

They’ve Been Around For Barely a Month!

If you go on a site called WhoIs and type in a website address they will tell you exactly when that website’s domain was created. I looked up Secret Profit Club and guess what?

They’ve only been around since June 5th 2019, which is barely over a month at the time of this review.

Why is this important?

Well you know how in the testimonials they keep bringing up examples of how so-and-so made all this money last month? Well if Secret Profit Club only started on June 5 2019 then that means no member has been around for longer for about a month.

So basically it’s all lies. Nobody made any money “last month” because last month the site wasn’t even launched yet!

Keep in mind those testimonials were on the site way before today, it was probably already around when the site first launched.

If they’re giving out fake testimonials, what else are they lying about?

Using Scarcity Sales Tactics

Jack Robertson tells you that “Memberships will sell out, VERY soon” but in reality that is a lie.

The more people that joins the more membership fees they’ll collect, why would the put a limit on it?

This is called Scarcity Sales Tactic, a strategy which is designed to rush you into buying. They want you to believe if you don’t act now you’ll miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

Scarcity Sales Tactic is very common with low quality products like Secret Profit Club and other ones I’ve already reviewed before such as Six Figure Empire, Home Income Millionaire, and Point 2 Click Profits.

Some products even put a timer on the top of the page which counts down to eventually when supposedly the product will no longer be for sale and all the spots run out. In Secret Profit club’s case they just tell you that the memberships will sell out very soon.

memberships will run out very soon

The reality is that the membership spots will never sell out. If you go back to the same page a week or a few months from now it will still say that. They’re just trying to rush you into buying. They don’t want you to overthink it for fear that you’ll come to your senses and realize what a sketchy product this really is.

Legit products never use underhanded tactics like this.

If the product really works as they say then they would have no problem giving you all the time in the world to think it over before you buy. They would also be as transparent as possible, telling you exactly how the product works, or maybe even giving a free trial.

Is Secret Profit Club A Scam?

I wouldn’t call them a scam per se because they do give you something for your money. You’ll get some basic training which means for $9 you will be getting something.

However, just because they’re not a scam doesn’t mean they’re worth the money either.

Whatever training Secret Profit Club gives you will likely be of extremely low quality and basic, for $9 you can’t really expect much here. You’re much better off just Googling it for free on the internet.

Also there will be multiple upsells which runs you up $236 if you buy them all.

Secret Profit Club is very misleading and gives a lot of exaggerated income claims. They also uses some deceiving tactics like testimonials which are likely fake, scarcity sales tactics, and the so-called 60 day refund where some people aren’t having any luck getting their money back.

I personally would never sign up for a program like Secret Profit Club and I’d advise you to stay as far away from them as possible.

How I Make My Money Online

People who are making real money online aren’t doing it with some program that they bought for $9 online. No, they have real online businesses which they have built through hard work and time.

There are many legit ways to get started but one I highly recommend is Affiliate Marketing which is how I currently make money online with this blog you’re on now.

Affiliate marketing is the perfect business model for beginners because you don’t need to sell anything or have any technical knowledge. Your only job is to drive traffic to other people’s products and services, when someone click your affiliate links and buys something then you earn a commission.

I started with affiliate marketing back in December 2016 from complete scratch, and today I’m earning just over $1,000+ a month from this blog. Anyone with the right strategy and mindset can do this.

The right strategy is not about spamming affiliate links everywhere, it’s about creating content that helps answer people’s questions and to solve their problems, and then recommending products where appropriate.

If you’d like to follow in my footsteps then check out Wealthy Affiliate which is the online affiliate marketing training platform that got me started and taught me everything I know today.

Wealthy Affiliate offers high quality step-by-step training courses, videos, classrooms, 1-on-1 coaching, community support, business tools like website hosting, and a bunch of other useful services which is very helpful for the newbie.



Thanks for reading my review my Secret Profit Club review. If you have any questions or comments leave them down below.

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