Rewarding Ways Review – Plain Scam Or Best Paid Survey Site?

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Welcome to my review of yet another get-paid-to (GPT) site, this time it’s Rewarding Ways. If you didn’t know what a GPT site is, they’re basically a site that lets people make money doing a bunch of things like taking surveys, doing tasks, watching advertisements, clicking things, and more.

Wait… that sounds too easy, is Rewarding Ways a scam? Nope, they’re actually one of the better GPT sites out there, they have many easy ways to earn and they pay you lickety-split.

If you’ve heard of Swagbucks or Inbox Pays, they’re basically other GPT sites that operate in a very similar way.

In this Rewarding Ways review I’ll show you exactly how earning money works, how you withdraw earnings, what I dislike about them, and whether they’re a scam or truly legit.



Tired Of Scams Or Not Earning Enough?



Intro – Rewarding Ways Review

Name: Rewarding Ways
Type: Survey site, paid-to site
Membership Price: Free To Join
My Rating: 2.8 out of 5

get paid to work online free paid surveys

So I gave Rewarding Ways a rating of 2.8 out of 5 and I think they’re an above average GPT site.

The best thing about them is they pay you really quickly. They start you off with a $0.20 sign up bonus, and once you reach $1 in earnings you can cash out via Paypal and many other methods.

You may want to check out other sites too like Swagbucks (read review) where the minimum payout is a bit higher ($3 for giftcards, $25 for Paypal) but they do give you a much bigger $5 sign up bonus as well.

How To Make Money On Rewarding Ways?

earn cash online free surveys offers videos click ads

Cash Surveys

Surveys is just exactly what you think, you get paid for giving your opinions. The pay varies and it depends on how it long it is and what it’s about, but typically it’s around $0.25 to $3 for a 10 to 30 minute survey.

Very often you’ll get halfway into the survey to see a “Sorry you don’t qualify” type of message. If that happens you can keep trying till you qualify. But honestly all that time wasted is no fun, and personally I hate surveys for this reason.

Worldwide Offers

Rewarding Ways give you offers that are supplied by 3rd party sites. There are 2 different types of offers: free and paid.

An “offer” is basically paid to sign up. So free offers may have to put your name, email, or other info in a sign up form. These are really easy to do and the pay is not bad, typically $0.25 to $2.50 per offer.

Paid offers may have you register for a trial with your credit card info or make a purchase at a website. These ones typically pay $2.50 to $10. Technically the credit card trial offers are free as long as you remember to cancel before the trial ends.

Watching Videos

There is a video section where you can watch videos provided by a 3rd party site called Smores.TV and EngageMe.TV. These are mainly advertisement videos about 30 seconds to 1 minute long each, for every 3 video you watch you’ll earn about $0.005 (NOT 5 cents, that’s 1/2 a cent!)

This is the easiest way to earn because you can pretty much run videos in the background of your computer while you go do other things, although you need to check it once in a while to answer any CAPTCHA type question that may pop up. 

Paid To Click

In this section you will find a bunch of links to different websites you can visit, each visit typically pays $0.001 to $0.01.

Just click on the link and a new tab and website will open up, just stay there for about 15-20 seconds (they’ll specify exactly how much) and you’ll get credited.

$0.20 Sign Up Bonus

You’ll notice that after you sign up you’ll see $0.20 in your account balance right away, this is your sign up bonus. While any free money is nice, $0.20 is kind of stingy in my opinion. I prefer other sites like Swagbucks and Inbox Pays that offer you a full $5 sign up bonus.

Other Ways To Earn…

Quarterly $1000 Contest

1000 dollars bonus cash win

Every 3 months the top 20 earners at Rewarding Ways gets to share a $1000 prize pool. Anyone around the world can take part in this contest and you’re automatically entered into it just by earning on the site.

The prizes are heavily weighted towards the top 3 earners. 1st place gets $350, 2nd place gets $200, 3rd gets $100. Then from 4th to 20th you only get $10-$50.

Promo Codes

These codes are basically bonus free money that Rewarding Ways give out randomly from time to time on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Just take these codes and redeem them for special cash and prize rewards.

Affiliate Program

This is basically refer-a-friend, they give you your own unique referral link and banner to promote to your friends, blog, social media, etc. Once someone signs up under your link they become your referral and you earn 25% of whatever they earn for life.

So if your “friend” earns $20 you’ll automatically earn $5. Imagine having 100’s and 1000’s of active referrals, you’ll be earning good money while on vacation!

How Does Rewarding Ways Pay You?

payment methods paypal skrill payza bitcoin amazon

You only need to earn $1 to request a payout, and this is awesome because they already give you a $0.20 sign up bonus, so in reality you only need to earn $0.80. With so many ways to earn this can be done easily within a day.

Currently you have several different ways to get paid: Paypal, Skrill, Payza, Amazon gift cards, and Bitcoin.

Minimum payout amount for Paypal & Skrill is $1, Payza is $1.50, Amazon gift cards is $5, and Bitcoin is $40.

You’ll also have to option of using Instant Paypal to withdraw up to $40, it’s not literally instant but it’ll take no more than a couple of minutes at most. There is no withdrawal amount limit with the regular Paypal option, but it’ll take a day or two to process.

Things I Dislike…

Very Low Earning Potential

There’s not too many bad things to say about Rewarding Ways except that all their ways to earn are low paying. You’ll be earning pennies and nickles for putting in a lot of time and effort, and so don’t expect to be able to earn your rent money doing this.

If you’re looking to make a full time income online then forget Rewarding Ways and other similarly low-paying sites and check out my #1 recommended way of making money online instead.

Is Rewarding Ways a Scam?

Nope, Rewarding Ways is 100% legit, no scams here. You will get paid your earnings (and very quickly too) but they won’t make you rich. Typically people make no more than $10 to $50 a month on these get-paid-to sites.

If a small extra income is all you want, then Rewarding Ways is a good option.

But I do recommend a few better ones out there like Swagbucks (read review) and Inbox Pays (read review) because they currently offer a $5 sign up bonus and they have some better ways to earn. 

If you like free money also check out my full list of recommended get-paid-to sites that offer $5 sign up bonuses.

But no matter how good the site is, these are all just opportunities to make a very small income, aka beer money. Nowadays I don’t bother with these paid-to sites anymore, I earn money online blogging instead.

If you’d like to learn how I make a consistent monthly income with my blogging business, then check out my FREE guide where I’ll show you exactly what I do, how it works, and how you can get started today too.

Unlike paid-to sites the earning potential for blogging is pretty much limitless, but it does require real hard work and effort. If you’re ready to do the work and make that money, then get my FREE guide below:



Got anything you’d like to share about Rewarding Ways? Leave me your comments and questions down below!

My Final Rating Of Rewarding Ways:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings

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