Receipt Hog Review – Upload Receipts For Cash Or Scam?

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If you’re someone who tends to shop multiple times per week, you may be interested to know that some apps out there actually pay you for it. Receipt Hog is a site that pays you to snap pictures of your shopping receipts, you get paid in points which can be transferred into cash rewards.

Sounds good, but is Receipt Hog a scam or do they really pay you for merely uploading your receipts? How much can you make? How do you get paid? What are the complaints? All the answers are below in this Receipt Hog review.


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Receipt Hog Review

Name: Receipt Hog
Type: Earn cash snapping receipts
Membership Price: No cost to join

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Receipt Hog is site that started up back in 2012, they’re based in San Francisco, CA and they’re owned by InfoScout which is basically a market research company that monitors trends of consumers.

They let people earn a little cash by uploading their shopping receipts. They have an app you can download for your smartphone, it works for both Android and iOS devices, you use the app to snap pictures of your receipts and earn points.

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How Receipt Hog REALLY Works

How To Join Receipt Hog?

On the Receipt Hog website you can download their app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Once you’ve downloaded the app you can register with your Facebook account. From there you’re all ready to go and can start snapping receipts.

Earn Points Uploading Receipts

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You can earn points for taking pictures of your shopping receipts. On the bottom of the app there’s a “Camera” button, just click it and you can start snapping pictures of your receipts.

The receipts must be less than 14 days old, but they can be from shopping, groceries, electronic stores, cafes, restaurants, and pretty much just about anything.

The picture has to show the store name, the items, the amount spent, and the date. They’re essentially collecting your receipts for market research purposes, so those details are important.

How Much Can You Earn?

For points you can earn anywhere from 5-20 points per receipt, the amount depends on how much you’ve spent. Typically for receipts where you’ve spent about $10-$100 you’ll only be earning 10-15 points. So how much are these points worth? 1,000 points equals $5 USD or £3.

Not All Receipts Pay In Points

Some shopping categories pay in points which can be converted to cash, while other ones reward you with sweepstakes or spins on their Hog Slots which offers a chance to win a big prize.

For example, you can earn points for receipts from supermarkets, grocery stores, drug stores, liquor stores, and more. You can only earn sweepstakes for receipts from restaurants, bars, cafes, delis, and bakeries.

You can’t earn anything for receipts from parking tickets, hand written receipts, credit card slips, etc. To read the full list of receipt types and their rewards click here.

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How To Turn Points Into Cash

Once you’ve collected at least 1,000 points (USA and Canada) you can cash out for a $5 payment via Paypal, Visa, or Amazon gift card. For those in the UK it’s 1,000 points for £3 and 1,500 for £5 via Paypal or mastercard.

Receipt Hog Problems

The first problem with Receipt Hog is that it takes 1,000 points for a measly $5 payout, most shopping receipt earns you only 10-15 points. If you do the math you’ll have to have spent $1000’s before you reach 1,000 points only to earn $5.

The second problem is that not all receipts pay you in points. Some receipts like those from restaurants and cafes only pay you with entries into sweepstakes which are basically lottery prize draws, and let’s face it most of us aren’t that lucky.

Is Receipt Hog a Scam Or Legit?

Receipt Hog appears to be a completely legit app you can use to earn a little money for taking pictures of your shopping receipts and uploading them. Although it takes almost no effort to take a picture of your receipts every time you shop, depending on how often you shop it can take a year or more to earn enough points for a pathetic $5 payout.

It’s also not ideal if you’re looking to make money because you’ll have to spend money first, and some receipts only pay with sweepstakes. If you’d like to earn small pocket cash by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and more fun things then check out Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this Receipt Hog review, as usual I’d love to see your response in the comments below!

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