Reactor Review – Make $100 a Day Or Total Scam?

react your way to $120 a day or more

Today I’m reviewing a product called Reactor, they say that they have some newbie-friendly technique that will help you make $100+ per day within 24hrs. It’s easy to set up and you don’t need to sell products or have any kind of assets like email lists. 

Is it really that simple to make $100 a day or is Reactor a total scam that needs to be avoided at all cost? How does it work? How much does it cost? Are they worth the money? Discover the answers in this Reactor review.

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My Reactor Review

Name: Reactor
Type: Affiliate marketing
Membership Price: $12.97 for a “limited time”

make money online system

In a nutshell Reactor is basically a short internet marketing course that teaches you how to use Facebook to make money with affiliate marketing.

The training comes in the form of 8 video lessons and PDFs and they teach you a strategy where you can promote affiliate offers by sharing posts on Facebook. Sounds simple, but does it really work? Let’s dive deeper into their strategy.

How Reactor REALLY Works

Quick Overview

The strategy is pretty simple. You create posts on Facebook with the goal of getting lots of engagement going. Meaning you want many people to REACT to it by posting comments. That’s where the name “Reactor” comes from.

The idea is that you will be able to share and recommend your affiliate offers and share your affiliate links in the comments and have people click on them. If someone clicks on your links and buys something, you earn an affiliate commission.

So what does Reactor’s training provide? They will teach you the following:

  • How to find the best affiliate offers to promote
  • How to join affiliate programs and get approved
  • Writing simple copies of your Facebook posts
  • Find the right type of audience
  • Narrowing down on your target audience
  • How to spark a lot of engagement
  • Successfully share your affiliate links the right way

Their Flashy Sales Page

The sales page talks about the “Reactor” method and how Bratt Hitchcock, the creator, came up with this method through lots of testing and tinkering behind the scenes.

The Reactor method involves getting “reactions” from Facebook posts (aka comments) which are highly targeted traffic, you can use this traffic to share your affiliate offers/links and make lots of profits from affiliate commissions.

You’ll see lots of payment screenshots and how Bratt Hitchcock was able to use this Reactor method to make $100+ per day. Apparently you can use this same method to get similar results, and it takes less than 20 minutes to set it all up.

It’s a Lot of Hype!

The problem I have with these kinds of sales pages is that they create a lot of unrealistic expectations. After seeing the sales page most people might be convinced that making $100+ a day is as simple as buying a $12.97 product and taking 20 minutes to set things up.

react your way to $120 per day

But what the $12.97 doesn’t provide is Facebook audience. How many Facebook followers do you currently have? You’re not going to make $100+ per day if you have a very low number of Facebook followers.

Is Reactor Worth The $12.97?

Reactor cost $12.97 but there’s a timer on the website that counts down to when the price will jump.

Supposedly the regular price is $27, but when the timer counts down to zero the price is still $12.97! This appears to be a scarcity sales tactic designed to rush you into buying.

price jump scarcity sales tactic
When the timer hits 0 it just starts all over again! They’re just trying to rush you into buying their product!

But anyway, it’s not a lot of money and I do think the training is decent for the price. But I’m just think the sales page is full of hype that may cause a lot of unrealistic expectations.

It’s not likely you’ll make $100+ per day using this method unless you already have a very big number of followers.

If you have a new Facebook account or don’t have a lot of followers then sharing posts is useless because nobody will see them, thus no profits will come in for you.

To grow your Facebook audience you’ll need a good strategy to gain lots of followers, this can take a lot of time and effort and you’ll need to create a lot of value/content to attract people to you.

So while Reactor offers some useful training, it’s not as if anyone can just set everything up in 20 minutes and be well on their merry way to making $100+ a day without any effort.

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Is Reactor a Scam?

Reactor teaches you a legitimate method to make money with affiliate marketing, so I’d say they are not a scam.

But it does come with a lot of hype and I wouldn’t buy into the whole make $100 a day thing. It’s certainly possible to make that money with the Reactor method, but it’s unlikely to happen for the newbie.

How much money you can earn with Reactor depends on many factors such as how many Facebook followers you have, what niche you target and how competitive it is, how effectively you promote your affiliate offers, and how much time and effort you put in.

Reactor offers some useful training, but making $100 a day is not as easy as they make it seem.

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That’s all I gotta say on this Reactor review, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below.

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