Quick Thoughts App Review – Scam Or Legit Paid Surveys?

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Do you love having an opinion? Well there is a site that loves receiving them. Quick Thoughts is an app available for smartphone and tablet devices, they provide you with surveys that gather your opinions on various topics and give you rewards for completing them.

We all know that not every site can be trusted, especially when it involves money. So is Quick Thoughts a scam or a legit paid surveys site? How does it all work? How much can you earn? Do you get paid in cash or what? These questions will all be answered very soon in this Quick Thoughts review.


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Quick Thoughts Review

Name: Quick Thoughts
Website: quickthoughtsapp.com
Type: Paid surveys
Membership Price: Free

make money taking online surveys

Quick Thoughts is a app-based surveys site that started up back in 2013, they are based in Connecticut and offer both surveys and mystery shopping opportunities for their members to earn. You have to have either a smartphone or a tablet to download the app and join, you also need to be at least 18+ years old. 

They are a bit different from the traditional survey site, they’re app-based meaning you can’t sign up from their website on a desktop/laptop computer. Also Quick Thoughts don’t pay you in cash, but in gift cards from Amazon or iTunes, if if you’re looking for cash then check out other sites like Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate instead. 

The DETAILS of How Quick Thoughts Works

we love your opinions

Signing Up

To sign up you’ll need to go on either your smartphone or a tablet device like an iPad. You can download the Quick Thoughts app from your app store. This app is compatible with all IOS or Android system. Once you’ve downloaded the app you can sign up for an account, and then log in to fill out your profile and begin taking surveys.

Taking Surveys

Once you’re in the Quick Thoughts app you’ll see a “Find Me a Survey” button, click that and you’ll be presented with surveys that are available to you to take. Surveys typically pay between $0.50 to $3 each and take about 10-30 minutes to complete. Occasionally some surveys only pay with entries into sweepstakes, but they’ll let you know if this is the case before you start the survey.

Having To Qualify

As with any other online surveys, there will be preliminary questions you’ll need to answer to see if you qualify, if you don’t qualify you’ll get a $0.10 consolation prize but not the full pay. How often you qualify depends on your demographics, but usually 9 times out of 10 you won’t qualify.

Surveys are a waste of time in my view, you’re better off joining these “get-paid-to” sites instead where they offer ways to earn where you don’t have to qualify. Earn by watching videos, using search engines, joining websites, trying new games, trying new apps, and more.

Getting Booted Off Surveys

Another thing is you may run into situations where you have filled out 90% of the actual survey after 15-20 minutes, only to get booted off at the last minute. This is because surveys have a quota, when enough people have submitted their completed surveys they will close the survey. Anyone still in the process of filling one out will be booted off!

Real-World Shopping Assignments

Besides taking surveys through the app, Quick Thoughts also provides their members with other real-world earning opportunities away from the computer. For example you may be asked to go to your local grocery store and fill out a poll or providing feedback on your recent shopping experience, or to take a few quick pictures of some items on the shelves on that store.

Whether opportunities come up or not for you depends on your location and whether they need people in that area. So really in the end how much you earn with Quick Thoughts depends on your geography and demographics, so your earning potential has quite a bit of luck involved.

How Do You Get Paid?

Quick Thoughts pay you with gift cards, and there are two options: Amazon gift cards and iTune gift cards. Both of these options require that you accumulate at least $10 in earnings before you can redeem for a payout.

If you think these options suck, I don’t blame you. Another stupid thing is that Android users can only get the Amazon gift card, while IOS users can only get the iTunes gift cards. There is no way to turn your earnings into real cold hard cash.

If you don’t like these payout options then consider checking out these extra income sites that pay cash with Paypal instead.

Quick Thoughts Problems

Just Extra Income

Many people think surveys are a great way to earn because you make $0.50 to $3 for doing 10-20 minutes of work that doesn’t require skill, but the problem is you’ll rarely qualify and that sometimes you’ll get kicked off because the survey closes while you’re still doing it. Sites offering paid survey opportunities are just extra income at best, don’t quit your day job over it!

Limited Ways To Earn

I’m not a fan of sites that only offer surveys, earning opportunities really don’t come by too often and you’re better off joining sites that offer multiple ways to earn.

Other sites like Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate also give you paid surveys, but they also have other ways to earn as well like by testing apps, reading emails, testing new games, signing up to websites, watching advertisements, clicking ads, and more.

No Cash Payments

Of course one of the most important thing to consider is how you get paid, and Quick Thoughts really dropped the ball on this one. Why the heck do they only pay with gift cards? Not only that but if you’re using an IOS phone you can only get iTunes gift cards, which is like useless to many people who don’t use iTunes. At least with Amazon gift cards you can buy all sorts of things.

If you don’t like Amazon or iTunes gift cards then joining Quick Thoughts would be pointless. You’re better off checking out these top 6 survey sites that pay with Paypal instead.

Accounts Getting Shut Down

I have found numerous complaints on forums from former Quick Thoughts members who said their accounts suddenly got shut down when they’ve reached or almost reached the $10 minimum payout amount.

Apparently many were told they violated some terms of service of the Quick Thoughts app, but many denied that they did anything wrong. Is it really the members’ fault or is this just Quick Thoughts’ way of avoiding paying their members?

But there are also many people who reported to have gotten paid before, but overall it does seem like there is a risk of running into problems especially when you’re getting close to payout.

Is Quick Thoughts a Scam?

I can’t quite call Quick Thoughts a scam since there are people who said they’ve been paid, they appear to be somewhat legit but there are much better sites to join when it comes to taking online paid surveys. Their payment methods are just crap, most people don’t want iTunes or Amazon gift cards, but they want cash instead which Quick Thoughts don’t offer.

When it comes to earning extra online income you’re better off joining sites like Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate where there’s endless ways to earn. They also offer multiple ways to get paid, including cash via Paypal.

But for those looking for an opportunity to quit their day job, this isn’t it. If you want a way to make the big bucks then go check out my #1 Recommended Way of Making Money Online where I’ll show you a training platform that teaches people on how to make a full time income by building niche websites.

That’s it for this Quick Thoughts app review, if you have your own opinion about them you’d like to share then post them down below, I reply to every comment!

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