Qriket App Review – Spin Wheel To Earn Free Money Or Scam?

play wheel spin game win cash prizes

Today I found another way to earn money online, it’s called Qriket and it’s an app that lets you play a wheel spinning game for a chance to win real cash prizes you can cash out.

I’m sure some of you may be wondering if Qriket is a scam or does free money actually exist on the internet? How much can you win? How do you receive your winnings? Find out below in this Qriket review!

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Qriket Review

Name: Qriket
Website: home.qriket.com
Type: Win free money app
Membership Price: FREE to spin

wheel spinning game win money online

What Is Qriket?

Qriket is an app for Android or iOS mobile devices, the app lets you spin a wheel for a chance to win cash prizes. The app company is based in Toronto, Canada and they’ve been around since 2010.

How Do You Join Qriket?

You can download the free Qriket app on their website or just go to Google Play or Apple Store directly. Once you’ve downloaded it just open the app and it will prompt you to create a new account. If you have a Facebook account you can just sign in, or else you’ll have to fill out a sign up form with your name, email, and some other info.

Spinning The Wheel

Basically the whole idea is that you play this wheel spinning game to win cash prizes. You have to earn your spins though, you don’t just get to spin for free.

Don’t worry they’re not going to make you pay, you earn spins by clicking “Get Spins” which opens up an advertisement video which you’ll have to watch till the end. Each video last about 10-30 seconds long and after you watch it you’ll earn one spin.

After you’ve earned at least three spins you can play the wheel game one time, I know it’s confusing because you’ve earned three spins but only get to spin the wheel once. If you have money in your balance you can also spend $0.05 for one spin.

wheel spinning game win prizes

Each time you spin the wheel you’ll get a chance to win more spins or cash prizes of between $0.05 to $500.

So far I’ve been spinning the wheel for about 20 minutes and have not won a damn penny, only more spins.

Look at the picture above and you’ll see there are 20 sections on the wheel and most of them are prizes, only 4 are “Sorry, try again.” But so far I’ve spun it at least 20 times and have won no cash, I don’t know if I’m just unlucky or if the game is rigged or what!

Live Wheel Spinning Games

There’s also a LIVE wheel spinning game that takes place twice a day. If you want to take part you’ll have to register which cost 5 spins to enter. The timer will count down to the time the live show begins. The host is Melissa and she will be spinning the wheel.

You’ll have to pick a color, either blue or gold. The live game has 10 rounds in total, before each round they’ll spin the Points Wheel to see how many points the round is worth. If it lands on your color you win points, at the end of the game the people with the most points win.

Currently cash prizes are paid out to the top 3 winners:

total grand prize top places

As you can see there is a big $1000 difference between 3rd place and 1st place.

How Much Money Can You Win?

From playing the regular wheel spinning game you can win between $0.05 and $500, the live game gives you a chance to win up to $1200 for first place, $600 for second, and $200 for third.

The thing is most of the times you’ll be very lucky to win even the $0.05, I’ve played over 20 spins and haven’t even won a penny. Winning the $500 or $1200 for live game is 99.99% not going to happen. All of this requires lots of lucky and you’ll be competing with others in the game.

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The Odds of Winning

Another thing is you can’t be 100% certain the games aren’t rigged. On the wheel there are 20 sections and 1 of them is the $500 prize. So obviously it doesn’t mean you’ll win $500 1 in every 20 tries.

So what are the odds then? 1 in 1000? 1 in 100,000? 1 in 100,000,000,000? Nobody except Qriket knows!

How Do They Pay You?

In the rare event you do win you’ll most likely just win $0.05 here and there. The minimum payout starts at $5 and that’s a long way to go for a measly $5 which is enough to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

If you reach $5 you can request payment where they’ll send it to your Paypal account. Supposedly they’ll send it to you within 4-6 days. Although many users report that they’ve waited much longer than that and yet still haven’t been paid. 

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The Positives

  • App is free to download
  • Fun to play wheel game
  • Potential to win up to $500
  • Winnings paid with Paypal

The Negatives

  • Low income potential
  • Most spins result in more spins instead of winning cash
  • You don’t know if the games are rigged
  • Customer service often don’t respond
  • Withdrawal fees
  • Long cash out times
  • Lots of users complain not receiving payments

Is Qriket a Scam Or Legit Opportunity?

I wouldn’t call Qriket a scam, they’re a legit app that lets you play a pretty addicting and fun wheel game with the chance of winning some prizes. This is great for people looking for something fun to do, not so great for people looking for a serious income because the income potential is incredibly low and some people say they don’t pay.

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So what do you think about Qriket? That’s my review and I hope you enjoyed reading. Leave all your experiences with them down below.

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