Prize Rebel Review – Scam Or Legit Free Cash & Gift Cards?

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So I came upon yet another get-paid-to (GPT) site, this time it’s called Prize Rebel. They offer their members ways to earn free cash and gift card rewards. You may already be familiar with Swagbucks which is my favorite GPT site, they work very similarly.

You earn points by doing various easy-to-do tasks that don’t require any special skill, these points can be later turned into real spendable cash.

So is Prize Rebel a scam or legit way to earn some free money? In my research they seem to be legit. You have many ways to earn, all are incredibly fun and easy to do. Their payouts are simple and easy, the minimum payout is only at $5 and they offer Paypal and many gift card options.

In this Prize Rebel review I’ll show you how you can earn, how their payment process works, some things I dislike about them, and whether they’re a scam or not.



Tired Of Scams Or Not Earning Enough?



Intro – Prize Rebel Review

Name: Prize Rebel
Type: Get-paid-to site
Membership Price: FREE
My Rating: 2.7 out of 5

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So I gave Prize Rebel a rating of 2.7 out of 5 and I think it’s a good score (I’m a tough grader.) They have a clean and user friendly-looking platform, they have many different ways to earn, payouts are fast and easy – they even have an “instant reward delivery” feature for gold members (more on that later.)

But like all similar reward site, you won’t be able to earn a living doing this. At most these sites are good for $10 to $50 a month. If you are okay with a small income, then Prize Rebel is great.

But I think there are better reward sites out there, Swagbucks is my favorite and the one I usually recommend to people. They currently offer a free $5 sign up bonus. If you like free cash also check out these other reward sites with a $5 sign up bonus. 

Earning Money At Prize Rebel – How Does It Work?

Taking Surveys

When companies want opinions from ordinary people like you they pay Prize Rebel to recruit survey takers to share their opinions, some of that pay gets passed down to you as the survey taker.

Each survey usually pays $0.25 to $2.50 and takes 15 to 30 minutes to do. You’ll see the exact pay and estimated time to complete before you start the survey. The thing I dislike about surveys is how you have to qualify for them first or you don’t get paid. 

Doing Offers

So what is an “offer”? They’re basically tasks that typically require you to participate in a company’s products like signing up for a website or download something. There are offers that are free and ones that require your credit card info or to make a purchase.

Free offers are easy to do, you typically just enter your email, name, address, or other info into a box, then confirm your email and you earn points. Some offers may require you to play a game for a length of time, download and test an app, take a short quiz, answer questions, and other easy things. Free offers pay around $0.25 to $2.

For paid offers you’ll either need to sign up for a free trial which requires credit card info, or to make a purchase on a website. Technically the free trials are free, but you must remember to cancel or you may end up paying for unwanted services. Basically the more you have to spend the higher paying the offer will be, you can expect offers to pay around $2 to $10.

Video Wall

In the video wall section you’ll find plenty of videos supplied by a 3rd party site called Smores.TV. Their videos come in many different categories like Food, Nature, News, Music, Politics, etc. you can watch whatever floats your boat.

These are mostly advertisement/commercial type videos and each one are about 30 seconds to 1 minute long. You have to watch the whole video, for every 3 video you watch you’ll earn about $0.0055. That is NOT 5 cents, that’s 1/2 a penny!

This is the lowest paying way to earn, but it doesn’t get easier than watching videos. I mean, technically you don’t even have to watch it, just open a video and let it run while you do other things.

Doing Tasks

Tasks are served by a 3rd party site called Figure Eight. These tasks can be anything from categorizing pictures, transcribing audio, finding things on Google, and other easy things.

These tasks typically take no more than a few minutes to do and the pay varies from $0.01 to $0.05 each.

Ready to start earning? Sign Up For Prize Rebel Here.

Other Ways To Earn…

Daily Challenge

Each day if you earn a certain amount of points you’ll earn a nice little bonus. There is a progress bar to fill, once you earn a certain number of points you will fill it entirely. For example earn 136 points today to win 13 bonus points.

Lucky Numbers

This is basically a lottery game where you spend points in hopes of winning a “jackpot.” To play you need to buy a ticket that cost 20 points each ($0.20.) You just pick 4 numbers out of 17, at the end of each week there will be a lottery draw.

If you match all 4 numbers you win the “jackpot” which is only $75 right now. This is a joke, if you do the math matching 4 numbers takes a miracle basically and you only win a measly $75?

There are secondary prizes, if you match 3 numbers you’ll earn 150 points (worth $1.50) and if you match 2 numbers you get 35 points (worth $0.35.) I don’t know about you but I rather spend just a little more to get a real lottery ticket for a chance to win a few million bucks, not $75 lol…


Each month there are contests in each category (surveys, offers, tasks, referrals) to see who can earn the most points. The top 10 earners in each category can win points, but don’t expect anything impressive. It depends on the category, but 1st place winner typically only wins about 300 points ($3) while the guy in 10th place gets about $0.50 to $1.

Referring Others

Just take the referral link that Prize Rebel gives you and promote it on your blog or social media. Anyone who signs up under your link becomes your referral and you will earn 20% of whatever they earn for life. There is no cap to how many referrals you can get.

There are some quick-share social media buttons you can use to quickly share your referral link to your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ followers.

Membership Levels

As you earn points on Prize Rebel your membership level will move up, this gives you more earning potential and faster payouts. There are 5 different levels and you need to earn a specific number of points to reach each level:


Everyone starts at bronze, it offers no special privileges. You earn 20% of your referrals’ earnings and there is no “instant reward delivery.”


Once you’ve earned 1000 points you’ll move up to Silver level. Earnings from your referrals are increased to 25%.


Once you earn 2500 points you’ll reach Gold level. Earnings from referrals remain at 25% but you’re now eligible for “instant reward delivery” which means your payouts will be processed within about 5 minutes, you’ll also receive a 1% bonus on your monthly total earnings and a 1% discount on prizes.


Once you earn 7000 points you’ll reach Platinum level. Earnings from referrals are still at 25%, you’ll still have instant reward delivery, but now your monthly earning bonus and discount on prizes increase to 2%.


It takes 12000 points to reach the highest level, Diamond. Earnings from referrals are increased to 30%, you’ll have instant reward delivery, and your monthly earning bonus and discount on prizes increase to 3%.

How Does Prize Rebel Pay You?

amazon paypal gift cards

Once you have earned enough points you can trade them in for cash gift cards. There are many gift cards to choose from including Paypal, Amazon, Starbucks, Prepaid Visa, Burger King, Home Depot, and more.

They start at 500 points to redeem a $5 gift card, and once you redeem it you will receive it in about 1 to 2 days, unless you’re a gold member or higher (see membership levels above) in which case you’re eligible for instant reward delivery and your payout will get processed within about 5 minutes.

Things I Dislike…

Low Earning Potential

Unfortunately you can’t make a living doing these paid-to sites, if it was that easy everybody would quit their jobs and work on their laptops at the beach. No, these reward sites only pay very little and are only good for supplemental income. Don’t expect to make more than $10 to $50 a month.

If you’re not satisfied with chump change then go check out my #1 recommended way of making money online where a decent full time income is possible (hard work required!)

If you’re not expecting to get rich doing this, then Prize Rebel would be a great site for you. I’d also recommend that you check out Swagbucks they are just a tad bit better than Prize Rebel in my opinion, if you join Swagbucks you and confirm email you get a free $5 sign up bonus.

Is Prize Rebel a Scam Or Legit?

Prize Rebel is definitely not a scam, they are a legit way to earn some easy cash. What really caught my attention was their easy and quick payouts, you can redeem starting at just $5 and their “instant reward delivery” is very appealing. There are plenty of easy ways to earn and reaching that $5 shouldn’t be too hard.

If you’re interested in joining now you can Sign Up For Prize Rebel.

I think Prize Rebel is great, but my favorite is still Swagbucks because their payout only starts at $3 which is a tad bit lower, and also they offer a $5 sign up bonus which Prize Rebel doesn’t have. But both sites work similarly and I’d recommend either one.

Reward sites are great for a small income, but if you want a bigger income that can replace your job then go check out my #1 recommended way of making money online instead. I’ll show you how to build your own profitable website business from scratch. It takes hard work, but anyone can achieve a full time income if they are willing to put in that work.



What do you think about Prize Rebel? Let me know if you think they’re a scam or not in the comment section below!

Prize Rebel – My Final Rating:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings

4 thoughts on “Prize Rebel Review – Scam Or Legit Free Cash & Gift Cards?

  1. Mike says:

    I have tried a couple of Get Paid To websites and found them all to be similar, just as your article describes.  Your example of $0.25 for 15 minutes worth of work seems about right.  I just don’t think I will be working for $1 per hour anytime soon.  With the low earning potential, I will definitely be passing on Prize Rebel!  

    A lot of people seem to mention Swagbucks, what is the monthly earning potential with that one?  

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Sites like Prize Rebel are not meant to be “work,” so if you treat it like one then you will be disappointed. They all pay about $1 per hour, including Swagbucks. There are no legit “get-paid-to” sites out there that pay much more than that. If you’re looking for high monthly earning potential then I recommend you Start a Blogging Business which has full time income potential. 

  2. Myrna Dalton says:

    I have tried this website and it does offer what it says, my problem with it, was along the same lines as yours, you can’t make a living off of it. 

    Another problem, I see, is that it takes a lot of work for a small reward. You would be better to go get a job that pays you hourly. The site is good for a little side money if you are in a tight spot.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      yeah it’s not even a real side hustle imo, it’s not supposed to be anymore than a site you go on to have fun. if you’re in a tight spot I’d just get a job. 

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