PlayTestCloud Review – Big Scam Or Get Paid To Test Games?

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Welcome to my PlayTestCloud review!

This is a site that lets people earn real money testing video games, you just have to sign up to be a tester and wait to be invited to play and test these games.  It appears that they only accept players from the USA, UK, and Canada at this time.

The way it works is that you play the game normally while giving your feedback aloud while playing. To do this you just need a PC/Mac, smartphone, or tablet. You’ll also need access to a headset or a microphone.

Unfortunately this is only a supplemental income opportunity, it’s not like you can log on to test games all day. You only get about 2 testing opportunities per month, but you do get paid $9 each time so that’s not bad.

In this PlayTestCloud Review I’ll go over how exactly it all works, the pros, and the cons, and whether it’s worth joining or not.

By the way I also recommend you also check out Swagbucks which is another site you can earn money playing games, but they also offer other ways to earn as well such as by taking surveys, doing offers, watching videos, and more.

Let’s get started!

PlayTestCloud Review

Name: PlayTestCloud 
Type: Paid to test video games
Membership Price: $0
My Rating: 2.9 out of 5

get paid cash for testing new video games

Quick Summary

I gave PlayTestCloud a pretty good rating of 2.9 out of 5 because it does appears they’re scam free and do pay.

Although earning opportunities are scarce, they do pay a pretty good hourly “wage” of $9 for doing 15-30 minutes of testing.

In their FAQ page they say that on average you’ll only be invited to test every other week, but I’ve seen people on forums complain about not getting invitations for months at a time, so there’s definitely no guarantee of how much “work” you’ll get.

Even at 2 invites per month that’s still only $18, which is maybe a few cups of Starbucks coffee or a movie ticket.

If $18 a month is too little for you then I recommend you join these extra income sites, Each site won’t let you earn that much so it’s best to join a few sites so they can all add up. If you specifically want to play games to make money then Swagbucks is a great option.

How Does PlayTestCloud Work?

Things You’ll Need

  • A computer (Mac/PC) or a smart phone/tablet
  • A headset or a pair of headphones
  • A Paypal account to receive payments

Signing Up / Qualification Test

It’s free to sign up but currently they only need game testers from the USA, UK, and Canada.

To join all you need is to fill out the sign up form with your name, email, birthday, and a few other simple things. Before you can start testing games you’ll need to take a qualification test.

The qualification test is basically where you do a mock game test that takes about 5 minutes, they just want to see if you’re someone who can do the job properly.

After you take the test they’ll let you know within a few days whether you pass or not. If you pass then you can start taking the REAL tests that are paid.

Get Invited To Test

You can’t just log in to take tests, you have to wait for PlayTestCloud to invite you to test by email.

They say that on average you’ll receive about 2 test invitations per month, but on forums such as Reddit I’ve seen a lot of users who complain of not receiving any invites despite passing the qualification test.

If you’re not getting invitations after a few weeks then it’s advised that you should keep your profile updated, there’s a section that asks what games you’ve played before and apparently the more games you select the more likely you’ll be invited to test.

Complete The Test

In the email test invitation they’ll give you a link to the game and other information such as how much you’ll get paid if you were to submit a high quality test, typically its $9. All you have to do is click the link to the game and start playing it.

The key is to submitting a high quality test is to speak clearly in English and be honest with your feedback.

If you like or don’t like something, just say it. They’re looking for constructive opinions and criticism so they can see what things are working well and what things they need to improve upon. The key of being a great PlaytestCloud tester is keeping it real and honest.

They will provide you with screen recording software, you don’t need to download anything. As soon as you’re done playing the game the screen recorder will shut off and your testing will get sent to PlayTestCloud.

Still not sure how it works? Here is a video with a game testing demonstration:

Take Survey

After you’re done playing the game you’ll need to take a short survey with some questions about your playing experience.

Just give your honest opinion and this feedback will help the game developers produce higher quality games.

Getting paid

After completing a game test you will receive an email that confirms that they have received your test and that it’s being reviewed.

After PlayTestCloud reviews your test and it’s okay you will receive your payment via Paypal within about 3-5 days.

How Does PlayTestCloud  Pay You?

Depending on the test and the quality of it, you’ll typically get paid $7-$9 testing for 15-30 minutes.

When you consistently submit high quality tests that contain thorough and helpful feedback you will be more likely to receive more higher paid tests in the future.

PlayTestCloud currently only pays with Paypal and process payments 3 times a week, so after you complete a test you should receive your payment within a few days.

How Much Can You Earn?

For people seeking to make extra income online, joining a site like PlaytestCloud will not be enough, you need to join multiple sites.

What I mean by that is on one hand you have a legit way of creating income in the comfort of your own home, in PlaytestCloud’s case you’ll be making somewhere around $14-$18 per hour testing games, this is a dream job for many.

However, the down side is that there’s just not enough games to go around. Most people are only getting 2 testing opportunities or less per month, so your earning potential would only be about $18 a month at best.

If you’re serious about earning extra money online then you could hardcore it and find a whole bunch of sites like PlaytestCloud and just sign up to all of them.

If you can find like 50 more of these sites it’ll add up to quite a significant bit of money, the problem is that there aren’t too many sites like PlaytestCloud. You may find a few other ones but 50 would be a big stretch.

However, there are plenty of other extra income sites that pays you to take surveys, try apps, view ads, read emails, and loads of other things. You can always check out my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites which are sites I personally use to earn extra income from every month.

Or see my Top Work At Home Recommendation if you’re looking to make $1000 or more per month.

Who Is PlayTestCloud Ideal For?

PlaytestCloud is ideal for people who want to play games and get paid for it. If you’re looking for a full time gig this is probably not right for you. But if you’re just looking to have some fun, then this could be an ideal website to sign up for.

To become a PlaytestCloud game tester you do have to be from the USA, UK, or Canada and can speak good English.

I know there are probably a lot of people reading this that speaks English as a second language, it doesn’t matter if you have an accent as long as it’s not too thick and people can still understand you.

The Good

  • You don’t need to pay a dime to join
  • No gaming experience necessary
  • They pay $9 for 15-30 minutes of “work” which is not a bad hourly wage at all
  • If you love playing video games this will be heaven for you
  • They pay with Paypal which is very fast and convenient

The Bad

  • Only people from the USA, UK, and Canada can test
  • You won’t get many testing opportunities, only about 2 times a month, some people even less
  • Not a job replacement, only a small income opportunity

Final Verdict: Is PlayTestCloud  a Scam?

PlayTestCloud is definitely not a scam, they’re a legit way for the average person to earn a couple of bucks every month. If you already play a lot of video games then it’s just a way to monetize what you already do and love.

The only real issue with PlayTestCloud is the 2 testing opportunities a month may not be enough for some people. I encourage you to join These Top “Get-Paid-To” Sites which are sites that also pay you to play games, and there’s no need to wait for invites as you can just log in and play everyday.

But regardless of what site you join there is no site that pays you a full time wage to play games. These are all just supplemental income opportunities. If that’s not enough for you then check out my #1 Recommended Way of Making Money Online where I’ll show you how to earn a full time income building websites/blogs.

What do you think about PlayTestCloud? Do you have any experience with them? I encourage you to leave your experiences, thoughts, and questions down below!

My Final Rating:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings

6 thoughts on “PlayTestCloud Review – Big Scam Or Get Paid To Test Games?

  1. Shui Hyen says:

    It seems that PlayTestCloud is a good opportunity to earn some extra cash for testing out new video games. Although it cannot replace your full-time income, you still can enjoy and having fun playing the video games during your leisure time. 

    Since you might only get to test 2 video games or less a month, is there any minimum threshold for payout?

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      You just gotta submit a test and have it approved, once it’s approved you’ll get paid for whatever amount that you have earned. So if you earned $9 per test then that’s what you’ll get in your PayPal. There’s no minimum threshold.

  2. Adyns68 says:

    I do agree with your assessment. 

    If only the player could get more than 2 games a month! Because when I join a platform to make money online, I want it to be consistent. Not necessarely as much as my day job but enough for me to count on it for my monthly expenses. Or is it thay when you give quality feedback with time you can unlock more games? As you said you can get better paying test.

    And I am so disappointed that it does not allow other countries to join, they should consider opening up to the world.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      They just say if you consistently give quality feedback you’ll receive more opportunities, but I don’t know to what extent, whether that means being able to test 3 games a month, 4 games, 10 games, no clue.. nonetheless I wouldn’t expect to make anymore than about $50 a month or so with this sort of site. 

  3. Nuttanee says:

    It is as you said that PlayTestCloud isn’t a mean for your main income online. Maybe, I sign up on it and just don’t think too much of it. Here is my logic, I rather get paid playing games than playing games and not getting paid at all. I do have a few of these apps on my phone currently I have Match to Win and Big Time game. Oh I also have Swapbucks as well. Thanks for the review. Gonna try it.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Well the downside is you won’t get to pick and choose what games you play. These are going to be new games that are in development that they want you to test and give feedback on, so they could be fun games or games that suck. But either way they pay a pretty good hourly rate and so one can’t really complain. 

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