Is Permission Research a Scam? My Review Exposes The Truth!

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Permission Research is a survey site served globally, their aim is to collect data on your internet surfing and spending habits to improving the internet. For your time you’re paid in various ways such as sweepstakes entries, gift cards, and even cash.

I wanted to review Permission Research to see if they’re a scam or a legitimate way to earn some extra cash every month. I’ll also show you some better sites out there to make you money online, so stay tuned till the end!

Before I get started with this review, you have to realize that survey sites aren’t a way to make full time income, they’re just a supplemental income opportunity. As long as you’re okay with that, you might be content with Permission Research.

The only supplemental income sites that I would personally recommend are These #1 Rated “Get-Paid-To” Sites because they’ve all paid me before, but nonetheless it’s still a small income opportunity only. If you’re seeking a more substantial income then see my Top Work At Home Recommendation to learn how I make $1000+ monthly online.

So let’s get cracking with this Permission Research review. I’ll go over what it is, how to earn, how they pay, and whether they’re a scam or a legit income opportunity.

Permission Research Review

Name: Permission Research
Type: Paid browser add on, surveys
Membership Price: FREE

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What Is Permission Research?

Permission Research is a website that gives you the opportunity to earn cash by participating in market research activities such as by installing their software which tracks your internet habits, occasionally you’ll also receive survey invitations which pay in cash or gift cards.

Their parent company is ComScore Inc. which is a large market research company that’s been around since 1936. They’re based in Reston, Virginia, USA, but membership is offered globally.

Getting Started

Permission Research is free to join. You’ll have to fill out the registration form with your name, address, date of birth, and some other basic demographic questions like your income, number in household, and other things.

From there you’ll have a couple of ways to start earning which I’ll highlight below.

How To Earn At Permission Research?

Installing Research Software

Permission Research gives you a software to install onto your computer, this software tracks your internet surfing and spending habits, the data collected is then used by media and other companies to create better products and services.

As long as you have the software installed, Permission Research will keep tracking your internet surfing behavior and online buying habits. You can just leave it running in the background while you do other things normally.

Unfortunately many members have complained about the software saying that it had dramatically slowed down their computer and some even saying they’ve experienced viruses!

Furthermore, installing this software does not pay you in cash directly. They just enter you into some sweepstakes prize draw where you’ll have a slim chance of winning prizes ranging from $25, $2500, $5000, and $100,000.

But let’s face it 99.9% of us aren’t going to win anything, so if you’re here primarily looking to earn cash directly then Permission Research is not a good option. Instead try my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites where you’ll get paid for watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, doing offers, and more.

Occasional Surveys

From time to time you may also be invited to take surveys which pays in cash or gift cards. You’ll be notified of these invitations either via email or via a pop up in the research software.

You may be paid in cash, gift cards, or entries into their sweepstakes. They’ll let you know before you start the survey. 

There will be screeners before you start the actual survey, this is a short 1-2 minute questionnaire to see if you’re the right candidate for the survey. Most times you won’t qualify and it’ll just be a big waste of time!

Referring Others

For every friend you refer to join Permission Research you can also earn one entry into their $100,000 sweepstakes.

Honestly this is like getting nothing, how would you feel if instead of a Christmas or birthday present all you get is some lousy prize draw ticket? I mean, most of us aren’t going to win anything and you’ll probably have a higher chance of winning something if you played the lotto!

Earning Potential

For installing their annoying software all you get are prize draws which is 100% luck dependent, so if you don’t get lucky it’s totally possible to never earn anything at all! I guess this is fine for people who are merely interested in participating in market research and giving their time for very little return.

You’ll get occasional paid surveys, but mostly you won’t even qualify and it’ll be a complete waste of time anyway.

You’re better off joining my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites which are sites that pay you cash directly for doing fun tasks like watching videos, playing games, opening emails, taking surveys, doing offers, and more. These sites won’t make you rich, but at least they pay you cash instead of some lousy prize draw.

The Pros

The Cons

  • Only earn prize draws
  • Lots of complaints about software slowing down computer or putting in viruses
  • Hard to qualify for surveys
  • Inferior referral program
  • Very little cash earning opportunities

My Verdict – Don’t Bother Joining!

Permission Research is not a scam, but they’re a very lousy site that offers very little way to earn. For installing their annoying software all you get are some lame entry into prize draws where you’re probably not gonna win anything 99.9% of the time. Most people also don’t like being spied on, so this could make a lot of us uncomfortable.

If you’re looking to make extra income online I wouldn’t bother joining this site, they are a waste of time in my opinion.

I recommend you see my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites instead which are sites that pay you to do fun online tasks like watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, shopping, and more. These sites all pay cash via PayPal, some even offer multiple ways to get paid such as via gift cards or check.

But none of these sites will make you rich, they’re only good for making an extra $25 to $50 a month.

If you’re looking to earn a full time income online I suggest you see my Top Work At Home Recommendation which is a learning platform that teaches people how to build a blogging business. It’s the same strategy I currently use to make $1000+ per month online with this blog you’re on now.

My top recommendation is in my opinion the best way to make a living on the internet today. But it does take a lot of time and effort to create, but fortunately it’s newbie friendly and free to start. DO NOT JOIN unless you’re ready to work hard though!

That’s all I have to say on this Permission Research review. If you have your own review or opinion about them then feel free to leave it down below in the comment box.

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