Payzeno Review – A Scam Or Earn Money As An Affiliate?

make money earning affiliate commissions online

Today I found a site called Payzeno that says they can help you make money as an affiliate marketer by giving you a blueprint to drive traffic that converts into sales which will result in you earning affiliate commissions.

So is Payzeno a scam or are they really the blueprint for success? I have decided to check them out to see if I should be warning people about them or praising them. Let’s find out in this Payzeno review below!

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Payzeno Review

Payzeno is basically a platform that connects merchants and affiliate marketers. Merchants are those people who have products to sell and are looking for people to promote them, that’s where affiliate marketers come in.

By becoming an affiliate for Payzeno you can have access to their list of merchants and their various products that you can promote. You’ll also get the blueprints which is just the merchant’s recommendations for ways to get traffic to promote your affiliate links to.

In this Payzeno review I’ll be focusing on making money as an affiliate and how it all works.

How Does Payzeno Work?

Signing up to Payzeno as an affiliate marketer is free and easy, just simply fill out the sign up form with your name, email, and Paypal address. You’ll have to select whether you’re signing up as an affiliate or merchant, but like I said earlier I’m just going to focus on the affiliate making money aspect of this platform.

As soon as you’ve signed up you can take a look at the variety of products from merchants that are available for you to promote.

In the product’s section you can find your own unique affiliate link, this is the link you have to find ways to promote. When someone clicks this link it will bring to the merchant’s product sales page, if your visitor buys something then you earn a commission.

With some products the merchants will give you a blueprint which is basically some tips and tricks on how to promote your affiliate links. Some ways you can do is by paying for ads, using specific keywords, and using the advertisement tools like banners that they give you.

Is Payzeno The Blueprint To Your Success?

Although some merchants give you guides on how to promote your affiliate links, ultimately it’s up to you to promote those links and make success happen.

You can promote any product you want and there are many categories to choose from including fitness, health, beauty, business, making money online, and much more.

But in my opinion many of their products appear to look very questionable, meaning there’s a lot of things on there that seems to be full of hype. They may be legit products, but I think it would  be hard to get people to spend money on them. 

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Important Things To Keep In Mind…

One very important thing is your have to make sure that the merchant’s link is working properly. If the link is broken and it just takes you to an error page then you’re wasting your time, if you’re using paid ads then it’s a waste of money!

Another thing I want to say about their blueprints is that it’s not anything special at all. Basically it’s just some tips and advice on how to spread your links around by posting it on forums, Facebook groups, and using PPC (pay per click) advertising.

Posting links on forums and other places may work in the short term and get you some sales, but unfortunately it’s not scalable because there’s a limit on how many links you can post, and if you stop posting them then you stop making sales.

Also a word of caution to people who are interested in spending money on PPC, you need to do thorough research on how to implement this strategy correctly because if your traffic don’t convert into buyers often enough then you can lose a LOT of money.

Is Payzeno a Scam Or Legit?

It appears that Payzeno is a 100% legit platform that connects merchants and affiliates to do business with each other. It’s a win-win situation because those who are looking to sell products are connected to affiliates who are able to promote those products in exchange for a percentage of their profits.

The Positives

  • Doesn’t cost anything to join
  • The sign up process is quick and easy
  • Membership includes access to blueprints from merchants that give you tips to get traffic

The Negatives

  • Not as popular as other platforms like ClickBank and Shareasale
  • Lots of products in their marketplace looks questionable in my opinion
  • Not a very organized site
  • Those blueprints aren’t the best and are just basic tips

To Wrap It All Up…

Personally I’m not a fan of Payzeno because it’s just a very small platform and there are bigger ones you can join like ClickBank and Sharesale that can provide you with a much larger and more frequently updated list of merchants and products to promote.

Also many of the products looks really questionable in my opinion and I feel most people would have trouble converting their traffic into buyers. People may feel very skeptical of these products and so most people wouldn’t buy it.

I’m sure you’ll make a sale if you manage to gather enough traffic, but your conversion percentage may be very low.

Also those blueprints aren’t exactly the best because it doesn’t teach you how to get the best type of traffic, which is free traffic that comes from the search engines like Google and Bing.

In order to get free traffic from Google and Bing you have to have an online presence, meaning you have a website or a YouTube channel where you consistently create content and have an audience.

When you are building that content and driving traffic to your website, your visitors are exposed to whatever affiliate offers you promote and some will take you up on your offers.

My Top Recommendation

I highly recommend you learn to build a website or blog where you can create content to drive free traffic to your affiliate offers. By “content” I mean articles, blog posts, videos, and all that sort of thing.

Your content can be a review of a product for example, when someone looks up “best vitamix blender” and they land on your review page and you explain what that product is and how it can benefit them, they’ll be wanting to buy it and hopefully they’ll do so through your affiliate link.

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That’s my 2 cents for this Payzeno review, I’d love to hear your thoughts about them. If you have any comments leave them all down below, I always reply.

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