Paytrix Review – Make $1,000+ Per Day Or Total Scam?

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Today I’m reviewing a site called Paytrix, they have a The Matrix theme and they ask you which pill you want to swallow – the blue one where you’ll stay a wage slave working 9-5, or the red one where you’ll learn to become financially free. Which one would you choose?

Is Patrix a scam or can you really take the red pill to make tons of money? How much does the red pill cost? What is it exactly? All this will be answered in this Paytrix review.

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Paytrix Review – Quick Overview

Name: Paytrix
Type: Internet marketing
Membership Price: $27 + Upsells

learn to make money with affiliate commissions

Paytrix is basically a course that is designed to teach you about internet marketing and how to make money earning affiliate commissions. This product was created by Jono Armstrong, Paul O’ Keeffe, and Richard Fairbairn who are all internet marketing gurus with years of experience.

It cost $27 and apparently the “early bird discount” ends in 1 hour, with a timer counting down on the website. But if you refresh the page the timer restarts again to 1 hour, so it seems this so-called discount is the real price, and they’re just trying to rush you into buying it. I don’t like people that rush me.

Even though their scarcity sales tactic may be a red flag it doesn’t automatically mean the product itself is crap. They supposedly will show you the system they use to make $700 per day, and will teach you how to increase your earnings by 75%.

This course is designed to be the right fit for both people who are completely new to internet marketing or someone who’s been in the game for a while and wanting to upgrade their skills.

How Paytrix REALLY Works

Their Enticing Sales Page

First of all why does their logo and name “Paytrix” sound and look so familiar? Oh right…. it’s inspired by the movie The Matrix which came out in 1999 and is about taking either the blue pill where you stay in the matrix, or take the red pill where you go down the rabbit hole.

When you go to the Paytrix website you’ll be met with a flashy sales page with a video that parodies a scene from The Matrix. Basically you have two choices:

  1. Take the blue pill and stay in the matrix (aka just go back to your 9-5 job living paycheck to paycheck)
  2. Take the red pill and stay in Wonderland and see how far the rabbit hole goes. In this case obviously it means buying the Paytrix and learning how to earn that $1,000+ per day from affiliate commissions.

How Much Does The “Red Pill” Cost?

Well, right now at the time of me writing this article it shows a $27 price tag. But as mentioned earlier supposedly this is an “early bird discount” that ends in 1 hour, and the price will go up after that. But it doesn’t really end in 1 hour because if you refresh the page the timer resets to 1 hour again, over and over.

So what the heck do you get for $27 exactly? Paytrix is an internet marketing training course that includes 7 modules that comes with a video and PDF file.

Here are the 7 modules and a brief summary of what they teach:

Module 1 – Intro

  • Introduction to Paytrix and how the owners of the training course got their start into creating the Paytrix method and using it to make their money

Module 2 – Affiliate Offers

  • Learn how to find high converting offers and use them to increase your profits.

Module 3 – Bringing In Traffic

  • Traffic is probably the number 1 most important thing with any business, it is directly correlated to your profits, generally speaking the more traffic you have the more money you can potentially earn.
  • This module teaches you how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers using paid methods such as Facebook ads and solo ads.

Module 4 – Create a Bonus Page

  • Having a bonus page will create higher click-through-rates and conversions on your offers. In this module you’ll learn how to create a bonus page with their method and software.

Module 5 – Bonuses

  • Learn how to find bonuses to offer in your bonus packages.

Module 6 – Delivery

  • Learn a special trick from Jono which will show you how you can increase your profits by 75%. Although the method they show you is very useful and powerful, it does not 100% guarantee success.

Module 7 – Long Term Growth

  • Learn to use Facebook retargeting which is a method used to reach your existing customers with Facebook ads. basically you’ll learn to target your ads on Facebook to people who have already visited your website or landing page.
  • This method is powerful because it brings back past visitors who have visited your website before but didn’t convert the first time, they’re more likely to convert because they’ve already expressed interest in your website/offers.

All this training offered by Paytrix is great and all, but there’s better training, tools, and support provided by my Top Work At Home Recommendation so I’d recommend them as a better alternative instead. 

Is Patrix Worth Your Money?

Patrix offers a lot of useful training and strategies you can use to create a successful affiliate marketing business that has the potential to earn you $1,000+ per day.

But do not think that you can just click a few buttons and be on your way, this is not one of those get-rich-quick schemes. Although it is possible to make $1,000+ per day with affiliate marketing, people underestimate the tremendous amount of effort they need to put in to make that happen.

This is a long-term business and requires you to put in lots of hard work, time, blood, sweat, and tears. It ain’t going to make you rich overnight!

Jono (co-creator of Paytrix) has been doing this for a long time, he’s got over 300 videos on YouTube alone and has accumulated a massive list of email subscribers which is a powerful asset.

It’s easy for Jono to be making $1,000+ per day now because he’s already been in the game for so long and have created so much content and built a very large audience base. For a beginner it wouldn’t be so rosy, you’ll be lucky if you make $100 your first MONTH.

But that’s how it goes with legitimate products, it’s not going to make you rich overnight. Beware of get-rich-quick schemes that promise you overnight success, they’re mostly scams.

So is the Paytrix’s red pill worth buying? I’d say for $27 it isn’t too much of an investment and they do offer a lot of useful training materials. I’d recommend it, but still I believe there is a better alternative which I’ll discuss below.

Final Verdict – Is Paytrix a Scam?

No, Paytrix is a legit internet marketing training course that teaches you some valuable skills and strategies that can help you make $1,000+ per day using affiliate marketing.

The only problem is I am annoyed by their sales page which shows a lot of income results that are not going to be typical for the average person. The average person will not be making $1,000+ per day because it is not that easy.

Is There a Better Alternative?

There is a much better alternative to Paytrix in my opinion if you’re interested in getting the best training to build your affiliate marketing business. My Top Work At Home Recommendation provides more in-depth training, business tools, and support.

My recommendation is an affiliate marketing training platform called Wealthy Affiliate that I have been using since December of 2016 to help me build a consistent monthly online income using affiliate marketing on my blog.

This training platform provides you with 2 main training courses with step-by-step guides using videos and written tutorials, endless ongoing training, weekly video webinars, business tools like monthly web hosting and keyword tools, 24/7 chat and technical support, 1-on-1 help, and much more.

Best of all they offer a starter membership where you can try out the platform for FREE (no credit card required.) You get to test drive the platform and see what it’s all about. 



If building an affiliate marketing business is too much work then you can still make some quick easy money on “get-paid-to” sites like Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate where you can earn cash by taking surveys, downloading apps, reading emails, playing games, and more.

Thanks a lot for reading this Paytrix review, I’m very curious to hear your thoughts on them and would like to see your comments so post them down below.

7 thoughts on “Paytrix Review – Make $1,000+ Per Day Or Total Scam?

  1. Rasa says:

    I believe making such claims as “Newbie Makes $20k Every Month For The Last 5 Months Starting From Scratch On Complete Autopilot” is just stupid. Clearly, they are trying to make Paytrix sound like a get rich quick scheme. But in reality, you’ll be nowhere near that after your 5 months. That’s just marketing.

    They are trying to give people what they want (push-button easy money-making), thus probably appealing to large audiences of disillusioned and broke people when in reality they’re doing nothing else but taking advantage of those people.

    In that regard, I know that you were much more reserved in your conclusions given that they do provide some value. However, I believe no one should ever invest in them. Purposefully taking advantage of those poor people that really need solutions. That’s just greed. 

    And investing in greedy people by far most of the time doesn’t pay off.

    It’s like day and night when compared to Wealthy Affiliate. Happy to see you’re recommending them, Kent. 🙂


  2. Matiss says:

    Hey, Kent! I can absolutely relate – I’m also not a fan of basically luring people into buying a product by displaying loads of unrealistic income results and pushing on that scarcity bias to make sure people make a purchase. $1,000+ a day may sound good but it’s absolutely impossible without at least a couple of years in, and even then I feel that is remarkably challenging.

    Also, I do agree that the basic investment isn’t a big one and it seems that there might definitely be some value to the Paytrix. However, I personally don’t really enjoy fully relying on adds as that kind of business can get really expensive fast.

    In that sense, for people generally, I feel that the option that you offered as your top recommendation is THE ALTERNATIVE for making money online. Even more so because that program absolutely makes sure that you got everything and you’re able to build your business with as little investments as legitimately possible.

    Keep spreading the message!


  3. Adyns68 says:

    I think making $1,000 a day in affiliate marketing is completely possible. But I also think that their training is not complete. Affiliate marketing is not just about finding a high ticket product and getting traffic. You need to create content too. And good content that will help you enjoy free traffic. Paid ads are awesome but you can not always rely on them. They need to teach that too.


  4. Feochadan says:

    The amusing part of their advertising is that this is going to happen on “autopilot”.  They bypass all of the hard work it will take.  It also says that a “newbie” did this.  This makes you think that this will happen FAST.

    As anybody in the affiliate marketing business knows, it is anything but fast and NOTHING will happen on autopilot.  It takes hard WORK and a lot of it.  I agree that this is not a scam but very misleading.  At $27 it is inexpensive and you might pick up some useful information but for long term I truly question whether this will work at all.  I really dislike sites that over-promise like this.  Its not a scam but sets up completely unrealistic expectations.

    As you mentioned, Wealthy Affiliates actually sets you up for success and never makes unrealistic promises.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      If such an autopilot system exists don’t people think it would cost a bit more than $27? I mean just use your common sense!

  5. Evald says:

    Hey Kent,

    as a person who is very passionate about online business niche, I am constantly on the look for new and exciting ways to expand my knowledge, learn something new and become better. I am very happy that I’ve stumbled across Your review, which I found to be very helpful and informative, great job! As far as Paytrix goes, I am very glad to know that it is not a get rich quick – scam scheme, but rather a legit training course with lots of useful information and trainings. Judging from these 7 modules which they focus on- they take things seriously and prepare a user for a real affiliate marketing scenario and experience, rather than those scammy get rich fast schemes. Thanks for the great review and keep up the good work 😉

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Evald, yes although they are a legit product I do not think that they offer the best training and resources for those who are serious about building a profitable online business.

      My Top Work At Home Recommendation does cost more but their training is WAY more detailed. They have lots of support including a 24/7 live chat, they provide plenty of business tools like website hosting and keyword research tool, and they’re also FREE to try out.

      I joined them back in 2016 and they taught me how to build this blog you’re on right now which is earning me a consistent monthly online income, so I highly recommend you not waste time with other products and explore them first!

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