PanelPlace Review – Earn From Surveys and Other Opportunities?

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Today I discovered a site called PanelPlace and found out it’s a site that lets you make money online. They provide you with paid surveys and other opportunities, but they’re quite different from regular survey sites and I thought I should do a review to warn people about them.

I’m sure now you’re wondering if PanelPlace is a scam or legit? How do they work? How do they pay? Let’s find out below in this PanelPlace review!

Honestly I’m not a fan of “pure” survey sites that only give you one way to earn. I recommend you check out my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites where you can earn from multiple ways like surveys, offers, playing games, watching videos, and more.

PanelPlace Review

Name: PanelPlace
Type: Surveys and other opportunities
Membership Price: Free to join

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What Is PanelPlace?

PanelPlace is a site that provides many different opportunities like paid surveys, investments, tools, fitness activities, self improvement skills, and much more.

The first thing I should clarify about PanelPlace is that they’re just the middleman, they don’t actually have any opportunities for you themselves, they just refer you to other websites that have those opportunities for you.

So in actuality you don’t even need PanelPlace, you can just join those sites directly. But if you do want to join them you can do so for free, you can sign up with your Facebook or Google account, or just with your email and create a password. 

How Does It Work?

When you log into PanelPlace you’ll first have to fill out your profile, you’ll have to answer questions about your age, income, education level, marital status, hobbies, etc. These things will help them send you the appropriate opportunities for you.

In the “Opportunities” section you’ll see a list of 3rd party websites and the opportunities they provide. Here are some of the type of websites I see appearing on my list:

  • Survey sites – Sites that pay you gift cards or cash to take surveys
  • Command Tab Plus – An app switcher tool for mac OS
  • Grammarly – A tool to ensure your writing is mistake-free
  • Udemy – A platform with different courses on IT, marketing, development, personal improvement, and more
  • iTalki – Lets you learn a new language 1-on-1 with a teacher
  • and much more…

Clicking on any one of them will take you that website where you can then sign up.

The opportunities you see on your list may be totally different from what I see. It all depends on your demograhpics and how you fill out your profile, so just make sure your profile is updated and current to receive the most relevant opportunities for you.

If you aren’t looking for anything specific and are opened to anything, then it’s worth browsing their list of opportunities to see what may fit you and your life.

But if you’re just looking to make some extra income online then I recommend you skip the middleman and just join the sites directly. I recommend you see my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites which are “get-paid-to” sites that pay you to take surveys, do offers, play games, watch videos, and more.

Can You Make Money With PanelPlace?

You’ll find many money making opportunities at PanelPlace (mostly survey sites) and it’s up to you to decide which ones to partake in. Some opportunities only offer investment, tools, skills upgrade, or other things that won’t make you money immediately.

PanelPlace is only the middleman, the reason they provide you with these different websites is because they earn a commission for referring you.

Is PanelPlace Even Worth Joining?

The biggest advantage for joining PanelPlace is that they provide you with a variety of different beneficial opportunities. It’s not just the chance to earn some extra income doing surveys, but also courses, skills, and gigs you can do to upgrade your life. PanelPlace may show you opportunities you never knew existed.

But if you’re just looking to get paid doing surveys then I think you should just join these sites directly. I highly recommend These “Get-Paid-To” Sites because they offer multiple ways to earn and they’ve all paid me before so I know they’re 100% legit.

You won’t get rich doing surveys and other similar things, if you’d like the opportunity to be your own boss making a full time online income then see my Top Work At Home Recommendation where you’ll learn to earn $1000+ in passive income monthly.

I hope you found the opportunity you’re looking for in this PanelPlace review, if you have any questions or comments then leave them down below.

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