Opinion Bureau Review – Legit Paid Surveys Or Scam?

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Recently I found another survey panel called Opinion Bureau, looks like it’s another one of those sites that pay you cash to share your thoughtful opinions on various subjects. I thought I’d research them to see if they’re a legit site or a waste of time.

In this Opinion Bureau review I’ll go over if they’re a scam or legit, how you can earn, how you get paid your money, and whether they’re worth joining or not. Let’s get cracking!

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Opinion Bureau Review

Name: Opinion Bureau
Website: opinionbureau.com
Type: Paid surveys and polls
Membership Price: FREE

earn money taking surveys and polls

What Is Opinion Bureau?

Opinion Bureau is a survey site that started up back in 2015, they’re run by a market research company called Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd. Their goal is to collect your opinions for companies who use that data to improve their products and services. For your time giving those opinions you’ll be paid a cash reward.

Getting Started

You can join for free and membership is opened to multiple countries including USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and many more.

You can sign up with your name, date of birth, email, and create a password. You’ll then have to fill out a short 5 minute profile survey, this helps them know you better so they can send you more targeted surveys.

Then you can log in and you will find $6 in your cash balance. $5 of that is your sign up bonus, and $1 is for completing your first survey (the profile survey you filled out.) Not bad for a start, from there you can start earning through other ways.

How To Earn At Opinion Bureau?

Taking Surveys

One of the main ways to earn on Opinion Bureau is by completing surveys. You can just check the surveys section to see the list of available surveys for you. They might also email you with a survey invitation, so check your email inbox as well.

Unfortunately it’s possible you may not see any surveys available for you to take as was the case with me.

no available surveys

You can check back periodically to see if this changes, but personally I joined 2 days ago and still haven’t seen anything. I’m not going to waste my time checking for surveys when I can just join Better Extra Income Sites with guaranteed ways to earn.

If you’re lucky enough to find available surveys then you can start taking them. Typically online surveys take 5-10 minutes to complete and pay around $0.25 to $1 each if you’re able to qualify for and complete them. 

Taking Polls

There’s also a polls section where you can answer polls to earn. Unfortunately just like the surveys I ran into the same problem of having no available opportunities.

no available polls

This is getting frustrating, how am I supposed to earn anything if nothing is available?

Identity Verification Score

The identity verification score is basically how well they know you are who you say you are. For example they’ll ask you to verify your phone number, upload a picture, upload personal ID, connect your social media accounts, and more.

When you first join your score will start off at around 16%. The more verification procedures you go through the higher this number will go. It’s not mandatory to raise your score, but having a higher score means you’ll receive more surveys and polls opportunities because companies want to send surveys to people they know are real.

Earn $1 For Every Referral

You can also earn money for referring people to join Opinion Bureau. Just take you referral link and promote it to your friends on social media, your blog, etc. and those who sign up under your link becomes your referral. You’ll earn $1 every time a referral signs up, gets verified, and completes at least 1 survey.

Honestly there is a LOT of things that needs to happen in order for you to receive referral earnings. Your referral not only has to sign up, they’ll have to get verified, plus they have to complete a survey. All that for a measly $1, I don’t think it’s worth it.

Earning Potential

For me personally my earning potential on this site is probably close to $0 since no surveys were available for me. I guess I can still promote Opinion Bureau with my referral link, but why would I promote a site that hasn’t helped me make money?

Even if you’re able to find available paid surveys, these activities pay really low for your time. Surveys are also notoriously hard to qualify for, so you’ll be wasting a lot of time on the screeners at the start

Overall don’t expect to make more than $5 to $10 per month on survey sites at most.

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How Does Opinion Bureau Pay You?

If you manage to earn at least $10 then you can request a payout. There are several different payment methods including PayPal and gift cards (Amazon, FlipKart, Freecharge).

Good news is that they give you $6 just for the sign up, so you only need to earn $4 more to see your first withdrawal.

The Pros

  • Free sign up
  • Gives you $6 just for joining and filling out your profile
  • Low $10 payout threshold
  • Pays with PayPal

The Cons

  • Very little earning opportunities
  • Hard to qualify for surveys
  • Bad referral program
  • Low income potential

Is Opinion Bureau a Scam?

Opinion Bureau appears to be legit and not a scam, but they’re a survey site with very low income potential. I like that they’re not only free to join but gives you $6 just to sign up, but the minimum payout is $10 and you’ll still have to earn $4 on the site which is pretty hard to do if there aren’t any available surveys or polls to do.

In my experience it was a waste of time and I’d recommend you join my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites instead which are extra income sites I personally use and earn from every month and trust.

But none of these survey sites and similar things will get you very far if you’re thinking about earning any substantial income.

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My top recommendation is 100% legit guys, but don’t expect overnight results. A website takes a lot of time and effort into building. Only see my top recommendation if you’re ready to work hard!

That’s it for my Opinion Bureau review, as usual leave me your questions and comments down below.

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