Online Empire Maker Review – Scam Or Make $1000s In Days?

make thousands dollars fast system

Online Empire Maker is another get-rich-quick “system” where they say you can make $80,000+ monthly, they have a flashy landing page with a video which make everything sound very enticing.

You probably know already there are many scams online, but is Online Empire Maker one of those scams? Or could this be a diamond in the rough, one that’s actually a legit way to make money online?

In this Online Empire Maker review I’ll go over the truth of how they work, and I don’t think it will surprise you one bit.

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Online Empire Maker Review

Name: Online Empire Maker
Membership Price: $97

Online Empire Maker talks a lot of hype, saying you can make crap tons of money referring other people to buy into a product/system, and each time you refer someone new you earn $1000s in commissions from sales. Best of all, you don’t have to wait long to see success, this can all be achieved practically overnight.

paid 1250 to 5500 per sale

Basically it’s a get-rich-quick system that promises you a fairy tale ending with lots of money. With their system you’ll be able to achieve your financial dreams by working as little as 60 minutes a day.

Too Much Hype!

They make it sound really easy and that their system does all the work for you, at this point red flags should be going off in your head… if it sounds too good to be true it most definitely is.

On their flashy landing page there’s a video where the owner of the system, Jason Rodgers, talks about how great his money making system is. He shows payment screenshots and testimonials of how you can earn those $1000s in a short period of time, one person even became a millionaire after working with the system for 7 months.

Too Good To Be True

Want to earn $5000 in a matter of days? No problem. Don’t want to work hard? No problem, 30-60 minutes of work per day will suffice. In addition, you’ll also be paired with a mentor who have been there and done that and he will coach and guide you to success.

Again, this all sounds just too insanely awesome if it’s true. So what’s the catch?

The TRUTH Of How Online Empire Maker Works

Online Empire Maker doesn’t really have a system to give you, it just refers you to a high ticket system called MOBE (My Online Business Education). So Online Empire Maker is basically just the curtain behind the system, and the real system is MOBE.

If you didn’t know, MOBE is a super-duper expensive system that cost 4-5 figures, you can buy into it and then earn big commissions from referring others to join that very system. Here’s a quick breakdown of MOBE’s five different levels you can buy into and their costs:

Level 1 – Silver

$2,497 one time + $27 monthly

Level 2 – Gold

$4997 one time + $64 monthly

Level 3 – Titanium

$9997 one time + 121 monthly

Level 4 – Platinum

$16,667 one time + $198 monthly

Level 5 – Diamond

$29,997 one time + $295 monthly

So what are the benefits of joining these levels? The higher the level (the more money you spend) the higher the commissions you can make for referring others to join, it’s that simple.

If paying all that money up front is uncomfortable for you then you can also qualify for each level by making 5 sales. The problem is that even at the lowest level it still cost $2497, who do you know who has that kind of money laying around to invest in some shady online MOBE system?

They say you’ll get a mentor, or a coach, to guide you through the making money process. In reality this person is there to rush you into upgrading for higher levels as soon as possible. In brief, they’re not there for your benefit.

So how are you going to make those sales? You could invest more money in advertisement such as using Google or Bing ads, but if you don’t know what you’re doing then you’ll likely lose even MORE money. 

The whole point of Online Empire Maker is just to get you to land on their flashy sales page with that video so they can funnel you into their MOBE system which have now been shut down anyway.

Is Online Empire Maker a Scam?

I’d say Online Empire Maker is definitely a scam. They mislead you into thinking you’ll get rich with minimal work, and all they’re doing it leading you to the real system which is really MOBE – an overpriced system that you likely won’t make a dime from, especially since now it has shut down for fraud by the FTC. 

There is nothing wrong with referring other people to a product/service and earning commissions from it, this business model is called affiliate marketing and I do it too on this blog. The difference is I refer people to products I trust and know are legit and scam free.

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So now that you know Online Empire Maker is a scam, is there ANY way to make a full time income online? The answer is definitely yes, but it involves a lot of real work and time.

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For some people building an online business is too much work, if you just want to make some quick cash online then some legit extra income sites I recommend are Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate

That’s all I got on Online Empire Maker, as always I would love to hear what you have to say on them. Leave all your comments and questions down below, I always reply within a day or two!

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