MyPoints Rewards Program – Scam Or Earn Free Cash Rewards?

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If you’re an online shopaholic or someone looking to make a  little extra income, you may like MyPoints. They’re a get-paid-to site that centers around shopping and getting cash back, but also offers other ways to actually earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and much more.

The MyPoints rewards program let you earn points doing tasks which can be redeemed for cash via gift cards which includes Paypal and Amazon. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how much points are worth, because they’re worth differently depending on how you choose to redeem them.

Overall MyPoints is a pretty typical reward site, they’re similar to Swagbucks (read review) and Inbox Pays (read review,) which are two of the top reward sites I usually recommend. 

I’ll go over whether MyPoints is a scam or not in this review as well as how to earn, how they pay, and also some negatives about them.


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Intro – MyPoints Rewards Program Review

Name: MyPoints
Type: Get-paid-to (GPT) site
Membership Price: Free To Join
My Rating: 2.6 out of 5

rewarded cash back for shopping earn points videos games

I rated MyPoints a 2.6 out of 5 because I think they got really easy ways to earn, and they also have pretty low minimum payouts.

But they also have their imperfections as well such as their awkward point/reward system (will explain more later), and their ways to earn are quite low paying.

You’re looking at making a few extra bucks of extra income every month, so don’t plan to buy a Ferrari. If you like the sound of that then MyPoints may be right for you.

But I think there are better reward sites out there, Swagbucks (read review) is my favorite because they got the whole package: great ways to earn, fast and easy payouts, and a $5 sign up bonus.

If the fact they’re low paying disappoints you, perhaps you’d like to learn how to make a full time online income instead with my #1 recommended way of making money online. 

How Does MyPoints Work?


This is not a way to earn money, but a way to SAVE money. It basically works just like any other regular cash back sites.

You will earn points every time you shop at one of their list of online retailers, the list includes some big name stores like Macy’s, Dell, Nike, Amazon, and more. The number of points you’ll earn differs depending on what store you shop at, it ranges from 2-10 points for every dollar you spend. This is equivalent to around 1-4% cash back.


There’s a coupon section which can also help you save money, mainly on grocery items like paper towels, cereal, cat food, frozen pizzas, etc. You will earn 1 point every time you print a coupon, and 10 points when you redeem them at your local grocery store.

Doing Surveys

Surveys are provided by 3rd party companies who want opinions from people like you. You may have to fill out some profile surveys first, this is how they know more about you so they can give you the right surveys to take.

Surveys typically take no more than 30 minutes, depending on how fast you click, and they can pay $0.25 to $2.50. But they’ll tell you exactly how much each survey pays before you do it.

There are always some surveys available to take, but you do need to qualify for them first, if you don’t qualify you could try again later.

Watching Videos

I always tell my readers that the easier the task, the lower paying it is. How much easier can it get than watching videos? You just turn it on and you could even walk away and leave it running.

Unfortunately it’s the lowest paying way to earn. You will only get 6 points (worth about $0.035) for watching 20 minutes of videos. You can watch videos under a few categories including news, food, travel, music, and more.

Playing Games

First of all this is not free, to play these games you have to deposit real money. 

They have a variety of games from a 3rd party site called World Winner, it’s where you can enter cash tournaments playing a variety of games such as Angry Birds, Scrabble Cubes, Solitaire, and much more.

For every dollar you deposit on World Winner, you earn 4 points (cash back) from MyPoints. So this is essentially a gambling type of thing, and not a good way to earn money.

If you’d like to earn points playing games for FREE instead, check out Swagbucks (read review) where you can do that.

Searching The Web

You can earn points by using the search bar that MyPoints gives you, the search results will be about as good as Google or Yahoo’s search results.

They don’t give you points every time you search, but you will randomly earn points instead. So the more you search the higher chances of you earning points.

More Ways To Earn…

Download Their Toolbar

MyPoints have their own toolbar called “Score!” By adding it to your web browser it will notify you whenever you’re shopping at an online retailer that is eligible for earning cash back.

Haven’t you ever made a purchase somewhere then later to go “oh crap, I forgot to use the coupon I had for that”? Well, with the toolbar you will never miss out on a chance to get cash back and save money. 

Refer a Friend

You can earn points for referring others to join MyPoints.

When they join you will earn 25 points, when they spend $20 or more on a purchase within 30 days you’ll earn 1750 points, and 10% of all points that they earn from whatever else.

Instead of a unique referral link that you can just paste on your blog or wherever, they just have a built in system where you can invite people via email and Facebook.

How Does MyPoints Pay You?

There are many gift cards to choose from when you’re ready to redeem your points. Your options include Paypal, Amazon, Cineplex, iTunes, L.L. Bean, and more.

With the Amazon gift cards you can start redeeming as low as $3, but for the Paypal one it starts at $25. Once you’ve redeemed it you will receive it within a couple of days.

You’ll also notice that your points are worth differently depending on which gift card option you choose. For example, to redeem $25 worth of Paypal it will take 4200 points, but for a $25 Amazon card it will only take 3950 points.

redeem cash gift cards paypal amazon gift cards

I don’t like how they push you to redeem via Amazon versus Paypal, I much rather go with a reward site like Swagbucks (read review) where all their points are worth equally no matter where you redeem it. 

The Negatives…

You Won’t Make a Living Doing It

Don’t join this site thinking you can earn a lot, this is an extra income site that you should just go on for fun. Many of their features like the shopping, coupons, and games actually require you to spend money first.

Watching videos and searching the web will earn you pennies a day at most, and the surveys are low paying as well but they’re also hard to qualify for.

If you’re looking to make a small extra income, then MyPoints is fine. But I’d recommend you join Swagbucks (read review) instead because they have better ways to earn, better point/reward system, and they also offer a free $5 for signing up.

But you won’t find any reward site that you can make a living from. If you need to make a full time online income, forget these sites and check out my #1 recommendation instead.

Verdict: Is MyPoints a Scam?

MyPoints is definitely not a scam, they are legit but I think there are better reward sites out there.

They’re mainly a good cash back site that also provide you with several ways to earn money, also their payouts start at only $3 with Amazon gift cards and so it’s pretty quick and easy.

Their biggest turn off for me is that all their ways to earn are super low paying, and it’s not a viable way to earn anything beyond coffee money.

As far as reward sites go they’re okay, but they’re not the best. Swagbucks (read review) has better ways to earn, has a better point/reward system, and they’re offering a $5 sign up bonus which MyPoints doesn’t have.

If you want to make more than coffee money, then take a look at my #1 recommended way of making money online instead where a full time income is possible (hard work required.)



What are your thoughts on MyPoints? Do you have any experience with them you’d like to share? Leave any comments or questions down below in the box. I always reply to every comment!

My Final Rating:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings
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