My Freelance Paycheck Review – Scam or Make $3000 Monthly?

make money as a freelancer

So you want to make money online and My Freelance Paycheck caught your eye, but you’re not sure if you can trust them or not. Don’t worry, I will reveal everything about them in this review. So is My Freelance Paycheck a scam or what?

I’m glad you landed on my review because I’m going to expose to you what they really are so you can decide for yourself whether to waste your time with them or not.

In this My Freelance Paycheck review I’ll go over what they offer and how it works, then at the end of this post I’ll also suggest to you a much better opportunity to make money.

Laura Pennington (the owner) makes a very good sales pitch and it’s got everybody curious and wondering if you can actually make $3000 a month doing what her program is offering. So let’s dive right into it….

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My Freelance Paycheck Intro – Who Are They?

Name: My Freelance Paycheck
Laura Pennington
My Rating: 
3 out of 10

make money freelancing online freelance jobs

My Freelance Paycheck is basically a product that teaches people on how to make money from home doing freelancing work, a type of work where you’re self employed and can do it from anywhere with an internet connection. Clients and workers meet on a freelancing platform like Fiverr and Upwork, if the work is approved by the client then worker gets paid.

The owner of My Freelance Paycheck is Laura Pennington, and the first thing you’ll see when you land on her website is her sales video. She talks for several minutes and make it sound like she’s going to reveal some big ol’ secret that will change your life and help you kick that 9 to 5 to the curb:

make money as a freelancer

Her big “secret” in the end is telling you about freelancing to make money online, which is not a secret at all. Freelancing is basically where you take on jobs (gigs) without being committed to an employer long term, you’re self employed and you may be going around taking on different gigs from different people who needs a job done.

This is a very well-known business practice and people have been doing it since before the internet, it’s nothing new. This whole “This is a secret” BS is just a marketing tactic to make her product seem more special.

There’s definitely lots of hype in the video, and underneath all that she’s really just getting you ready to make money doing freelance writing gigs online.

It’s definitely possible to make a lot of money freelancing, but it’s not easy. It’s a lot harder to make $3000 a month freelancing as a beginner than Laura would have you believe. 

earn one two three thousand dollars a month

If it was easy everyone would be doing it. The toughest part when you’re a beginner is GETTING a gig. You don’t just apply and automatically get in to start working on it. It’s like getting hired for a job, there’s a choosing process of who gets the gig. There are LOTS of competition going for the same gig, and as a beginner who hasn’t proven yourself yet, you’ll have plenty of difficulties getting chosen.

It’s only after you’ve gotten plenty of experience, done plenty of gigs and gotten very positive feedback, that clients will flock to you because they know they can trust you to do good work. But as a newbie, who’s going to trust you? You may still get gigs, but it won’t be easy.

How Does Freelance Paycheck Work?

It Costs $47 – What Do You Get For It?

So the whole point of My Freelance Paycheck is to sell you a product that costs $47, and here is what you’re paying for:

  • How to become a freelance writer – a 156 page long PDF
  • An audio version of that PDF
  • 23 short videos with tips and guides
  • 5 templates to help you respond to clients more efficiently
  • Success Multiplier book which shows you tips for success from 5 experts

This product could be useful for newbies who want to get into freelancing, it offers some useful information to assist with finding online freelance platforms and other things.

Although you can find just about any information online these days, it’s a lot easier with all the information you need gathered for you in one place. The My Freelance Paycheck package helps you save time, and so in that regard it can be something useful for some people.

The tips they offer can help increase your odds of getting a gig, such as how to write up a good profile on those freelance platforms to stand out. They also refer you to useful tools & equipment that can help you sell yourself to potential clients as you apply for different gigs.

Can My Freelance Paycheck Help You Make Money?

Definitely yes, but in the end it’s all on you to make it happen, you’re the one who needs to take action and do the work. You must also have patience and be persistence, because making money on these freelance platforms won’t be easy, especially when you’re new without any experience. 

get money by typing words into your computer

Clients on these freelancing platforms would be able to see if you’re new or a seasoned worker, as well as your rating as a worker and how many gigs you have in queue. So put yourself in the client’s shoes, why would you pick some new guy with no ratings and no history over a seasoned worker with 100s of positive work history?

But everyone has to start somewhere, and seasoned workers were new once. You need to put yourself out there and hope for the best, eventually you may get a lucky gig or two which will help get things rolling, and eventually it will snowball into you getting more and more work as a result.

In the beginning you’re not going to make a lot, you’ll be lucky if you made anything at all in the first week or two. To make $1000-$3000 a month you’d need lots of gigs, and this requires time to develop your work history and portfolio.

Freelancing writing gigs online is just like any other business, it takes time and effort to build, how fast you succeed at making a living doing it depends on how hard you work and how smart you work.

Final Verdict: Scam or Make $3000 a Month?

My Freelance Paycheck probably won’t help you make $3000 your first month, but the resources provided to you with their $47 product can definitely be of a lot of help to the beginners, and so I’d say they’re not a scam. 

Earlier I mentioned Fiverr and Upwork which are two of the largest freelancing platforms online. You don’t need My Freelance Paycheck to go there and sign up right now, so it’s up to you whether you feel it’s worth the $47 or not for the other stuff that comes with the package. 

The key to success in freelancing is really to just build a trustworthy reputation as a worker, then clients will trust you and come to you with they need work done. The more clients trust you, the more work and income potential you’ll have. Although the hard part is getting that trust to begin with, and that can take a lot of time and effort.

If you do decide to pursue a career in freelancing, My Freelance Paycheck can help you sort through the right and wrong information and thus helping you with a head start. $47 is not that expensive for a product like this, and so I do recommend them.

Make Money Writing For Yourself Instead

If you enjoy writing and want to make a living doing it, why not do what I currently do and start a blog? Yes, blogging can become a business too and it’s actually better than freelancing because it can create a part time or full time passive income stream.

But you would need to learn how to write in a way that you can make money from it. You can blog about any topic you like, but if you’re looking to make money blogging then there’s a right and wrong way to do it. Doing it wrong can cost you a lot of time and effort for nothing, so that’s where having the proper training and education comes in – so you can do it right the first time.

I’m currently making a consistent monthly online income from this blog, but it didn’t happen overnight. I didn’t know anything about blogging and making money from it until December 2016 when I discovered an educational platform called Wealthy Affiliate. I joined them and got the training and education I needed to build a blogging business the right way.

Just like freelancing, a blogging business takes time. I started in December of 2016 and didn’t start making money until 4 months later, then from there my blog’s income slowly increased every month and it’s still growing.

I wrote a free guide where I’ll explain fully what this business is about, how to earn, how much you can earn, and more. Get my free guide here:



If you don’t know whether to go with doing freelancing or blogging, why not do both? You can do freelancing gigs to earn some extra money on the side while you learn about the blogging business and start building it right now. Both take some time for things to get rolling, so the sooner you start the sooner you’ll see results.

I love blogging more because the earning potential is a lot higher, you get to choose how much work you partake in, you won’t have a deadline for some client, and you get to write about whatever you want to!

You’ll learn all about how this all works in my free guide. In the guide you’ll also learn more about the training platform Wealthy Affiliate and all that they offer.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter membership, so just sign up today and check them out. Learn more about them by reading my free guide HERE.

If you have any thoughts about My Freelance Paycheck or anything else I’ve discussed in this post, let me know in the comment section below, I’d love to hear what you think!

My Freelance Paycheck – Final Rating

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