Moocash App Review – Make $5 Per Day, Really??

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Today I’m reviewing Moocash, an app you can find on Google Play and Apple Store that lets you earn cash by doing brainless tasks like downloading other apps and games, taking surveys, watching videos, referring others to join Moocash, and more.

They say “Earn $5 Per Day” which I’m a bit skeptical of since that’ll mean earning $150 per month, which seems high since with other similar apps you can typically make no more than $10-$20 per month.

Is Moocash a legit $5 per day income opportunity? How do they pay? Discover the answers in this Moocash review below.

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Moocash Review – Quick Overview

Name: Moocash
Type: Rewards app
Price To Download: FREE

mobile app that pays rewards

Moocash is an app-based platform that pays out rewards to their members for doing very simple tasks like downloading apps, playing games, watching videos, completing offers, and more.

Every time you complete tasks you’ll earn points called “coins” which you can later on redeem for real cash rewards via Paypal, gift cards, bitcoins, and even use them to trade followers and likes on social media.

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How Does Moocash Really Work?

App Installation & Sign Up

Just go to Google Play or the Apple Store to find the Moocash app, it is 100% free to install.

Once you’ve downloaded the app you can open it, it will ask you to sign up with either your Facebook account or your phone number. If you choose phone number it will send you a SMS verification number, just follow the prompts.

That’s the whole sign up process, it’s pretty easy and you don’t even need to create a password. From there you can just open the app and go to the “offers” section to start earning coins.

How much are coins worth?

Assuming you redeem coins for Paypal cash, every 1000 coins is worth $1 USD.

tasks offers history redeem community

There are endless tasks you can do to earn coins, below I’ll summarize them the best I can.

Downloading Apps & Games

You just have to install the app and complete the specified requirements. For example if it’s a game it will usually require you to play until you’ve reached a certain level.

You can earn 200-2000+ coins per task you complete.

Completing Offers

Offers are basically “paid-to-do” tasks and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms. Here are some examples of what an offer may be:

  • Sign up for a survey site and take a survey
  • Set up an account on a website
  • Fill out a form with your name, email, address, and other info for a chance to win a free gift card
  • Register for a free product trial
  • Sign up for an online Casino and make a deposit
  • and much more…

Some offers are 100% free to do, others requires a purchase or credit card info. For free trials they’re still free to do but just make sure you cancel the trial before it ends so you don’t get stuck with a subscription you don’t want.

For offers that require a purchase just make sure it pays more than it cost you to do it or else you’ll be in the red instead of making money.

You can earn 200-2000+ coins per completed offer.

Writing Reviews / Giving Feedback

In the reviews section you can earn coins by either writing feedback, vote reviews, or install app. You’ll have to provide screen shot to prove you’ve done it. 

Writing feedback requires you to download an app, use it, and then provide a positive rating and comment. You can earn 300-7000+ coins doing this.

Vote reviews is where you either up vote or down vote something. Earn 10-30+ coins doing this.

Install app is where you have to install an app and use it. You can’t uninstall it within 30 days or else not only will the coins you earn be taken back, but you could be slapped with a big penalty of 100s of coins! Earn 30-300+ coins doing this.

Social Media Engagement

Apparently there are people willing to pay you to engage on their social media content. In this section you can find tasks where you can earn coins for sharing Facebook videos, liking YouTube comments, and following people on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin.

You can earn 10-15 coins per task you complete.

Lottery Prize Draws

In this section you can use your coins to buy a ticket into a draw to win a big grand prize.

Each grand prize has a maximum number of tickets available, when all tickets have been sold then they will choose the winner randomly. Some examples of prizes include PlayStation 4 Console, Power Bank, Apple iPad Pro, Portable Photo Printer, and much more.

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Earn By Referring Others

Moocash pays you coins when you refer others to join. Just take your referral code and promote it to as many people as you can. Your referrals will receive 20 coins when they join, and you’ll earn 10 coins + 10% of what they redeem for a year. So if your referrals earns and redeem 5000 coins, you get 500 coins.

How Do You Get Paid?

In the “Redeem” section you’ll find many ways to redeem your coins for cash or credit payments. Here are some of the choices including their minimum redemption amounts:

  • Paypal – min. 5000 coins for $5 USD
  • Bitcoin – min. 10,400 coins for $10 USD
  • Skrill – min. 10,600 coins for $10 USD
  • Payoneer – min. 51,500 coins for $50 USD
  • Gift Cards – Amazon, iTunes, Google Play (min. depends on country)

You can even use your coins to buy likes and followers on your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Or if you’re feeling philanthropic you can donate your coins to a charity of your choosing. 

Once you’ve redeemed your coins for the rewards of your choosing, you should expect to receive it within 7 days.

The Good

  • Free to join, easy to sign up
  • Lots of tasks to do, you’ll never get bored
  • Lots of good cash payment options including Paypal
  • Low payout thresholds

The Bad

  • Very low paying and kind of a waste of time
  • You only earn from referrals for a period of 1 year, after that Moocash continues to benefit from your referrals but you don’t!

Is Moocash a Legit Income Opportunity?

It appears that Moocash is totally legit, but don’t expect to get rich on this app. Most of their tasks are incredibly low paying, and some of their higher paying tasks and offers require you to spend money first so you gotta be careful.

I’d say $5 per day is unlikely, maybe you can expect to make about $5-$10 a month with these sort of apps.

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So those are my thoughts and opinions on Moocash, I hope you have enjoyed reading this review and if you have any thoughts of your own I’d love to hear them down below.

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4 thoughts on “Moocash App Review – Make $5 Per Day, Really??

  1. Michelle says:

    I have heard of MooCash before but just did not find the time to see what it is all about. 

    MooCash seems like a ‘lot of work’ for peanuts, even though it is a ‘free’ app.

    This would not quite ‘cut it for me’. Your pros and cons are ‘on the money’ – had to use the pun.LOL

    Great job and thanks again.


    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Michelle, apps like MooCash aren’t designed to be used to create any significant income, it’s shouldn’t be thought of as “work” but rather treat the whole thing as something fun you can do.

      For example ever been bored in the bathroom while taking a poop? Waiting for pasta water to boil? Can’t sleep? Reward apps and websites like these come in real handy in those types of situations. The extra $5 or $10 a month is just icing on the cake.

      But yeah if you’re trying to make $1000+ a month then you won’t come anything close to that, for those people I’d recommend them to see my Top Work At Home Recommendation instead.

  2. Jag Randa says:

    It seems like there are a lot of these types of apps coming out. Like to you say too much work for very little pay. I would rather make $1000 per month blogging then have to do surveys and such. Why would I refer someone to a program, where after a year they get all the benefits. It seems like a weird hierarchy type of situation. Thanks for bringing this here, because I have tendency to download apps to create some sort of cash, will stay away from this one. 

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      I agree their referral program sucks and are designed to benefit them more than you. There are much better referrals programs to join if you want to make money by referring people. For example Swagbucks pay you 10% of your referrals earnings as long as they’re active, so pretty much for the referral’s lifetime and not just one year. 

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