Mobee App Reviews – Paid To Be a Secret Shopper Or Scam?

earn rewards to shop at the places you love

Did you know there are companies out there that will pay you to shop at their stores? That’s right, it’s called secret shopping and it’s done by companies who want to measure the level of customer experience. Today I found an app called Mobee that hires you to be their secret shopper.

There’s no shortage of scams out there on the internet, so you gotta be cautious. Is the Mobee app a scam or are they a legit opportunity? How does it work? How do they pay you? Find out below in the Mobee app reviews.

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Mobee App Review

Name: Mobee App
Type: Mystery shopping
Membership Price: $0 FREE to join

secret mystery shopping earn rewards

What Is Mobee App?

Found on, Mobee is a secret shopping app that started up back in 2012. You can download the app to your Android or iPhone by going to Google Play or the Apple Store.

The app is 100% free to download. After downloading it you can sign up either by logging into your Facebook account or creating a new account with an email and password.

After you’ve signed up you can log in to the app and start looking for secret shopping jobs, or aka “missions” as they call it. Completing these missions will earn you points which can be redeemed for gift card rewards. 1 point roughly equals $0.01 USD.

How Does It Work?

Basically secret shopping is where you go into a store, restaurant, or some other business and act like a normal customer. You may be required to buy something, locate an item, take pictures, or talk to people who work there. The purpose is to measure customer service levels.

The Mobee app locates where you are geographically and shows you what secret shopping missions are available in your area.

If you tap on the available missions it will tell you the name of the store and what you’ll need to do once you arrive at the store (take pictures, find items, take pics, talk to store employees, etc) and also how many points you’ll receive for completing it.

mystery secret shopping store shop mission

If you want to take the job just tap on “Start Mission,” but the thing is you’d have to already be at the location of the store to do so. You may need to answer some questions on the app while doing the mission.

After you’ve completed the missions you’ll have to submit it to be reviewed. If it’s approved then you’ll get paid your points, if it’s rejected then there’s no pay. They judge your submissions by how accurate you are, the quality of your pictures, and some other factors.

Do You Need To Spend Money In The Store?

Some missions will require you to make a purchase at the store, whatever you spent will be reimbursed back to you after you submit your receipt for proof.

What About Transportation Costs?

You do need to factor in transportation costs for you to get to the store. If a mission only pays $1.50 and you spent $2.50 taking the bus to get to the store, well then it’s all pointless because you won’t make any money.

Earning Potential

Don’t expect to replace your job with secret shopping because it pays very low and there’s not enough mission opportunities.

When I opened the Mobee app there were only 2 missions available in my city and both of them only paid 150 points, so that’s like $1.50 each. They’re both located far enough that I have to take the bus to get there, and a bus trip in my city cost a minimum of $2.50, so this is not going to work for me.

I was actually surprised at how little opportunities there were since I lived in a medium sized city with about 3 million people. If you live in a bigger city like Los Angeles or New York then there may be many more opportunities for you. 

 My advice is don’t expect to make more than maybe $10 to $20 per month.

Mobee App Complaints

The Mobee app currently hold a 2.9 stars out of 5 rating and many people are complaining that it’s a waste of time and that their submitted missions were rejected for the stupidest of reasons.

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How Do They Pay You?

When your completed missions are approved you’ll be paid in points, these points can be redeemed for gift card rewards.

There are many gift card options including Amazon, Ebay, Dunkin Donuts, iTunes, Old Navy, Whole Foods, and much more. The minimum payout starts at 500 points (Worth $5 USD) for most of them.

Many of the gift cards are only available for USA only, so if you’re from other countries your options may be very limited.

Unfortunately there’s no Paypal payment options which is disappointing because that means you can’t get paid in cash. Fortunately there are survey sites that pay with Paypal

The Positives

  • Free to sign up
  • You get to make money shopping at stores, shops, and restaurants
  • Lots of gift card payout options

The Negatives

  • Earning potential depends on location
  • Very low paying, most people say they’re earning around $1 per hour
  • There are many complaints from users about submitted missions being rejected for stupid reasons
  • No Paypal payments

Is Mobee App a Scam?

Mobee is not a scam, they’re a legit opportunity to get paid as a secret shopper. But don’t expect to quit your day job to do this full time because the pay is way too low and there’s not enough opportunities. Another thing that might be problematic for some people is that Mobee doesn’t pay with Paypal.

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Thanks for checking out my Mobee review. Is Mobee worth your time? Let me know in the below comments!

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