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Survey sites are sites that pay you to take surveys or do other things like participating in focus groups, test products, watching advertisement clips, reading emails, doing tasks, etc. These sites only pay a little, but most of them are completely legit, free to join, and do pay.

Maximum Paid Surveys is a scam and I would NOT recommend them. They cost $9.97 to join and all they do is give you a list of other survey sites you can join. There’s nothing special about these other sites and it’s something you can easily find by googling online. You shouldn’t ever need to pay to join a survey site, if you do then it’s probably a scam or at the very least a rip off.

If you’re looking for a good survey site to join I highly recommend you go with ones with consistent top reviews, my favorite one is Swagbucks (read review) which is free to join, they’ve been around since 2008 and has paid out over $175 million to their members.

In this Maximum Paid Surveys review I’ll expose everything about this site and hopefully you won’t waste your time on them.

Intro – Maximum Paid Surveys Review

Name: Maximum Paid Surveys
Type: Survey site
Membership Price: One time fee of $9.97
My Rating: 1.1 out of 5

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I gave Maximum Paid Surveys a final rating score of 1.1 out of 5, and I highly advise against joining them. They are definitely a scam and mislead you into thinking you’ll earn a lot of money at their list of survey sites.

They advertise their survey sites as high paying, but that’s REALLY misleading. The bitter truth is that taking online surveys aren’t going to earn you much no matter which site you go on, typically you only earn about $0.50 to $2.50 each. Surveys paying $10+ are incredibly rare and difficult to qualify for.

All you’ll get for paying them the $9.97 membership fee is a list of survey sites you can find anywhere online. I can give you a list of trustworthy sites to take paid surveys right now free of charge! Check out these top survey sites here I have already reviewed, marked as legit, and DO recommend you join.

How Does Maximum Paid Surveys Work?

Maximum Paid Surveys say you can earn up to $10 per survey, $250 per focus group, $150 to shop, and $25 to test products. While earning those figures ARE possible, I guarantee you 99.9% of the time you won’t earn that much! I’ll explain more below on why this is.

Paid online surveys, focus groups, or being a product tester require that you qualify for them first, you can’t just start doing them whenever you want. To qualify you’ll need to answer a few screening questions, and how often you qualify depends on your demographics, but the vast majority of people find they don’t qualify over 9 out of 10 times.

The higher paying the survey the more strict the requirements, and it’s very misleading for Maximum Paid Surveys to advertise to you that you can qualify and complete 4 surveys that pay $10 each everyday for a whole month to make over $1100, this is ludicrous!

how much you can earn
Very misleading info! You’ll be lucky if you qualify for a $0.50 survey once every few days!

The fact of the matter is there are tons of people on forums of survey sites complaining that they’re not getting enough surveys to take, and those offered they often don’t qualify for. The ones you do qualify for usually pay around $0.50 to $1.25, not $10.

It will take you probably at least a month to make back the $9.97 membership fee you paid Maximum Paid Surveys. There is no reason for you to give them your money at all.

Most legit survey sites are completely free to join, and some other ones like Swagbucks (read review) and Inbox Pays (read review) even give you a $5 sign up bonus. These sites also let you do more than just surveys to earn, you can also earn playing games, clicking ads, searching the web, and more.

Conclusion: Is Maximum Paid Surveys a Scam?

I don’t easily call survey sites a scam, even if they’re crappy and don’t offer great rewards as long as they’re not deceiving their members I still mark them as legit, although I wouldn’t recommend them. But Maximum Paid Surveys IS a scam, and you should avoid them.

They charge you money for a membership for an almost useless list of 3rd party survey sites, and they mislead you into thinking these sites can earn you over $1100 a month taking surveys from home. CAN you make $10 per survey? Yes, but in the same way that you CAN win the lottery, it’s just not likely to happen.

There is no reason to pay them $9.97 at all when there are many legit survey sites that not only are free to join but also gives you a nice sign up bonus as well. Check out my FREE list of survey sites here that are legit and has a reputation for paying.

But as I’ve said before, all survey sites are low paying. You just won’t find a legit survey site paying you a full time income, if such a thing exist then everyone would be doing it. But making a full time living IS possible, just not by taking surveys and other similar things. Check out my #1 Recommendation HERE where I’ll show you how to make REAL money online building websites/blogs.

Got any opinions of your own about Maximum Paid Surveys? Share your 2 cents below in the comment section!

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