Maximiles Review – Paid to Take Surveys or Just Big SCAM?

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Have you ever been asked to take a survey on the streets? Or perhaps a telemarketer phone call asking you for your opinions? Well, that’s old school. Nowadays smart companies take it online, and instead of asking for freebies they’re willing to PAY you for your opinions! People are much more willing to give their time if they get something for it in return.

These sites that provide paid surveys are sometimes called get-paid-to (GPT) sites, and Maximiles is just one of the 1000’s all over the internet. Most are legitimate that actually pays the reward to you after you’ve earned them, but scams do exist and I wrote a post that helps you identify and avoid them.

So is Maximiles a scam? Do they really pay you to take surveys? In this Maximiles review I’ll go over ways you can earn, what rewards you’ll get, and the final verdict on whether they’re a scam or legit.

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Maximiles Intro – Who Are They?

Name: Maximiles
Type: GPT (get-paid-to) site
Price: Free to join
Verdict: Legitimate

get paid to rewards site

Maximiles is a get-paid-to (GPT) site that’s been around since 2000, they are run by a company called Bilendi Limited and currently boasts over 2 million members.

They are a European-based site, and membership is only offered to those living in the UK, Spain, France, and Italy. Joining is free, all you need is your name and a working email.

On Maximiles you can earn points by doing things such as taking surveys, watching videos, shopping, and more. Points can be converted to physical reward products such as music, DVD movies, beauty products, electronics, and other random things. Most GPT sites also offer cash as a reward option, unfortunately Maximiles doesn’t.

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Maximiles Rewards – How Do You Earn?

earn rewards taking surveys watching videos

You get a bit of a head start, Maximiles gives you 125 points for simply joining. Then you can earn more points in a variety of ways. Although there are several ways to earn, pretty much all of them pays extremely low for the amount of time spent doing them.

Taking Surveys

Taking surveys is the main way to earn at Maximiles, you get about 100 to 500 points for every survey you complete, each survey takes about 10 to 30 minutes. In general the longer the survey the more points it pays. You must first take a screening survey to see if you qualify, but even if you don’t qualify you’ll still get 5 points as a consolation prize.

Watching Videos

Yes, you can earn points just by watching videos. But before you celebrate, the pay is incredibly low. As a general rule, the easier the task is the less rewards you’d earn, and it doesn’t get any easier than sitting there doing nothing watching videos. Each video is about 30 seconds to a minute long, and they pay about 5 points each time you watch them.

Reading Emails

Again, this is very easy and as such it is very low paying. All you do is open up an email and read it, then you get 5 points.

Going Shopping

Well, you can’t MAKE any money going shopping, but you can receive cash back which is kind of like a rebate. Maximiles have a list of over 600 merchants, if you shop at one of them you can earn about 2 to 10 points per pound you spend.

More Ways To Earn…

Mobile App

There’s a mobile app you can download which makes it easy to earn points on the go. This is very useful for times where you’re waiting for things like for a bus, at a bank line, for a doctor’s appointment, etc. Just whip out your phone and start gathering a few points here and there.

Referring Your Friends

You can also earn 1500 points for referring other people to Maximiles, but the stipulation is that your referral must have earned at least 1500 points first.

Cash Paying GPT Sites

If you’re not from the UK or you’d rather join a GPT site that actually pay rewards in cash, the top 3 I usually recommend are Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate.

But like all GPT sites and other similar things, they are all low paying. If you’re turned off by earning such micro rewards, consider checking out my #1 Work at Home recommendation where you can potentially make a full time income with it.

How Much Are These Points Worth?

The short answer is… not much. As mentioned previously, Maximiles only pays in non-cash rewards, so there’s not really an exact value to each point. These points can be redeemed for rewards starting at a minimum of 2000 points, and it goes all the way up to 50,000 points.

At the low end you can get a lunch bag, makeup bag, key chain, cellphone screen cleaner, and other inexpensive items. At the higher end you can get more expensive items like digital cameras, digital fitness bands, a treadmill, and more. Yeah, good luck trying to earn 50,000 points watching videos for 5 points a minute! 

Maximiles Complaints

Limited Membership

You can only join Maximiles if you’re living in the UK, Spain, Italy, or France. For everyone else you can still join, but you won’t be able to receive any rewards, which would make joining kind of pointless! If you’re interested in joining a GPT site that offers membership internationally (USA, Canada, UK, Australia) then check out Swagbucks instead.

Only Pays In Non-Cash Rewards

The biggest thing I dislike about Maximiles is how you can only redeem your points for physical products and not cash. If you want to get paid in cash then check out these sites that pay with Paypal.

Low Paying Gigs

All the ways to earn are pretty easy, but they’re all low paying! Don’t even bother with Maximiles or any other GPT site if you’re trying to make a substantial online income, it will take you too much time to earn too little. In the case of Maximiles you’re earning maybe a few cents an hour, and you can’t even get cash rewards for it.

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Final Verdict: Scam or Legit?

Maximiles is definitely a legit GPT site. They’ve been around for many years and they’re actually quite popular in the UK. They offer some fun ways to earn, and your points can be redeemed for 1000’s of different physical items. But overall they’re just a site for just having fun while earning some small rewards, and so I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone who’s looking to make any serious income online.

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If you have any questions or comments about Maximiles or anything else I’ve mentioned in this post, be sure to leave them down below in the comment section. I always reply to everyone who writes a comment!

Maximiles – Final Rating

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings
  • Ease of Use
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