JustAnswer.com Review – SCAM Or Really Earn $1000s a Month?

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I’m guessing if you’re here reading this right now then you’re someone who wants to make money online, but you’re wondering “Is JustAnswer.com is a scam or a legit way to make that money?”

I’m glad you landed here because in my JustAnswer.com review I’m going to EXPOSE the truth about them so you can make your own educated decision as to whether to join them or not. I’ll go over how their platform works, and how you can start making money with them if that’s what you want to do. 

To participate you’d need to be a professional with actual proof of it, such as having a diploma or certification. If you’re not an expert but still want to make money answering people’s questions, then check out my FREE guide below where I’ll show you how to do so:




JustAnswer.com Intro – Who Are They?

Name: JustAnswer
Website: justanswer.com
Price: Free to join
My Rating: 2 out of 5

asking questions getting answers from experts

JustAnswer is a website that allows experts in various fields to make a little money by answering questions for other people, such as a mechanic answering someone with questions about their car.  It’s free to join for the experts, but obviously it costs money for the people needing to connect with those experts.

Haven’t you ever had a pressing issue that you would have loved to get the opinions of experts in the field? Well now instead of having to book an appointment over the phone for a slot next week, you can just go on this platform and be connected with an expert in just minutes.

This service is paid by the customer asking the questions, but only if they’re satisfied with the answer they got.

There’s also a rating system where as an expert you’re rated by your customers on how helpful your answers are, so you do have to be careful, if you have low ratings this will affect your ability to earn on the platform.

There are over 175 different categories, and so no matter what you’re an expert in you’ll probably find a category for which you can offer your knowledge.

This platform offers a way for customers to get quick help and find answers from experts, and it offers experts the ability to earn some extra cash online.

On JustAnswer.com they say you can earn $1000’s a month, but this is a bit misleading in my opinion and later I’ll explain why. But basically you shouldn’t expect to make a living doing this, but it’s good for making a small part time income.

asking questions getting answers

How To Earn Money on JustAnswer.com

Who Is JustAnswer.com For?

If you’re someone in a profession that fits into one of the 175 categories that JustAnswer.com offers, then you can apply to become an expert on the platform and start earning money.

These categories include tax/finance, lawyers, mechanics, doctors/nurses, vets, electricians, plumbers, computers, and more.

tax lawyer finance doctor mechanic

You most likely won’t be able to make much more than a small extra income on the side, so it’s probably not going to work out well if you’re looking to make a full time income online.

If you’re not a professional in any one of their categories or if you’re looking to make a full time online income, consider checking out my Top Work at Home Recommendation instead.

How To Apply

There’s an application form you’d need to fill out, this will take about 30 minutes. In the application you’ll need to submit a couple of things to prove that you’re qualified for the expert position that you’re applying for. These things are:

  1. Your Resume – A resume is technically not required, but it’s a good idea to submit it anyway. If you think about it, it’s almost like you’re applying for a job here. You have a skill in demand that you’re offered money for. So submitting a resume is going to increase the chances of you getting approved.
  2. Your Credentials – This is where you submit proof that you’re a qualified expert in your profession, such as your education diplomas, any certifications or licenses.
  3. Your ID – You’ll need to submit either your social security number or passport number.

The application itself is just the standard stuff you’d expect, such as filling in your work and employment history. Then after you’re done you just submit it and wait for an approval which can take 5-10 days if you’re in the US or Canada, and 5-20 days in other countries.

They’ll let you know whether you’re approved or not, if you are then they’ll guide you through the rest of the steps in order for you to start answering questions and making money.

How Much Can You Earn?

It depends on your profession. For example a customer would pay about $50 to ask questions from a doctor, whereas they would only pay $35 to a mechanic. As the expert your cut would be about 50% of whatever the customer pays.

You can also earn more money if you charge an add-on for additional services, such as a computer guy having to fix something on your computer by connecting you to him.

Once the session is over the customer can either accept your answer or reject it. If they accept your answer or give you a positive rating, then you can get paid.

The rating system can be abused though, because the customer can just reject the answer for not wanting to pay and there’s not much you can do about that.

It also sucks because the amount you can earn is directly related to your overall ratings, so if someone dishonest were to give you a bad rating just to avoid paying, then not only do you not get paid, but your future earnings would also be negatively affected. 

How Do You Get Paid?

how to get paid earnings paypal

JustAnswer.com pays out via Paypal on the 1st business day of every month, provided that your earnings from the previous month have reached at least $25.

If your monthly earnings is below $25 then it will just roll over to the next month. 

Final Verdict: Is JustAnswer.com a Scam?

They’re definitely legit and not a scam, but I doubt you’ll be able to make $1000’s a month like they say, at least not right away. As a new expert you won’t have very many ratings, and so you won’t be getting as many opportunities to answer questions as someone who’s been on the platform for years.

If you’re a professional who’s currently laid off or looking for extra hours of work, then this could definitely be a viable way to earn some extra income on your down time.

The biggest down side to this platform is their rating system which puts you at the mercy of your customer, if they don’t like your answer for whatever reason then they can just reject your answer without having to pay.

Even if you gave them the best answer you could, it’s ultimately up to the customer to decide whether they accept your answer or reject it, as well as how they rate you.

But overall most people are honest and getting scammed is probably going to be a rare occurrence. Therefore my verdict is that it’s a good way to earn some extra cash on the weekends or whenever you have spare time. But if you want to earn a full time income instead, then keep on reading…

Earn More Doing This Instead…

Instead of offering your services through a third party platform like JustAnswer.com, why not just create your own online business and work for yourself instead? I’m talking about creating your own website.

When you work for yourself you can charge whatever YOU want for your services, and you get to keep 100% of it. You won’t be at the mercy of some rating system, and you get to run the business however YOU feel is fair.

In addition to offering your consultation services on your website, you can also monetize it via different ways such as displaying advertisement banners, or using the affiliate marketing business model which is how I currently make a consistent monthly online income from this blog.

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What do YOU think about JustAnswer.com? If you have any comments or questions about them or anything else I’ve talked about in this post, leave them in the comment section below. I always appreciate and reply to every comment!

JustAnswer.com – My Final Rating

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
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2 thoughts on “JustAnswer.com Review – SCAM Or Really Earn $1000s a Month?

  1. Denise Hilton says:

    I worked as an Expert on JustAnswer and I was able to earn more than $2000 in 4 months. Those who say it’s not legitimate are probably the ones who got rejected by their system.
    You can never know unless you have tried it on your own. I suggest applying for an account and giving it a try yourself. There are thousands of positive reviews all over the internet.
    You can withdraw your earnings directly to your Paypal account. They pay on monthly basis. You can earn around $30 to $50 on each question you answer. However, it not as easy as it sounds. You really have to be an expert in the field you want to apply for.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Denise thanks for sharing your experience with JustAnswer.com. Glad you hear you were able to earn some extra cash.

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