Is Young Living Essential Oils a Scam? Another MLM Exposed!

therapeutic grade essential oils MLM business opportunity

Today I checked out another company called Young Living Essential Oils, they have an MLM program you can become a part of and apparently lots of money can be made. If you’re good at selling and recruiting you can potentially make a full time income doing this.

But if you’re someone who’s weary of getting duped you may have many questions like is Young Living Essential Oils a scam? How does their MLM program work? How much money can you make? Will it work for you? Find out the answers below!

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Young Living Essential Oils Review

Name: Young Living Essential Oils
Type: MLM business opportunity
Membership Price: $45+
Verdict: Legit, but not recommended

make money online selling and recruiting

What Is Young Living Essential Oils?

Young Living Essential Oils is a MLM company that sells essential oils or products that are infused with those essential oils. These products release a very nice scent into your room and create a sense of well being.

They’re a MLM company because they sell their products solely through distributors who earn commissions selling their products or by recruiting others to earn from their sales. 

If you’re someone looking to earn money from MLMs then it’s a good idea to choose a product that you have interest in, because to sell the product you’ll need to know it really well so you can explain it to people why they should buy it from you.

While essential products is a pretty good niche to get into, you should know that the prices Young Living charges (even for wholesale) is pretty expensive, it seems to be around twice what many other brands charge. If they’re that expensive then it’ll be hard for you to sell them.

Young Living’s Products

Young Living’s products include essential oils, essential oil blends, massage oils, and collections which are packs of oils in assorted flavors. These oils are infused with an aroma which can make you feel more peaceful and calm. It can be used in baths, a diffuser, in a massage, or by rubbing it on your skin.

Young Living is an MLM company which means they only sell their products via distributors. You won’t find their essential oils on store shelves, to buy them you’ll have to either visit Young Living’s website or by finding a distributor promoting it and buy it from them.

There are many Young Living essential oil products being sold on Amazon, so that’s probably one of the  best ways to buy. You can click on the images below to go to the Amazon sales page:

Become a Young Living MLM Distributor

To join as a Young Living MLM distributor you can either sign up through someone else who’s already a distributor, or you can just go to Young Living’s website and sign up there.

You’ll need to purchase a starter kit which contains samples of products, guides, business cards, and other resources. You can choose either a basic kit for $45 or one of the many premium kits for $160 with more stuff included.

By joining Young Living’s MLM business opportunity you can earn by directly selling to customers and by recruiting other distributors and earn from their sales as well.

Direct Sales

As a member of Young Living you get to purchase their products at the wholesale price and sell it to customers at the retail price. The wholesale price is 24% cheaper than retail price, and so you earn 24% commission per sale. This is pretty low and that means you’ll have to sell a LOT of stuff to make any decent money. 

If you’re familiar with how MLMs work you’ll know that usually the big profits don’t come from direct sales, but as a result of massive amounts of recruiting. Young Living’s MLM program is no different.

Recruiting Others

When you recruit other people to become distributors, you can earn from your downline in a few different ways:

  • Fast Start Bonus – Earn 25% bonus for the first 3 months of your newly enrolled members’ orders
  • Starter Kit Bonus – Earn $25 per kit sold to your enrolled members, must be purchased in the same month they enroll

Recruiting is where all the big money can come in, and how much you can earn depends on your rank levels. When you first join you’ll start out at the basic Member level, from there you can move up to Star, Senior Star, and Executive.

rank levels member star executive
Young Living’s compensation plan

At the Member level once you have at least 100 PV (personal volume) you can earn 8% from distributors you’ve directly recruited, and 5% from distributors that your recruit recruited. Once you’ve made it to the Executive level you’ll be earning from your recruits 5 levels deep.

As you recruit more people and grow your team, your rank can keep on moving up to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Grown Diamond, and Royal Crown Diamond. For full details on how much these levels can earn check out their full compensation plan.

With so many ranks and levels you can reach, one must start to wondering if this is all just some elaborate pyramid scheme?

Is Young Living a Pyramid Scheme?

MLM (multi-level marketing) and pyramid schemes are very similar, so I wouldn’t blame you if you confuse the two. But no, Young Living is a MLM company and is not a pyramid scheme.

The difference between MLM and pyramid scheme is that with MLM there are actual things with real value you can sell, whereas with pyramid schemes the only profits come from constantly recruiting new members and there are no actual products to sell.

Young Living’s case it’s their essential oil products that makes them a MLM and not a pyramid scheme. But honestly regardless of whether it’s MLM or pyramid scheme, they’re both really difficult ways to make money.

Why MLM Sucks

The fact of the matter is that most people don’t make very much money doing MLM programs. Most people aren’t very good at selling or recruiting and many people drop out eventually, if they’re lucky they might have made a tiny bit of money, if unlucky they might have even lost money.

MLM programs usually have very in-dept compensation plans, and from looking at it you might be drooling over the big bonuses and payouts that’s possible, but VERY few people actually make those big bucks.

According to Young Living’s 2017 income disclosure statement, only 0.02% of their members make 6 figures a month, and almost 75% of members are making an average of less than $100 a month.

income disclosure average earnings
How much Young Living distributors make in 2017

The figures you see above are actually considered high, because I’ve seen their older income disclosure statements from 2016 and according to that one over 90% of their members were only making $1 a month average! 

I’m not sure why people are making so much more in 2017 versus 2016, but even then it’s still kind of pathetic that most people are making less than $100 a month, and don’t forget the startup costs you have to invest in initially for the starter kits!

Unless you’re some expert in marketing, you’ll likely end up losing money or only earning a tiny bit of money that’s not worth your time. Why go into such a difficult business when there are easier ones to get into?

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Is Young Living Essential Oils a Scam?

From my research Young Living Essential Oils appears to be a legit MLM company, they have a pretty good compensation plan but how much you earn depends on your own level of marketing skills and experience.

I do like that they are transparent in showing you their income disclosure statement, so they are not trying to hide anything and are just giving you the honest truth. But unfortunately that truth is very discouraging as it seems that the vast majority of members are making chump change at best.

I am not a fan of MLM programs because of the lack of results that most people experience. It’s obvious that most people won’t make any real money doing this, most of the big money comes from recruiting and without the proper training/skills you will not know how to recruit enough people to make the big bucks.

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That’s it for this Young Living review, if you have any questions or comments on if Young Living is a scam or not then share them with me in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Is Young Living Essential Oils a Scam? Another MLM Exposed!

  1. Taetske says:

    I love Essential Oils but if they are sold for double the price it will be hard to make it work through an MLM system. The products have to have a reasonable price and be of good quality. I know this from experience as I have done MLM in the past.

    I find it strange that you can find Young Living Essential Oils products for sale on Amazon. That completely breaks the system. The products of an MLM system should be exclusively obtained through a distributor, never in a shop or online. That is a disloyal competition and completely forbidden.


    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah I wonder who are selling them on Amazon, distributors or Young Living themselves? Interesting… 

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