Is World Global Network a Scam? The Ugly Truth Exposed!

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If you’re here reading this review I’m guessing one of your friends or relatives told you about World Global Network and  how they offer a business opportunity for you to create an income, perhaps making you think that you can make a lot of money and live that dream lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your household income or to create a full time income, MLM companies like World Global Market are a popular choice because there’s no limit to how much money you can earn, but there’s a very ugly side to MLMs which I’ll address in this review. 

Is World Global Market a scam? Are they just another pyramid scheme? In this review I’ll cover the good, the bad, and the ugly so you’ll know exactly what you’re signing up for. Let’s get started!


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World Global Network Review

Name: World Global Network
Type: MLM (multi-level marketing)
Startup Costs: $100 to $1,699
Recommended? No

life sensing technology mlm program

What Is World Global Network?

World Global Network is a Florida-based MLM (multi-level marketing) company that sells a variety of life-sensing technology products such as fitness trackers, activity trackers, etc. They also offer an income opportunity which is the  main thing I’ll be discussing in this review.

Founded by Fabio Galdi in 2011, this company’s mission is to use innovative technologies to change the world and help people live a longer and healthier life.

They currently have a D rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website which can make them seem a bit fishy, but then again BBB ratings aren’t always that reliable so take that with a grain of salt.

World Global Network Products

World Global Network has many products that aim to help you live a longer and healthier life, I won’t get into too much detail about them because this review is mainly about their business opportunity and not a product review.

But here’s a brief overview of their main products and what they do:

  1. HELO Wellness Band – This is a device you can wear on your wrist like watch, it lets you monitor your own bio parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, daily steps, distance walked, heart ECG, sleep patterns, mood, fatigue level, and how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day.
  2. BioZen – Did you know that electrical devices like your laptop and smartphone generates electromagnetic radiation that’s shown to have negative health effects on people? Well, the BioZen is basically a sticker with a small chip inside you can put on those devices which is supposed to protect you from that radiation.
  3. Infolio – This is a smartphone with a build-in shield that protects you from the electromagnetic waves. Honestly I don’t think most people care about these electromagnetic waves when they’re buying a smartphone, they just want to get the latest trends to look cool! 

Become a World Global Network Distributor

World Global Network’s business opportunity is for you to sign up as their independent distributor, this will allow you to create an income by promoting and selling their products as well as recruiting others to do the same.

You can get started by joining their Customer Referral Program which is free. The only thing is that it’s mandatory to join under a referrer, but if you don’t have one they’ll appoint you to one.

After joining you’ll be sent a starter kit which will include information on their products, a compliance kit, and a personal replicated eCommerce website if you want to sell products to your customer online. 

But the startup costs isn’t truly free because you’ll also need to purchase one of their product packs which can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,699, if you don’t have any products how would you show and demonstrate them to your potential customers?

Traditionally with MLMs most of the selling is done face-to-face with you demonstrating and explaining to people on how the product works, and then afterwards giving people the chance to buy if they’re interested.

World Global Network’s Compensation Plan

Just like other MLM companies, World Global Network provides you with two main ways to create income:

  1. Selling Their Products  – The most straightforward way to earn. When you’re an active member you can sell World Global Network’s products and earn 10% commissions for the sales you make
  2. Recruiting New Participants – Getting people to join your team and earn commissions from their sales

In addition there are many different bonuses, commissions, and incentives you can earn which you will do when you climb the different member ranks and levels. Basically you move up ranks by selling more products and recruiting more people.

You can check out the video below to learn about World Global Network’s Full Compensation Plan:

Video Explanation Of World Global Network’s Compensation Plan:

Is World Global Network a Pyramid Scheme?

No, World Global Network is a MLM business and not a pyramid scheme because you can earn income not only by recruiting but by selling their life-sensing technology products as well.

I see a lot of people confusing pyramid schemes with MLMs because they work somewhat similarly. The main difference is that with pyramid schemes there are no real products to sell, the only income comes from constantly recruiting new participants which will inevitably dry up.

Pyramid schemes are illegal and a scam while MLMs are legit. But in all honesty MLMs are in my opinion what I call “pyramid schemes in disguise” because of how much recruiting you need to do in order to earn anything worthwhile.

How Much Could You Expect To Earn?

For most people the answer is “not much.”

According to World Global Network’s 2018 Average Income Summary which basically shows you the percentage of their distributors and how much money they’re making, about 70% of their distributors are making less than $1,000 a year.

These results are very typical for people who get involved with MLM businesses. There was a report done for the FTC website which says that less than 99% of all MLMs fail in the long run.

Sure there is a small percentage of people who are able to earn big and live the dream lifestyle, in World Global Network’s case only 0.22% of their distributors were making $100,000+ or more per year.

So long story short, unless you have some exceptional selling and recruiting skills you’ll likely be making squadoosh!

I highly recommend you learn to Build a Blogging Business instead which is a LOT easier to succeed in than MLMs, it’s the same strategy I currently use to make $1000+ a month. It’s even free to start and newbie friendly!

Is World Global Network a Scam?

Since World Global Network uses a legit MLM business model I cannot call them a scam. Personally I don’t find their products that unique and I think it’s going to be difficult to persuade customers to buy these products from you.

Especially with that whole smartphone with the electromagnetic wave shield thing, people are looking for trendy brands like iPhones, Samsung, LG, etc. It’s probably gonna be tough to convince someone who cares about electromagnetic waves enough to buy something like that off of you.

Even though MLMs are legit I still don’t recommend them. Why? Because to earn anything worthwhile it requires a lot of selling and recruiting which a lot of people don’t know how to do, they lack the necessary networking and marketing skills to succeed. No wonder why most people either fail at MLMs or are making peanuts.

In my opinion you shouldn’t waste your time and money on MLMs. Below I’ll show you a much easier way to build a profitable business, it’s what I currently do to make $1000+ per month online.

A Much Better Way To Make Money

If you’re interested in making a serious part time or full time income I recommend that you start a blog and promote other people’s products and services as an affiliate marketer.

Doing affiliate marketing with a blog is much better than MLMs for a few reasons:

  • No need to sell or recruit, just RECOMMEND products that would help your readers
  • Freedom to work anywhere you want, you just need a computer and an internet connection
  • You can promote any product or service you wish, not just limited to the products of the MLM company you joined
  • It’s FREE to start and newbie friendly

This is the same thing I’m doing on this blog right now and I’m earning 4-figures a month from it. You might not have known that it’s possible to become a full time blogger, but yes it can be done! Anyone with the right training and mindset can do what I do.

If you’re interested in following in my footsteps then check out the link below where I’ll show you step-by-step on how you can build your own blog today and monetize it. See it here:



This strategy definitely works and is in my opinion the best way for people to make money online. But the downside is it takes a lot of time for a blog to attract visitors and grow, but it’s well worth the wait because earning money from a blog is awesome, since your blog is live 24/7 this means you can earn money even while sleeping!

While you work on your blogging business you can also check out my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites which are sites you can go on to make extra income online by taking surveys, playing games, watching advertisements, opening emails, and more. These sites won’t replace your day job but they’re a fun and legit way to earn some spare change.

So that’s my World Global Network review, if you have any experiences or comments you’d like to share then leave them down below.

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