Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money? My Review At 10 Months

is it worth your money to pay for membership

I can’t believe it’s already been 10 months since I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate. Skeptical at first, I’m now convinced the things taught there is truly worth way more than what they charge. I have not had a single thought of regret since joining. Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money? A very solid YES! It’s worth every penny.

I still remember how I found the affiliate marketing training platform of Wealthy Affiliate. I was thumbing around on my phone at work googling ways to make real money online, and affiliate marketing was a very popular way as it got mentioned a lot.

My Motivation

I work as a security guard for just above minimum wage, have been doing it for 10yrs since I was 21. Now I’m 31 it’s really sad to see how I’ve wasted what should have been the 10 best years of my youth doing some crappy dead end job, making someone else rich. I am determined to find a way not only so I can work for myself, but that I can do it anywhere with an internet connection which gives me ultimate freedom, and that something has to have no limit as to how much I can make. 

Since Joining Wealthy Affiliate…

I have built 2 websites from following their training. I have learned how to do keyword research for writing content, how to optimize SEO for my content, how to bring in organic traffic, and then how to monetize my site with that traffic. I never would have been able to learn any of these things on my own. The $49 a month is totally worth it. My 2 sites is now generating some passive revenue from advertisements as well as affiliate links.

Is $49 a Month Worth It?

People also sometimes forget that the monthly premium membership fee comes with free website hosting. The hosting service at Wealthy Affiliate is top-notch, it is not some cheap thing you get for $5 a month at some random website hosting site. The WA hosting is top of the line with 24/7 technical support, it also includes the SSL certificate feature which makes your site safe, and also another benefit is that sites with SSL gets ranked better on google than sites without. Cheap hosting elsewhere likely will charge you separately for this SSL certificate. 

Just the hosting you get at WA is honestly probably worth at least $30-$50 on it’s own. You’re really only paying maybe $10 a month for your actual membership at WA, and for this membership you are getting a TON of valuable resource at your fingertips. Just to briefly summarize the benefits of a premium membership:

  • 2 main training courses on how to build a successful online business
  • Access to thousands of training videos, learning never stops!
  • Access to the weekly video seminar hosting by Jay, a long time successful entrepreneur at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Access to “classrooms” where you can learn from experienced and successful affiliate marketers
  • Live 24/7 chat where you can get help for any issues you’re having
  • Free website hosting for up to 50 websites
  • Ability to give and ask for site feedback and site comments
  • Private messaging so you can get personal 1-on-1 coaching with knowledgeable people

Why Wealthy Affiliate is Legit

If you’ve ever been scammed like I have, you become more cautious and aware of everything, especially when you’re asked to pay money for something.  This is why I did a lot of research before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I couldn’t find any bad reviews on it, which is a really good indicator that it’s legit. I mean think about it, if they were scamming people, there will definitely people speaking about it which will appear in google.

You may be thinking something like, “well that’s because Wealthy Affiliate have all their members write good reviews about them” including the one you’re reading right now… But actually that just proves that their training works! You see, what WA teaches is how to build a website and how to write content that ranks in search engines, the fact these good reviews by WA members keep floating to the top of your search results just shows that the teaching is legit.

On top of this they also have a 7 day free trial where you can join as a free member so you can take a look on the inside. I wrote a post which outlines everything you can expect to get as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can read it here:

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