Is USANA a Scam? Another Health Supplement MLM Exposed!

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Today I found another health supplement MLM company called USANA, they’re pretty popular worldwide and I’m sure that you’ve seen one of their bottles of vitamins before somewhere. Their products have been featured and endorsed on television shows such as Dr. Oz.

In addition to selling products USANA also offers a MLM business opportunity, regular people can sign up to become “associates” and earn money with them.

Is USANA a scam or a healthy way to make some part time or full time income? Is USANA a pyramid scheme? How does their business opportunity work? On average how much do associates earn?

Find out below in this USANA review! Let’s get the ball rolling…

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USANA Review

Type: MLM (multi-level marketing) business opportunity
Membership Price: $29.95 start up fee

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What Is USANA?

USANA is a Utah-based company founded by Dr. Myron Wentz that’s been around since 1992. They are in the business of selling healthy products in supplements, diet shakes, and personal care categories. 

They currently operate in the USA as well as 25 other different countries worldwide. A lot of people know them for their supplements which are good for improving bone, memory, eyesight, prostate, joints, and total body health.

In addition to selling healthy products, they also offer regular people a chance to build their own business by promoting USANA products. You can become an “associate” and earn commissions by selling USANA products and recruiting others to do the same.

USANA Products

Their products are actually quite popular and the majority of user reviews are positive. Their products don’t contain any of the harmful ingredients found in the typical diet/supplement products in your local store shelves.

USANA has a huge line of over 150 products so I’m not going to list all of them here. But they all fit into the categories of healthy supplements, meal replacement shakes and bars, and personal care products.

Here are a couple of examples of USANA products:

  1. BiOmega – Dietary fish oil that provides important Omega 3 fatty acids for memory and learning. Also good for cardio, immune system, and bone health.
  2. Meal Replacement Shakes – Nutritional shakes that come in various flavors like French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate
  3. USANA Essentials – Full bottles of multi vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant supplement for adults, 4 week supply

As I’ve said USANA has many many products and so if you’d like to check out more of their products you can visit their website or see them on Amazon. You can also see current retail pricing by clicking the product images below:

Making Money – Become a USANA Associate

If you want to make part time or full time income with USANA then you can sign up to become a USANA associate. There doesn’t appear to be any way to sign up on their website directly, so you’d probably need to find someone who’s already an associate and sign up through them.

The joining process requires that you purchase their welcome kit for $29.95 which includes some business information and everything you need to know to get started with your business.

There is no other requirement to make other purchases in order to become an associate, so the startup is actually pretty cheap.

Also there is no need to worry about spending money on inventory because USANA takes care of the back end, they drop ship your orders for you to your customers so you never have to worry.

Once you’ve joined and gotten your welcome kit you’re officially a USANA associate and can start earning commissions either by selling products or by recruiting new associates to build your team of downline.

Selling USANA Products

You can earn commissions by directly selling USANA products to customers. As an associate you have access to USANA products at a “Preferred Price” which is basically a 10% discount to the suggested retail price.

If you enroll in monthly auto-ship then you get another 10% off.  So in total you can potentially earn up to 20% commission per retail sale. If you didn’t know, auto-ship is basically where you agree to have products shipped to you every month automatically.

You should also be aware of something called the 5-customer rule that was implemented by USANA. This rule says that you must make sales to at least 5 different customers every 4 week period in order to be eligible to earn commissions. So if you only got 4 customers a month, then you won’t even make anything!

USANA is a typical MLM company where the big money is made by recruiting a massive downline. You’re encouraged to build a team of associates under you, you receive a commission from their sales as well.

Recruiting New Associates

The second way to earn is by recruiting other associates to join under you, as your team of recruits grow you can earn 20% of commissions from team sales as well.

As your teams reach a certain sales volumes you will be rewarded with various bonuses, prizes, and other incentives.

Their full compensation plan is quite complicated and hard to understand, but I think this YouTube video explains it quite nicely in layman’s terms that’s easier for the average person to grasp. 

The tough part here to to be able to recruit enough people, this requires a lot of networking skills. Most people would start by asking their friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and other acquaintance, and you might get lucky and make a few sales or recruits. 

But after you run out of people you know then you’re gonna have to find other people to pitch your sales to. If you don’t know how to network then you’re kind of screwed and probably won’t succeed long term. 

Is USANA a Pyramid Scheme?

USANA is NOT a pyramid scheme, they’re a MLM (multi-level marketing) company. They’re very similar things and so many people may confuse the two and even use those two terms interchangeably.

The easiest way to understand their difference is that with MLMs you can earn by selling a real product or by recruiting new associates. With a pyramid scheme there are no products to sell and the only way to earn is by getting others to join that very same pyramid scheme.

Since USANA is a company with over 150+ products you can sell they would be considered a MLM company which is completely legit and legal to operate while a pyramid scheme is not. 

Why I Don’t Recommend MLMs

MLMs are legit but are a very tough way to make money. If you’re hungry enough you can certainly make it to the top 1% of associates who are earning the big bucks, but without the proper skills to properly network and market your business you are unlikely to get very far doing this.

According to USANA’s own published average income of their associates, 53% of their US associates did not even earn ANY compensation in 2017. They didn’t say how much money their other 47% are making, but I’m guessing the vast majority aren’t making very much.

There was a report published on the FTC’s website which basically says that a study was done and they found that less than 1% of all MLM businesses succeed and make any money! Not very good odds compared to a traditional small business which statistically have a 39% chance of profiting.

If you don’t like the sound of those odds I recommend you check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation instead where I’ll show you what I personally do to make $1000+ per month online right now, it’s MUCH easier to succeed than MLMs!

Final Verdict – Is USANA Scam Or Legit?

It appears that USANA is a legit MLM company, but I still don’t recommend you join them because it’s a really difficult way to make any real money. According to some studies 99% of people who join MLMs don’t make any real money, so unless you’re some kind of marketing or networking genius then I doubt you’ll make it to the top 1%.

But the good thing about USANA is that it only takes $29.95 to get started which is a very low cost compared to most other MLM opportunities out there, some costing $500+ just to join. Also they drop ship products for you at their warehouse so there’s no need to worry about investing in and storing your own inventory.

But even with all things considered, I think there are much easier ways to make money online. Below I want to share with you a strategy I currently use to make a consistently monthly income, and it involves NO selling and NO recruiting.

My #1 Recommendation To You

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a job-replacing type of income online, then I recommend you learn to build a website and make money by promoting other people’s products and services, this is called affiliate marketing and there are many folks out there doing this to make a good substantial online income.

Unlike MLMs with affiliate marketing you’re not selling anything, you’re only RECOMMENDING other people’s products to your website readers. There is no selling, no recruiting, no dealing with customers, and the startup costs are very low. If your recommendation results in a sale, the merchant pays you a commission!

With this strategy there’s no limit to how much money you can make. To learn more about this strategy and how it really works check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation where I’ll show you step-by-step on how to build and monetize your first website today for FREE.

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This platform also provides website building tools, hosting, business resources, community, and support. This platform is suitable for everyone, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to get started.

This training platform even lets you try them out for FREE (no credit card required.) You have the choice of upgrading to paid membership after 7 days if you like what you see and think continued access to their training and tools can help you. 

See the link below to learn more about this training platform:



My top recommendation is much easier to succeed at than MLMs, but you still need to put in the work. By “easier” I don’t mean just work 30 minutes a day and be rolling in the cash a month from now! I mean that as long as you consistently put in the work and effort into building your online business, then eventually you will become profitable.

It’s very possible to be able to make a full time income with just one website, but it may take at least 6-12 months to achieve it. It took me 4 months to even start making money with my website! But others may start making money faster if they put in more work.

If you’re looking for a way to earn some quick and easy money right now, then I recommend that you check out my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites where you’ll get paid to take online surveys, complete offers, play games, watch videos, shop online, and so much more.

These “get-paid-to” sites aren’t designed to make you rich or anything, but they’re a great way to supplement your income while you’re building your long term online business.

That’s all I got for this USANA review, what are your thoughts and experiences with them? Have you tried any of their products? Share your comments and questions down below, I usually answer within 24 hours.

2 thoughts on “Is USANA a Scam? Another Health Supplement MLM Exposed!

  1. Mary says:

    I was wondering if USANA is different from classical MLM. Looks like not too much. I find their commissions low and the terms too strict (5 different people a MUST?? each month??). It makes this company not really attractive as a business, as I don’t like to have a risk of getting nothing in some months. Autoship can cause you to be stuck with inventory you are not able to sell – waste of money. Even if USANA’s products are good, I would not become an associate with them. You are right – there are better options to make money online or from home.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah MLMs in general have a high failure rate for most people. This auto-ship thing is a big pain in the ass and in my opinion is probably the biggest reason why people fail. 

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