Is Survey Voices a Scam, Or Legit Way To Easily Earn $300?

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Name: Survey Voices
Type: Paid survey site
Membership Price: Free to join
My Rating: 1.6 out of 5

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Intro – What Is Survey Voices About?

Survey Voices is a website you can go on to complete surveys for cash. The thing is, they don’t actually provide you with their own surveys, they just hook you up with other survey websites that provide you with the actual surveys. They’re just the middle man who connect survey takers to a list of survey sites.

So is Survey Voices a scam or legit? Well, since they connect you to 3rd party survey providers, you’d really have to be careful and do your own research for each of those individual survey providers.

To sign up all you need to do is give them your email address, answer a few questions about yourself, and they’ll match you with surveys that are suitable for you.

It’s not certain whether Survey Voices screens their survey sites list from scams or not, if not then it’s very possible there could be scams somewhere in there. Many survey sites are legit, but scams are definitely common in this industry, so I’d be very cautious if I were you.

How Do You Make Money?

take surveys get paid

On the front of their website it says “Make $300+ sharing your opinion…” and this eye catchy statement will hook in a lot of people for sure. Who wouldn’t want to make some easy money just for giving their 2 cents?

But the disappointing reality is that survey sites pay very little, I’m talking $0.50 to $2 per survey (usually on the lower end) that typically takes 10-30 minutes to complete.

Not only that, but the recurring theme is the frustration of not “qualifying” for surveys that you’ve already completed half way or more. Why can’t they just tell you right from the get go instead of wasting your time? Well, I think it’s just another greedy low tactic to not pay you.

My stand is that online surveys are a terrible way to earn money online, and they’re a big waste of time. I’d rather use my time to make real money by building an online business, I’ll tell you more about how you can too later on in this post.

How Do You Get Paid?

Survey Voices isn’t the one who pays you for your opinions, it’s the 3rd party survey sites they direct you to who pays you.

Survey Voices even says on their website that they don’t guarantee that you’ll be paid, and if you experience any problems you’ll have to contact the 3rd party survey sites directly!

So how you’ll be paid depends on which survey site you’re directed to. To check out their current list of survey sites at the time of me writing this post, you can click on this link HERE.

Many survey sites like Swagbucks (read my review here) offers payout via Paypal, while some others only offers payout via gift cards or a mailed check. If you like Paypal check out these top 6 survey sites that all pay via Paypal.

Survey sites also have a payout threshold you must reach before they pay you, typically you must earn something like $10-$20 to request a payout. Swagbucks has the lowest payout threshold at only $3, so if you really want your money fast, you should read my review HERE and sign up with them.

Is Survey Voices a Scam Or Legit?

They do have some legit survey sites on their current list of 3rd party survey providers, but that list is subject to change without notice, so who knows what sites they could add to it next and whether they’d be scams or not.

I would say they’re mostly not a scam, but that you should tread extra carefully if you do decide to sign up. I highly recommend you research each individual survey site before you take part in them.

Also be really careful about what information you give out, as they can share your information with marketing companies, this means lots of spam emails and unwanted phone calls.

I personally would not recommend Survey Voices to you if you really want to make money online. Survey sites in general are a terrible way to earn, they’re low paying, and most surveys requires you to “qualify” for them and if you don’t then there’s no pay.

But if you are still interested in doing online surveys, then Survey Voices is still a terrible way to go. You’re doing surveys from survey providers that they direct you to, you’re operating on their terms, why not just sign up for these sites directly?

I suggest you go with the biggest and most popular survey sites such as Swagbucks (read my review) and my other favorite legit survey sites. All those sites are legit and so just sign up to them directly, there’s no need for some middle man.

Although many survey sites are legit, they are waste of time for the large part, and not suitable for those trying to earn serious cash. Instead of earning pennies while making some survey company rich, I’ll show you a much better way to make money online, real money.

Want To Earn More Than Pennies & Dimes?

It doesn’t matter which survey site you go to, you’d rarely make more than some pocket change good for a few cups of Starbucks coffee at the end of the month, and you would have wasted a lot of time doing so.

If you’re looking to make the big bucks then you’ll need to build an online business. While that may sound scary, it’s actually quite easy to get started for anyone, even a total beginner.

I’m currently making a consistent monthly online income using a business model that I’d learned from a training platform that I’ve been a part of since December of 2016. This is a business model that is suitable for newbies and is perfect for those with big financial ambitions, because there’s literally no limit to how much you can make.

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In my guide I go through what this business model is about, how it works, and I take you step by step on how to go from the very beginning to actually making money

I also show you the training platform which taught me everything and how you can also join and get started today for absolutely FREE.

You should know that what this training platform teaches is how to build a real online business, it’s not some button clicking get-rich-quick scheme. As such, it does require real effort to build. You must be prepared to work hard, and if you do, the money will definitely come.

So if you’re sick of working hard to earn pennies doing surveys, I highly recommend you to put your time into better use and start building your online business now. Check out my free guide now to learn all about how this business model works!


If you have any questions or comments about Survey Voices or anything else I’ve talked about in this post, please share them with me down below in the comment box. I always reply to every comment!

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