Is Shadow Shopper a Scam Or Legit? Reviews & Complaints

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Mystery shopping is getting more and more popular these days, and everyday new companies are offering mystery shopping jobs to everyday people like you and me. Shadow Shopper is a site that connects mystery shopping companies to those looking to earn money as a mystery shopper.

As you know since this is the internet there are scams everywhere you have to look out for. So is Shadow Shopper a scam or a legit opportunity to earn money as a mystery shopper? In this post I’ll cover the Shadow Shopper reviews and complaints, how they work, how they pay, and whether they’re a scam or not. 


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Shadow Shopper Review

Name: Shadow Shopper
Type: Mystery shopping
Membership Price: Free or $6.95 monthly
My Rating: 3 out of 5

get paid to shop and try products

I gave Shadow Shopper a rating of 3 out of 5, they do appear to be legit as I have found many members saying they have been paid. But one thing you should know right away is that Shadow Shopper is NOT a mystery shopping company, they’re a 3rd party middleman that CONNECTS mystery shopping companies with mystery shoppers. They claim they weed through the scams for you and all their jobs are legit. We’ll see about that…

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The TRUTH of How Shadow Shopper Works

What Is Mystery Shopping?

It’s basically where you get paid to shop, acting as the eyes and ears of a company. Companies want to know their customers feedback so they can make improvements, that’s why they pay mystery shoppers to go undercover as regular customers.

As a mystery shopper you’ll usually go somewhere to buy something, then submit feedback about your experience to the company. Then you get paid for the job, and usually you get to keep whatever item you purchased while doing that job.

Who Can Sign Up?

You can only join if you’re from the USA, Australia, or Canada, you also have to be 18 or older. If you’re from elsewhere then you may want to make money with my #1 Recommendation instead.

Membership Levels – Free vs Paid

There are two membership options at Shadow Shopper, a free one (Bronze) and a paid one (Gold) that cost $6.95 a month. Basically in a nutshell Gold members have access to more job postings, you’ll see all the newest job postings as well as some exclusive listings.

With the free membership you’ll only see job postings 7 days or older and won’t have the other privileges exclusive to Gold members. It seems that many people choose to upgrade to the Gold membership because with a Bronze you’ll likely make very little. 

If you don’t want to pay anything to make money then consider seeing sites like Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate instead where membership is 100% free and you get to earn cash by doing easy online tasks like answering surveys and watching videos.

How Much Can You Earn Mystery Shopping?

The pay for mystery shopping jobs varies a lot, you can find jobs that pay from $5 to $50+, so it all depends.

Keep in mind that transportation costs are not covered, so you’ll have to pay for your own gas or bus fare to reach the job destination. If your job pays $15 and it requires that you drive an hour to get there and back, this could seriously cut into your pay!

See some typical examples of jobs in LA and how much they pay:

los angeles mystery shopping opportunities grocery food

How Do You Get Paid?

As mentioned earlier, Shadow Shopper is a 3rd party facilitator, they’re not the actual mystery shopping company. You don’t get paid by Shadow Shopper, you get paid by the mystery shopping company themselves. Different companies offer different payment methods, but usually it’s either Paypal, check, or direct deposit.

Shadow Shopper Advantages

Work Whenever You Want

One of the best things is that you can log in whenever you want to find jobs. You’ll also be working alone with no pesky boss to annoy you. Many people enjoy the thrill of going undercover as a mystery shopper, they feel like some kind of special 007 agent or something, lol.

Shadow Shopper Problems

No International Membership

If you’re outside the USA, Canada, or Australia then you can’t even join, so you’ll have to find other places to earn money such as by joining my #1 Recommendation instead where they accept people from all countries.

It’s Not Really Free

Sure you can join with the free Bronze membership, but you won’t have full access to the job listings like Gold members do. You can only see the job postings 7 days or older, and your earning opportunities will be limited. All the good jobs will be taken by paid Gold members, and free members are left with the scraps.

So in order to make any significant money you’ll have to upgrade to the Gold $6.95 monthly membership or else you’ll have a huge competitive disadvantage. 

Just Small Income

Mystery shopping is a part time income opportunity, don’t expect to quit your day job over this. After factoring in gas money, time, and other things you’re usually looking at netting a few dollars an hour. Maybe you’ll make around minimum wage.

If a small income is okay with you then also consider checking out these top “get-paid-to” sites where you can earn extra income online doing easy tasks.

Lots of Complaints From Members

I have found a plethora of complaints online from Shadow Shopper members, many of them are about having their credit cards charged even after canceling. Many people said they had to contact their credit card company to stop these unauthorized transactions. 

Final Words – Is Shadow Shopper a Scam?

It appears that Shadow Shopper is not a scam, but I also don’t recommend you join them either because you don’t really need them. They’re just a 3rd party middleman, so why not just save yourself the $6.95 and do some Googling yourself to find actual mystery shopping companies where you can join directly instead?

If mystery shopping isn’t for you then maybe you’d like to explore these top “get-paid-to” sites where you can earn money online by watching videos, playing games, browsing websites, and other fun things you’re probably already doing.

But all these things I’ve mentioned so far are only small income opportunities. If you’re looking for something to replace your job with then you’ll need to check out my #1 Recommended Way of Making Money Online where you can earn a part time or full time income as a blog writer.

Hope you enjoyed this Shadow Shopper review, if you’d like to leave a comment or question then share them all down below as I’d love to hear what you have to say!

My Final Rating:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings
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