Is Norwex A Scam? Can You Earn Income Hosting Home Parties?

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Today I found another site called Norwex, they’re a company that sells environmentally friendly products but also has a MLM program you can join to earn some part time or full time income.

You may be wondering is Norwex a scam? How does MLM programs work? How can you make money? How much can you make? All of these questions will be answered below in this Norwex review. I’ll also point out some things I don’t like about them in the pros & cons section, so I hope you stick around till the end!

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Norwex Review

Name: Norwex
Type: Multi-level marketing business opportunity (MLM)
Membership Price: FREE starter kit (stipulations apply – see below review)

products improving quality of life

What Is Norwex?

Norwex is a company that started up back in 1994, their mission is to reduce harmful chemicals inside the home which can promote better health and is better for the environment.

They’re in the business of selling environmental friendly products for cleaning, bath, family, and personal care. So for example cleaning cloths, mops, towels, body creams, mats, toilet brushes, and a bunch of other things like that.

If you’re a green type of person then Norwex products may interest you. But in this review my main focus is showing you how their MLM program works and whether they’re worth your time or not.

Making money with Norwex’s MLM program involves selling their products directly to customers by hosting “parties.” Basically you get together with a group of people in your home, office, or wherever, and sell to them.

Norwex’s Products

If you want to make money with Norwex then you’ll need to familiarize yourself with their products so you can give a better presentation to your potential customers.

Norwex sells products that focuses on being chemical free and environmental friendly. Their microfiber cloth for cleaning towels are very popular, but they sell many other things as well such as towels, bathroom cleaners, toilet brush, hair wrap, facial and body creams, and more.

You probably won’t find their products at your local Walmart store. If you’re interested in buying their products you can visit their store where you’ll be able to find all their products.

You can also just go to Amazon where you’ll find a bunch of Norwex being sold, probably by people who have already joined Norwex’s MLM program and are consultants. 

Making Money With Norwex

When you join Norwex’s MLM program and become a Norwex Consultant you’ll be able to promote their products and earn a 35% commission for personal retail sales. You can also earn by recruiting others to join the MLM program as well.

One main way to sell their products directly to customers is by hosting a Norwex product party which is basically the same as a Tupperware party.  This is where you gather a group of friends or other people through word of mouth, and they can all come to your home/office to see the Norwex products.

At the end of the party some may decide to purchase these products, and you earn a commission for the sale. You may also recruit other people who wants to become Consultants themselves into the MLM program, they become your downline and you’ll be able to earn commissions from their sales as well.

Getting Started – How Much Does It Cost?

Most MLM programs requires a hefty startup fee to get started, usually a few hundred dollars at least. But with Norwex you can actually get started with the Starter Kit (worth $200) for FREE, all you have to do is pay the $9.99 shipping fee.

The Starter Kit includes samples of their most popular products, as well as everything else you need to start your business as a Norwex Consultant. You can use those product samples to demonstrate to your guests on how these products work.

But in reality nothing is free and there is a BIG stipulation to getting that free Starter Kit. You have to generate at least $2000 in retail sales within your first 90 days of enrollment, or else they’ll charge you $200 for the kit!

Another option is to upgrade your Starter Kit, there are several options:

  • Silver Package – $165.87
  • Gold Package – $272.78
  • Platinum Package – $437.69

The higher priced packages include more product samples, as well as other business supplies to help you succeed like order forms, business cards, and product catalogs.

In order to remain “active” in Norwex’s MLM program you’ll have to make at least $250 in retail sales every 3 months. This is a very annoying but common MLM practice.

Norwex Compensation Plan

There are a few ways you can make money as a Norwex Consultant. As previously mentioned you can earn by selling directly to customers or by recruiting other Consultants for your downline.

You can check out the Norwex Compensation Plan for full details, but below I’m going to highlight the ways of which you can earn from as a Norwex Consultant:

  1. Direct Sales – I covered this earlier and it’s where you sell directly to customers and earn 35% commission per retail sale
  2. Recruiting Members – For every recruit you make who makes $2000 in retail sales in 90 days will earn you $300, but this is not in cash but credit you can use to buy free products of your choice
  3. Free Products – When you host the Norwex party you can earn free products, how many free products depends on how many sales you made. For example if you had 8 buying guests, you will receive FREE shipping & handling, 1 Envirocloth, and 1 kitchen cloth.
  4. Passive Income – Once you’ve made at least 3 Engaged Personal Recruits plus a minimum of $250 in retail sales, your rank level move up to Team Coordinator, meaning you can earn 3% commission on sales from your Personal Recruits.

Weekly & Monthly Earning Potential

There’s no limit to how much money you can make, it all depends on how many parties you host, how many products you sell, and how many people you’re able to recruit into Consultants.

Since Norwex doesn’t publish any earning testimonials from their members, it’s hard to tell exactly how much money their Consultants are making. But they do provide a rough estimate for you on how much earnings is possible:

  • If you host 1 party per week – You’ll earn $175 per week and $700 per month
  • If you host 2 parties per week – You’ll earn $350 per week and $1400 per month
  • If you host 5 parties per week – You’ll earn $875 per week and $3500 per month

This estimation is based on the assumption that you make an average of $500 in retail sales per party (you earn 35% commissions from that).

Most people probably know enough friends and neighbors to host at least 1 or 2 parties, but you won’t be able to sustain that over the long run. You need a constant stream of new participants, if you can’t find enough new people to promote these products to then you’ll stop making money.

Hosting these parties are free and you can do so at your own house, your office, or some kind of rented space. Although it is free to host you may want to invest $20 or so on some snacks for your guests.

If you’re not interested in hosting parties and selling things then I recommend you check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation instead where I’ll show you how to earn a part time or full time online income by running your own blog. No selling or recruiting required!

The Positives

  • You’ll be selling products that are good for the health and the environment
  • No limit to how much you can earn
  • In-dept compensation plan that offers many different rewards

The Negatives

  • It’ll be very hard to constantly find new people to promote products to
  • Chemical free products like towels and wipes aren’t anything that special, most people can just find other comparable brands in stores somewhere, there’s no need to buy them from some hosted “party”
  • Norwex products is on the expensive side and it may be hard to convince someone to buy a window cloth for $19.99 when you can find something similar at Walmart for half that price

Is Norwex a Scam Or Legit Opportunity?

It appears that Norwex is not a scam, it’s a legit opportunity for people looking to make money under a MLM company. They have some good products that are good for the health and the environment, and it’ll be a great niche for you if you’re interested in their chemical-free products.

The only problem is it’s going to be hard to find enough people to host your parties every single week, you better be really good at networking and finding fresh participants or else this business could turn stale really quickly, and if you can’t make that $2000 in retail sales in your first 90 days, then you owe them $200 for the Starter Kit!

Personally I prefer easier ways to make money and that’s what I’ll share with you next. If you want to learn how to earn at least $1000+ per month without having to sell or recruit, then keep on reading!

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These get-paid-to sites won’t earn you anywhere near $1000+ per month, but they’re a good way to earn some pocket cash while you work on your online business. These sites have all paid me before so I know they’ll pay you too!

That’s all I have for this Norwex review, if you have any experiences with them or any opinions you’d like to share then please leave your comments down below.

6 thoughts on “Is Norwex A Scam? Can You Earn Income Hosting Home Parties?

  1. fyre says:

    I’m a huge fan of Natural cleaning products but, not of MLM’s.  That isn’t to say that I won’t support a friend and their product if it’s something I use all the time anyway or, in my case, I keep a MLM in my life that’s been a favorite since 1998 and, I enjoy selling just enough where I get products I love and use for free.

    While I have always been successful in sales person to person…my real talents shown through even brighter when I began marketing online.

    I am an OCD cleaner and I use micro-fiber clothes that are washable already.  I also use vinegar/water and some essential oils for my natural cleaning products.  I have never tried Norwex products but, I’ve heard nothing but nice things.  Personally though, this is not a product I would promote.  

    The major reason for that is I have to be promoting something I personally would use and stand behind a 1000%!  I already spend next to nothing by making my own cleaning product.  That’s just my perspective of course.  

    I did see a clever Norwex MLM’er that has her own website that promotes Norwex.  As per your advice at the end of your article…I agree that’s definitely the way to go!

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah you’re definitely a lot more likely to succeed at making sales if you’re able to promote a product that you already use and believe in. But then again succeeding at MLMs is usually not about how many products you can sell, it’s about how many people you can recruit.

      There are some people who are very good at selling, yet never make any real money with MLMs. This is because the big money is always made from recruiting a massive downline, something that most people don’t know how to do. 

  2. Igor says:

    I must say that the products may be interesting but the whole program and the MLM business model is not for me. It is really hard to sell such volume of the products on a regular basis.

    Although the products are very useful, the company fine, selling products on a door-to-door basis or by organizing weekly “parties” is something for someone that already has a wide base of previous customers. Besides real MLM business is always connected with extra costs for traveling, organizing the parties, buying products etc… Until you start making real money.

    There are many great MLM experts that made fortune with it, but you need special skills, huge determination and time to succeed.If one is ready for it they should go for it. I understand that it is also possible to sell the named products online, but MLM is always associated with the downlines!

    Anyway, having green friendly products on hand is always very useful and healthy. Wish you a lot of success in your online marketing endeavors! Best regards, IgorStay well, market better, convert best!

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      All those costs of running an MLM business is going to add up, and one will be lucky to not lose money. So yeah I agree that MLM businesses are way too expensive, and also the average person wouldn’t have the right skill set to be profitable long term.

      I don’t know if people still go door-to-door or not, but that is definitely something that’s not for me. Nothing more annoying than some pesky salesman bothering random people, and I wouldn’t want to be him!

  3. Gracen says:

    Honestly, there are so many legitimate opportunities that abound online, however, often times their unfriendly terms make most people not to get involved.

    The products being sold by the Norwex is good and recommendable, but once such MLM products are expensive and being regular products one can easily pick from other stores, it makes marketing such products difficult.

    Frankly speaking, charging a retailer $200 for a starter kit if $2000 worth of sales is not generated within 90 days of enrollment is outrageous.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah I think many people would end up having to pay that $200 starter kit. Norwex products aren’t that expensive, and so you’ll have to sell close to 100 products in order to reach that $2000 requirement in 90 days. 

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