Is My Daily Choice a Scam? (Another Pyramid Scheme Exposed!?)

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Looking up reviews on My Daily Choice to see if they’re a scam or a legit business opportunity? In this day and age there are plenty of ways to make money, for some reason MLMs are still very popular despite the fact that most people fail to profit with them.

In this review I’ll show you why MLMs like My Daily Choice is an old business model that is simply a waste of time and that in the age of the internet there are much better and easier ways to make money from.

In this review I’ll go over everything you need to know about them including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whether you join them or not after that is up to you, but you’ll be armed with enough information to make your own informed decision. 

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My Daily Choice Review

Name: My Daily Choice
Type: MLM (multi-level marketing)
Membership Price: $39 to $599 + $20 activation fee + Monthly Autoship
Recommended? No

What Is My Daily Choice?

My Daily Choice is a Las Vegas based MLM (multi-level marketing) company that’s in the business of selling various health related products such as sprays and oils that promote good health for your immune system, energy levels, for weight loss, and more.

They started by back in Sept 2014 by Josh Zwagil, then in June 2017 they merged with HempWorx which is a MLM company that sells CBD oil and was created by Josh and his wife Jenna Zwagil.

What Products Do They Sell?

My Daily Choice is a company that sells sprays, but since they’ve merged with HempWorx they’re now also selling CBD oils as well.

Here are their spray products and their benefits:

  • Peak – Boosts immune system, anti-aging, performance enhancer
  • Shield – Balances pH levels, increases energy levels
  • Boost – Increases energy levels with vitamin B12, natural caffeine from coffee bean
  • Trim365 – Suppresses appetite and promotes weight loss with Garcinia Cambogia 
  • Sleep – Promotes a healthier sleep cycle and helps you sleep better
  • Brain – Helps regulate mood, improve cognitive function and memory

These sprays are to be used orally which is said to be a much better absorption delivery system than most other methods like taking supplement capsules. So basically these sprays can get you what you need quickly and efficiently.

Their HempWorx products are mostly oils and rubs that are infused with CBD oil (marijuana without the THC) and it has a wide range of health benefits including anti-aging and improving your neurological and immunological health.

Keep in mind that CBD oil is 100% legal in all 50 states because it does not contain THC which is the chemical in marijuana that gets you stoned. Many people have claimed that CBD oil has helped alleviate their pain when nothing else worked. CBD oils is also known to be used  for treating cancer symptoms and stimulating appetite.

Become a My Daily Choice Affiliate

If you want to make money with the My Daily Choice opportunity you can sign up as an “affiliate,” which basically means you’ll be able to earn commissions by promoting and selling their products as well as recruiting others to do the same.

Most MLMs call their members distributors, consultants, partners, or something else but not affiliates. This is the first time I’ve seen an MLM company calling their members affiliates which is weird.

Affiliates is a term used in the affiliate marketing world, but My Daily Choice is definitely a MLM and it just seems like they’re trying to jump on the affiliate marketing band wagon.

To get started as a My Daily Choice affiliate you’ll have to choose a plan that cost anywhere from $39 to $599. The higher the price plan means the more products you’ll get and the higher the rank level you’ll start with.

Rank levels determines how much you can earn from your recruits, basically the higher your rank the more you can earn. You can also climb the ranks by selling more products and recruiting more members.

In addition you’ll also have to pay for the $20 activation fee, plus there is a monthly auto-ship requirement which means a mandatory spending on more products every month regardless of whether you’ve sold the previous batch or not.

My Daily Choice’s Compensation Plan

As a My Daily Choice affiliate you’ll have 8 different ways of making money under their compensation plan, but it’s a bit complicated and can boil down to 2 primary ways which are:

  • Selling Products – This is the most obvious way to earn. As an affiliate you’ll have access to products at wholesale pricing, you can sell it to customers at a marked up retail price and the difference is your profit.
  • Recruiting New Affiliates – You can also earn by recruiting a team under you and earn commissions from their sales.

The full compensation plan is quite in-dept and includes many different bonuses and incentives you can earn as you sell more products, recruit more people, and climb higher ranks.

There’s even something called the VIP Auto Club where they give you car allowances once you’ve reached the 5K affiliate rank level. All this sounds luxurious and nice, but in reality only a VERY small percentage of members ever even come close to achieving these types of bonuses.

If you’d like to earn more details check out My Daily Choice’s Full Compensation Plan or see the video below:

Is This Just Another Pyramid Scheme?

My Daily Choice is not a pyramid scheme, they are a MLM company. It’s understandable to confuse the two because these two business models are very similar, but they’re definitely separate things.

The key difference is that My Daily Choice has products for you to sell, if they only let you make money by recruiting new members then that would be a pyramid scheme. But since they have a huge product line of sprays and CBD oils for you to promote and earn sales commissions from, this allows them to be classified as MLM.

MLMs are considered legit while pyramid schemes are illegal. But in my opinion MLMs are what I call “pyramid schemes in disguise.” For example if you look at My Daily Choice’s compensation plan you’ll notice that there are more ways to earn by recruiting than just selling products alone.

How Much Are Affiliates Earning?

I don’t understand how MLMs are still so popular despite the fact that the numbers consistently show that most people don’t make any real money doing it.

If you take a look at My Daily Choice’s Income Disclosure you’ll see that 99% of their affiliates are earning $90.52 a month or less, with 57.32% of affiliates earning just a measly $10.22 per month on average!

income discloure statement

Of course there are a small number of people (less than 1%) of those who are making the big bucks, the highest earners are raking in an average of $780,382 per year which looks amazing, but only a SMALL fraction of 1% of affiliates achieves that.

Unless you’ve got some exceptional selling and recruiting skills it’s highly unlikely you’ll somehow do better than the 99% who are making mere peanuts.

These results are very typical of MLMs and that’s why I don’t recommend you join My Daily Choice or any other MLM.

If you’re looking for a better opportunity I suggest you Start a Blogging Business instead which uses the affiliate marketing strategy to earn income from. It’s the same thing I’m doing on this blog you’re on now to make $1,000+ a month consistently, it’s MUCH easier to succeed than doing MLMs.

Is My Daily Choice a Scam?

Despite it’s drawbacks I wouldn’t call My Daily Choice a scam. They do offer a legit MLM opportunity for people to make money from, if you’re good with selling and recruiting then maybe you will join the ranks of those who are making good money doing this.

However, it’s important to understand that most people fail at MLMs or making a ridiculously low amount of money and it’s not worth the time and effort in my opinion.

The biggest problem with MLMs is that you won’t get enough marketing training on how to recruit massively to earn the big income. Members usually start with selling/recruiting people they know such as their family and friends, but when they run out of people they don’t know how else to network and expand.

Start a Blogging Business Instead

If you’re looking for a good opportunity to start your own business and earn full time income I highly recommend you start a blog and promote other people’s products and services as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is a much better business model than MLMs for a few reasons:

  • No selling or recruiting required, just recommend products on your blog
  • Promote ANYTHING you want, you’re not tied to just one MLM company and their products
  • No annoying monthly auto-ship costs
  • Much cheaper to start

This is the same strategy I currently use on my blogs to make a steady 4-figure monthly income.

Believe it or not a lot of bloggers actually make good money doing it, and with the right training and mindset ANYONE can create a full time blogging business which is probably the  best way to earn income online, since your blog is live 24/7 this means you’re earning money even while sleeping!

But to become successful you do need the right training which I’ll provide to you. If you want to learn how to do all this then check out my link below where I’ll go over step-by-step on how it all works, plus I’ll show you the same training platform that taught me everything I know:



If you’re not ready to start a blogging business just yet don’t worry, there are still plenty of other ways to make money online. Check out my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites where you can get paid to do easy tasks online like taking surveys, playing games, viewing ads, doing offers, and much more. These sites won’t make you rich, but they do pay.

That’s it for this My Daily Choice review, if you have any experiences or comments you’d like to share then leave them down below.

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