Is MindField Online Internet Panels a Scam Or Paid Surveys?

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Welcome to another survey site review. So what the heck is MindField Online Internet Panels? Basically some people call survey sites “panels” and survey takers “panelists,” it’s just a way to fancy it up but they’re all the same crap.

I’d say that Mindfield Online Internet Panels is an “almost” scam,  you might get paid for taking surveys, but they’re far from the best site out there. They’ve been around since 2004 and used to have good user reviews, but in recent years this has changed and they’ve now become a more sketchy site not worth joining.

Another thing is you may not want to join sites only offering surveys to earn. You’ll get many survey invites but 99% of them you won’t qualify for. You’re better off with “get-paid-to” sites like Swagbucks (read my review) instead, they offer paid tasks that you don’t have to qualify for.

In this MindField Online Internet Panels review I’ll go over how they work, some things I dislike about them, and why there’s better sites to join.

MindField Online Internet Panels Review

Name: MindField Online
Type: Paid surveys site
Membership Price: $0
My Rating: 1.6 out of 5

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I had given MindField Online a rating of merely 1.6 out of 5. In their earlier days they had better reviews but in recent years you can find a lot of user complaints about them, many are saying they no longer pay and surveys completed not crediting and left “pending” for over 3 months.

Their customer service also appear to be very salty and unprofessional, there is just so many things I dislike about this site that I highly would advise against you joining them.

I do like they offer payments through Paypal and the minimum payout is only $5, but with this many people saying they don’t pay I don’t think it even matters and you should just join these better sites instead. But just for the fun of it let’s see how this crappy survey site work:

How Does MindField Online Work?

Currently only USA and Canadian residents can join and participate, but they’re free to join and there’s no upsells. You won’t lose your money to them, but you sure will lose a lot of your precious time!

Taking Surveys

Basically they work just like every other survey site out there. You join and take surveys, if you qualify you get complete it and get paid. The challenge as always is qualifying for the survey, you’ll get many available surveys to do but 99% of which you won’t qualify after answering some screening questions.

You’ll receive emails to invite you to take surveys, or you can just log in and find available surveys in your member’s area. But honestly what good are available surveys if they’re basically an open invitation to waste your time to see yet another “you don’t qualify” message?


grand prize winners

You can earn entries into their yearly sweepstakes every time you take surveys, this take a lot of luck to win anything and honestly is kind of lame. I really dislike sites that offer a sweepstakes and make everyone know about it as if it’s some kind of worthy attraction.

They’re basically lottery draws with the winners getting a share of a $500 prize pool with 2 grand prize winners getting $100 each and four 2nd prize winners getting $50 each. But 99.9% of us aren’t going to win squash so who cares.

Refer a Friend

MindField Online does have a refer-a-friend program where they pay you $1 when you refer someone to join and they complete their first survey. But since surveys are so darn hard to qualify for I doubt your friend will have the patience to stay long enough to do that! Even if they do that $1 isn’t much anyway.

What a crappy refer-a-friend program if you ask me. I prefer Swagbucks (read my review) where they pay you 10% of whatever your referrals earn for LIFE.

MindField Online Problems

Getting Kicked Off Surveys

This problem isn’t exclusive to MindField Online, but it’s basically where after you start a survey and after answering a few questions suddenly you get screened out because you don’t qualify.

You can also get booted off the survey if the quota of the survey has been filled before you’re able to complete and submit yours. Meaning they received enough completed surveys from other members and the survey has been closed.

Low Earning Potential

Again, this problem is not exclusive to MindField Online. If you’re thinking about doing this for a living, don’t bother! Taking online surveys is a huge time waster because you’ll seldom qualify, and those you do qualify for typically only pays $0.25 to $1.50 each for 20-30 minutes worth of work doing them.

I highly recommend you check out these top “get-paid-to” sites instead, these sites offer plenty of different ways to earn that does not require you to qualify.

Not Getting Credited

This is a very alarming concern because there are many reports of people saying they’ve waited weeks and weeks for a completed survey and it’s still “pending.”

Very Rude Customer Service

Their customer service is hilariously bad, it’s actually quite funny reading other people’s experiences with them. From what I have gathered they have a very condescending team of support that makes you feel like crap after you contact them with a problem…

Check out these screen shots of some of these above complaints I’ve found:











Is MindField Online a Scam?

I have seen reports of members getting paid before in the past, so I can’t call them a complete scam, but I’d say they’ve turned very sketchy in recent years and I highly do NOT recommend you waste your time with them. Instead check out these better sites that have better reputation, more ways to earn, and better customer service.

If you’re trying to make money online then MindField Online is a bad option, you will run into difficulties earning  anything significant and also you’ll be rolling the dice on whether you’ll actually get credited or paid. And if you decide to contact support to resolve any problem, well good luck and I hope you have thick skin in case they are rude to you!

Final Closing Words

You should stay away from MindField Online at all cost, they’re definitely not worth joining. Why not check out better sites like Swagbucks (read my review) instead? They’re very well-known and has paid over $175 million to their users since 2008. They’re also a “get-paid-to” site with endless ways for you to earn.

But no matter what site you join, these are all just supplemental income opportunities, you’ll earn more flipping burgers. If you’re looking for a legit way to earn a living online, then check out my #1 Recommended Way of Making Money Online to learn how you can make a full time income building websites/blogs.

Got your own opinion about MindField Online Internet Panels? As usual I’d love to hear what you think, leave your comments and questions down below!

My Final Rating:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings
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6 thoughts on “Is MindField Online Internet Panels a Scam Or Paid Surveys?

  1. swangirl says:

    Hello Kent,

    I have never liked survey sites and MindField sounds like more of the same old thing but even worse. I agree with you that the sweepstakes ploy is old and pointless. I got tired of seeing those everywhere 20 years ago and I will actively avoid sites that tout that kind of thing now since it seems cheap. I would much rather build my own website where I can make it look as classy as I want and keep it informative while building up a passive income. 

    Thanks for this review. 


  2. AnxietyPanda says:

    Ah, I was about to join MindField, but luckily decided to look for some reviews first. Thank goodness I came across yours! I am part of Global Test Market and am looking for other alternatives to supplement. I’ll definitely follow your recommendation and check out Swagbucks 🙂 I love the idea of making money online and you have given me some valuable resources to look into! Thanks!

  3. Lucas says:

    I can see why you’ve rated mindfield online with such a low score but to be honest pretty much all survey sites are like this. From what I remember all survey sites get surveys from the same survey distributors anyway.

    But i fully agree that surveys are just a big waste of time. I remember averaging like $0.50 for a 30 minute survey, which is really low.

    Oh but on the point of not getting qualified, if you catch on to what kind of company is offering you the survey, you could potentially tweak your answer to try and get them to think that you’re a suitable candidate. Might boost your survey eligibility rate.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah you could try to game the system to get more surveys, but you better be consistent with it. If they find out you’re making things up they’ll ban you and keep whatever money you’ve already earned.

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