Is Mannatech a Scam? (Just More Pyramid Scheme BS!?)

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Health and wellness is a very lucrative industry. As the saying goes “your health is your wealth,” and people are willing to spend big bucks to keep themselves and their family healthy and wealthy.

But being physically healthy doesn’t pay your bills now, does it? That’s why companies like Mannatech not only sells health and wellness products, they also allow you to create an income with them by promoting and selling their products.

I’m not here to convince you to join them. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, I’m just here to give you my honest opinions about them, there’s also some disappointing truths I feel you should know.

Is Mannatech a scam? Are they the right opportunity for you?

Let’s find out!


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Tired of Scams & Low Quality Opportunities?



What Is Mannatech?

Program Name: Mannatech
Owner: Samuel L. Caster
Startup Costs: $49.99 per year + product packages from $99 to $999
Recommended? No, because only a VERY small percentage of people succeed!

company design was founded back in 1993 by Samuel Caster. They are a Texas-based MLM (multi-level marketing) company that’s in the business of selling health products such as dietary supplements, weight loss drink mixes, and skin care creams and lotions.

They’re not too different from other MLMs I’ve already reviewed before like Zija, Jeunesse, Xyngular, Youngevity, and Shaklee.

In the last 20+ years Mannatech’s main passion has been to help malnourished children around the globe by providing them with vital nutrients from food sourced supplements.

They have partnered up with Mission 5 Million which is an organization who’s vision is to see 5 million kids around the globe become well-nourished and living in good health.

So far it sounds like Mannatech is a company that really wants to take care of underprivileged children around the world, that’s definitely a mission that most people would be willing to get behind!

What Are The Mannatech Products?

Being in the health and wellness niche, Mannatech’s products are all about improving your physical and mental health.

There are a couple of major things that sets their products apart from other similar companies:

  • They have over 100 patents on their products
  • 17 published human clinical trials, 13 of which were randomized double-blind placebo studies
  • They’ve hired the best scientists and spent over $50 million on developing the best products

If you go on Mannatech’s website and look in their products catalog you’ll find 5 different categories with over 30 different products. But first I want to introduce you to their patented flagship product called Ambrotose which is the magical ingredient behind most of their products.

2 jars of ambrotose powder dietary supplement

What’s The Big Deal About Ambrotose?

The deal is this… the human body is made up of over 500 trillion cells that are constantly busy communicating with each other by passing signals back and forth. All these cells work as a team to ensure that your body is functioning properly as it should.

The problem arises when the signals of these cells weaken which can be caused by things like aging, toxins in the environment, poor diets, etc. which can compromise your immune system.

Ambrotose basically improves cell-to-cell communication. 

Ambrotose is made from a blend of glyconutrients which comes from plants and aloe and their purpose is to nourish your cells and support cellular communication in the body to support optimal health.

To learn more about the amazing benefits of Ambrotose, check out the video below:

All of Mannatech’s products are infused with Ambrotose and so they all come with it’s benefits such as helping with immune system, memory, mood, digestion, and cell-to-cell communication.

They have a big line of products that are categorized into 5 different categories:

5 different categories of products

  1. Integrative Health – Nutritional supplements to help improve your overall wellness including your body, mind, and spirit
  2. Targeted Health – Supplements that target specific areas of your body such as heart, bones, joints, immune system, gut, digestion, cartilage, etc.
  3. Weight + Fitness – Supplements to help you lose weight and get fit. Including drinks for increased energy, fat loss, body cleanse, and nutrition.
  4. Essentials – Multivitamin pills infused with glyconutrients (If you like multivitamins also check out USANA)
  5. Skincare – A line of cosmetic products to give you healthier skin. Includes face creams, serums, moisturizers, etc. (Also check out Arbonne and Mary Kay which have a bigger selection of cosmetic products.)

But enough about their products, I’m sure you came here to this review not to learn about Mannatech’s products but instead to learn how you can make money with their business opportunity.

So let’s get down to business…

How Mannatech Works & How You Make Money

First of all let me be honest with you… while a small handful of people are able to generate good income with Mannactech’s business opportunity, the large majority fail.

MLMs have a notoriously low success rate and you’re better off checking out my Top Work At Home Recommendation instead which is much easier for the average person to see success.

But if you’re still interested in Mannatech then you can earn money with them in 2 main ways:

  1. Selling their products to earn sales commissions
  2. Recruiting new members to do the same. You’ll earn commissions from their sales as well as various prizes, incentives, and bonuses outlined in their compensation plan.

To succeed at MLMs you need to be a really good salesman as well as being able to convince other people to join in on the opportunity. If you’re an introverted person like myself, this won’t end well for you!

MLM is a business where you have to interact with many people face-to-face, most people start out promoting the MLM products to their friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

Constantly bringing up your MLM “business” to your friends and family is a good way to annoy them and drive a wedge in your relationships. These are just a few things to keep in mind before you join. 

What Are The Startup Costs?

There are two ways to become a Mannatech member:

  1. Join as a Preferred Customer – FREE (Ideal for people who just wants to buy Mannatech products)
  2. Join as an Associate – $49.99 per year (Ideal for people looking to create an income with Mannatech)

If you’re interested in making money you’ll have to join as an Associate which costs $49.99 per year.

Becoming an Associate will grant you the ability to earn commissions and bonuses as well as giving you access to training, tools, and other perks. Check out the full comparison of membership below:

2 options to join preferred customer or associate

But wait…. there’s still more costs involved!

You must also select one of three very expensive product packages:

  1. Basic Pack – $99 to $169
  2. All-Star Pack – $499
  3. Premium All-Star Pack – $999

Basically the more expensive the package the more products you get.

You’re going to need these products on hand so you can show and demonstrate them to your potential customers.

Let’s say you invite 10 people over to your home or office to show them these Mannatech products. You provide some free samples to your guests, maybe prepare a few drinks and shakes in little cups. You’ll explain the benefits of Ambrotose, and so on…

At the end of your MLM home/office party anyone who’s interested in the products can buy it off you, that’s also the time to sign up anyone interested in joining the opportunity as well.

If none of this sound like your cup of tea then I recommend that you see my Top Work At Home Recommendation to learn how to start a blog and make full time income from it. You won’t have to sell anything or recruit anyone, and it’s much cheaper to start!

Mannatech’s Compensation Plan

According to the company’s Unilevel compensation plan, you’ll have a total of 18 different way of generating income.

I know I said before that there are 2 main ways (selling and recruiting), so these 18 ways are basically various bonuses and incentives you can earn depending on how much you can sell/recruit.

The 18 ways of earning are highlighted here:

  1. Retail Profits
  2. Member Bonus
  3. Member All-Star Bonus
  4. Direct Bonus
  5. Generation Direct Bonus
  6. Personal Power Bonus
  7. Automatic Order Bonus
  8. Team Bonus
  9. Team Development Bonus
  10. Leadership Bonus
  11. Leadership Generational Bonus
  12. Leadership Level Bonus
  13. Leadership Development Bonus
  14. Presidential Development Bonus
  15. Lifestyle Bonus
  16. Silver and Gold Presidential Bonus
  17. Platinum Presidential Bonus
  18. Incentives

I won’t get into the full details of each, but basically it all has to do with selling products, recruiting a team under you and earning commissions from their sales, and also earning bonuses and incentives for helping your team form their own teams.

If you want to learn the full details then see Mannatech’s Full Compensation Plan or watch the video below:

Is Mannatech a Pyramid Scheme?

Good question! Any reasonable person would take one look at Mannatech’s compensation plan which focuses a lot on recruiting and inevitably wonder if it’s all just another pyramid scheme scam?

The answer is no, Mannatech is a legit MLM company which is distinctively different from a pyramid scheme.

The main difference between them is that with a MLM company you’ll be able to earn income by selling products that have REAL value. Products that people use regularly everyday like Mannatech’s nutritional supplements for example, or HempWorx’s CBD oil, or InteleTravel’s vacation packages, you get the idea… 

But with a pyramid scheme the only way to earn is by recruiting members, there are no products to sell whatsoever. You only get paid when you convince more suckers to join into the pyramid scheme.

Here’s a video which sums up the differences between MLM and pyramid schemes pretty well:

How Much Are Mannatech Associates Earning?

If you want to get a good idea of how much you can realistically earn, the best way to do so is by looking at Mannatech’s Average Income Statement, unfortunately the numbers show that the vast majority of Associates are earning chump change. 

Take a look at the screenshot below to see what I mean:

2017 average income statement

I’ll explain what this all means. On the left column you’ll see the number of Associates and their rank levels, there are 6,413 Associates altogether. On the far right column you’ll see the amount they earned in the year 2017.

So I highlighted the left column to show you that the VAST majority of Associates (5,887 out of 6,413) are earning $1,079 per year OR LESS. With 4,147 Associates earning just $137 a year!!

Yes there are a FEW who are making a good full time income. From Bronze Presidential Director and above these people are making $39,928 a year or more, but look at how small of a number of people are actually achieving that, only 44 out of 6,413!

I appreciate the fact that Mannatech is transparent enough to publish this data, but this should be enough to convince most people to stay away. Unless you’ve got some superman-level selling and recruiting skills, this business will not end well for you.

Also you have to remember the startup costs as well, if you spent $999 on the Premium All-Star Pack and earned $1,079 in a year, you’re pretty much breaking even!

I highly recommend you forget MLMs and check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation instead which has allowed me to earn a 4-figure monthly income working from home. It’s much easier to succeed and a lot cheaper too!

Mannatech Complaints

1. Not For Quiet and Shy People

Regardless of whether you’re selling or recruiting people, all of this requires a lot of face-to-face interaction. If you are a naturally talkative person then this might not be a big issue for you.

But for people who struggle to put on a smile or are a naturally quiet person without a lot of things to say, you’re unlikely to charm your customers enough to be able to make any significant sales or recruitment.

If you’re an introvert like myself then you’re better off Starting An Online Blogging Business instead where you can work from home in front of a computer typing away instead of having to talk and talk and talk.

2. Modern Day Snake Oil?

green snake coiled up

Mannatech doesn’t claim that their products cure any diseases, but apparently many of their representatives and distributors like to go around giving people the idea that Ambrotose can help treat a variety of ailments like diabetes, AIDS, cancer, promote faster healing, and much more.

Is Ambrotose really all that wonderful or is it just a bunch of marketing BS?

Well let’s take a look at Ambrotose’s magical ingredient “glyconutrients” a little closer, what the heck is it exactly? It’s basically 8 different types of sugars that they say the body needs at the cellular level but don’t normally get enough of from the foods we eat.

But it’s important to understand that glyconutrients is just a term coined by Mannatech themselves, there’s very little science behind it. If you look up the term on Wikipedia nothing shows up except Mannatech! It appears that the only people who tout glyconutrients are selling something and have something to gain by promoting it.

So is Ambrotose just snake oil? You decide…

3. Long History Of Being Sued

cartoon picture of courtroom judge

It doesn’t take much effort to dig up Mannatech’s ugly past which was full of lawsuit after lawsuit, mainly as a result of making exaggerated health benefit claims as mentioned in the previous section.

Let’s go back to 2004 when they had to settle an invasion of privacy lawsuit by paying $750,000 to a mother who claimed that nude pictures of her child were used by Mannatech to promote their products. 

Then in 2005 they were sued once again, this time by their own investors who claimed that Mannatech exaggerated the health benefits and effectiveness of their products just to inflate their own stocks.

In 2008 they faced a class-action lawsuit and had to settle it by paying $11.25 million to the plaintiff.

In 2009 they faced more legal troubles in Texas and had to pay $7 million. The reason for this one is exactly the same as the one in 2005, exaggerating health benefits of their products.

Look at all these lawsuits against them, the majority of which they had lost and had to pay up millions of dollars to settle.

Do you really want to build your business under a company with this much past legal troubles? I wouldn’t!

4. Costs Over $1,000 To Start This Business

When you go on Mannatech’s website and click “Join” they will give you the membership price which is $49.99 to become an Associate. If this was the only cost to start then I wouldn’t have written this complaint. 

The fact is that there are very expensive product packages you’ll need to purchase, ranging from $99 to $999.

If you pick the $999 package + $49.99 it will cost you $1,048 to get this business started.

Yes, you can pick a cheaper product package, but then you won’t be able to earn as much.

I recommend you check out my #1 Recommendation instead which allowed me to build a 4-figure full time blogging business for just $49 per month, they even let you try it for FREE. No upsells and no expensive product packages!

6. Most Associates Are Earning Squadoosh

As I previously showed you, the vast majority of Mannatech Associates are earning next to nothing. Even those who are earning about $1,079 a year are basically breaking even.

Remember above when I said that this business can cost $1,048 to get started? Basically your whole years’ worth of earnings is wiped out because of the high startup costs.

Most people (4,147 Associates out of 6,413) made only $137 a year, meaning if they’ve purchased the $999 product package then after the startup costs they’re losing $911!

Let me tell you… this is VERY typical. Most people in MLMs don’t make any money. There was a report done for the FTC website which basically said that less than 1% of MLM business are profitable.

When you look at Mannatech’s Associates and their average earnings, it’s clear that this is true!

What I Like About Mannatech

1. Quarter Of a Century Old

25 quarter of a century

Mannatech started up back in 1993, so at the time of this review they’ve been in existence for over 25 years. When a company has been around this long it’s clear that they’re not going away anytime soon.

If their products or way of doing business had any scam element to it then the victims would certainly report them to the authorities and they would get shut down, but this had not been the case.

Yes, they’ve had plenty of lawsuits over the years but most of these legal troubles happened early on. Since 2009 onward I haven’t been able to find anything that bad, so it appears they’ve been a good boy for at least a decade now.

3. Their Products Have Good User Reviews

I’ve personally never tried Ambrotose or any of the Mannatech products, but it appears that many users are very satisfied with their products which are consistently getting good ratings.

Some of Mannatech’s products are being sold online at places like and if you Look At The Reviews most people are rating it 5 out of 5 or at least giving it a 4 out of 5.

Most customers are praising it for it’s positive health benefits such as helping with immune system, cancer, more energy, better sleep, and even their pets are benefiting from it.

Mannatech’s business opportunity may be crap, but their products itself appears to be worth the money.

Is Mannatech a Scam?

In my research I have come to the conclusion that neither Mannatech’s products nor their business opportunity is a scam.

Their products’ health benefit claims do come with some controversy, but people who have actually used these products have given them very high ratings and the user response is overwhelmingly positive.

However, their business opportunity is a completely different story and I don’t recommend it at all. 

It’s not that they’re scamming anyone, but it’s just that the way this MLM business run makes it very difficult for the majority of people to actually succeed.

I have shown you their 2017 average earnings statement which shows that the majority of people are either making chump change or even losing money. The startup costs are also very expensive and can run you over $1,000.

If you’re looking for a legit business opportunity to earn full time income, I’ll show you a much better choice.

A Much Better Business Opportunity

Back in December of 2016 I discovered an online training platform that teaches people on how to start a website/blog and earn income by promoting other people’s products and services as an affiliate marketer.

I recommend Affiliate marketing over MLMs for a few reasons:

  • No face-to-face selling or recruiting
  • No complicated compensation plans to understand, simply make a sale and get paid
  • You’re free to promote ANYTHING you want, not just products from one MLM company
  • Startup costs are much lower, in fact it’s FREE to start

This online training platform is called Wealthy Affiliate and they’ve been around since 2005 and have helped thousands of people quit their 9 to 5 jobs and to do something they love for a living. 

Under their training I’ve built this website you’re on right now. I’m not a millionaire just yet, but I do earn $1,000+ per month which has allowed me to not work at a job I hate anymore.

If you’re interested in following in my footsteps then click the button below to learn how:



Affiliate marketing is in my opinion the best way to make money online because of it’s low startup costs and the flexibility to do things your own way. However, it requires time and effort to create a full time income and lots of hard work is required. 

But imagine being able to work from anywhere in the world on your laptop, being able to have time and location freedom making money on your own terms. Anyone can do this with the right training and mindset.

So that’s all I got for this Mannatech review. It was a very long post and I hope you’ve found all the information you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments on anything, please ask me below.

Mannatech – My Final Rating

  • Startup Costs
  • Earning Potential
  • Trustworthiness Of Company

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