Is Limu a Scam? An Honest Review of Their MLM Program

limu mlm company make money opportunity

Today I discovered something called Limu which is another MLM company where they offer people the opportunity to make money online by selling their products and recruiting other people to join the MLM program.

It appears that $1000s can be made from this so I decided to check them out to see if they’re legit or not. So is Limu a scam? How does it work? How much money can you make? How likely are you to make money doing this? I’m sure you’re wondering all these questions and a lot more.

In this Limu review I’ll share with you what I’ve discovered about them and offer my honest opinion on whether you should join or not. Later on I’ll also show you my #1 strategy to make money online which is what I currently do, so keep on reading till the end!

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Limu Review – Brief Overview

Name: Limu
Type: MLM business opportunity
Membership Price: $499 to $999
Verdict: Legit, but not recommended

mlm company business changing people's lives

Introduction To Limu – What Is It?

Limu is a company that started up back in 2004, they sell healthy drinks, shakes, and powders that are based on an ingredient called Fucoidan which is something that’s found in various species of brown algae and brown seaweed.

Have you ever had miso soup? They use Wakame in the soup which is one type of seaweed that contains Fucoidan. 

Limu uses Fucoidan to make their products because it has been shown in some laboratory studies to provide tremendous health benefits including:

  • May prevent growth of cancer cells
  • May prevent blood clots
  • Fights viruses and good for your immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory which prevents things like Alzheimer and Parkinson disease 
  • Good for your joints
  • Increases energy
  • Prevents obesity
  • Good for your skin
  • and much more…

The Products of Limu

Limu products include bottled drinks and protein shake mixes which all contains Facoidan, but these products are all a bit different and which one is right for you depends on your needs.

lean shakes can healthy drinks
Products sold by Limu

I know you’re here looking to make money online, and I’ll get to that a bit later on how you can do so with Limu’s MLM business opportunity which involves you having to sell their products. So let’s take a look at what products they have:

LIMU ORIGINALThis is the best selling fucoidan-rich nutritional supplement on the market. It is a juice that contains juice extracts from fruits like mangoes, papayas, apples, and pears. It contains no artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. You don’t need to drink the whole bottle all at once, a 2 or 4 oz shot per serving is good. There are 33oz per bottle.

BLU FROG / BLU FROG 2This is basically the same thing at the LIMU Original except they come in cans which contains 8.4oz which is one or two servings. The cans are great because they make it easy to take it with you on the go. BLU FROG 2 differs from the first one in that it contains slightly less sugar and calories but with more caffeine.

LIMU LEAN SHAKESThis is a protein shake mix that’s useful for people looking to lose weight. One packet contains 20g of protein, 6g of fiber, and 22 essential vitamins and minerals. It comes in two flavors – Dutch Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla.

LIMU LEAN BURN – This is a canned drink that is also used for weight loss. It is designed to curb your appetite to accelerate weight loss and decrease body fat. Each can is 8.4oz and contains about one or two servings with 20g of protein and 100mg of caffeine to give you more energy and to suppress your hunger and cravings. 

These drinks and shakes are not cheap, on their website the LIMU Original sells for $30 per bottle! But then again it’s not like you have to drink the whole bottle at once, each bottle contains about 10 servings, so it all works out to be about $3 USD per serving which is still not cheap.

To buy these products you can either go to the Limu website or you can buy it from people who have joined their MLM business opportunity as a promoter and are selling it. I’ve also seen it sold on Amazon a while back but they seem to have taken it off for some reason.

Making Money With Limu

So I’m sure at this point you’re eager to learn more about their MLM business opportunity and how you can earn money from it.

Basically you can join as a promoter of Limu products and sell their drinks and shakes to customers to receive commissions. You can also earn money by recruiting others to join this very same MLM program (multi-level marketing.)

So below I’ll go over in more details on how this all works.

How Does Limu’s MLM Business Opportunity Work?

As previously mentioned there are two ways to make money with Limu, either with direct sales or by recruiting others to join so you can make money off the sales from your downline.

To sign up you first enroll in their Fast Track Packs which includes brochures and samples of all their products. There are two choices, the first one cost $499 and the other one cost $999. The difference between the two is that the second one includes more products.

In addition there are many ranking levels and bonuses you can achieve depending on how much you sell or the people you’ve recruited sell. Below I’ll highlight the 13 ways you can make money:

  1. Customer Commissions
  2. 3-For-Free Products
  3. Fast Track Bonus
  4. 2K VIP Bonus
  5. First Order Bonus
  6. Leader Development Bonus
  7. 100K and Up Leader Pool
  8. 500K and Up Leader Pool
  9. Reward Trips
  10. Level Bonus
  11. Lifetime Cash Bonus
  12. Limu BMW Club Bonus
  13. Cash Bonuses

You can find the full details about all 13 of these ways of making money in the Limu Prosperity Plan Guide.

Below I’ll be highlighting for you the main ones that I think are the most important:

Customer Commissions

This is basically direct sales where you are selling Limu’s products to customers, you earn 20% commission for the sale. The toughest thing here is of course you’ll need to find people who would be interested in buying these products.

If you have recruited others into Limu’s MLM program you can also earn 5% commission off their sales. This runs 4 tiers deep, meaning you can also earn from your referral’s referrals, and their referrals’ referrals, and their referrals’ referrals!

3-For-Free Products

Limu rewards promoters who are active are are making lots of sales by giving them free stuff. You get a free 100 PV (personal volume) towards your Autoship order on the following month if in the current month you’ve enrolled 3 customers who have made purchases worth 100 PV each.

PV (Personal volume) are basically like points, and how much you earn depends on the product purchased. For example if a customer buys 4 bottles of the Limu Original, that is worth 100 PV to you. If they purchase 1 case (24 cans) of the BLU FROG that is worth 50 PV to you.

You need to be on Autoship to qualify for the 3-For-Free products. Autoship is where you’re automatically billed and sent products whether you’re making sales or not.

The Big Money Is In Recruiting!

If you are selling products that is all fine and dandy and you might make some money, but if you look at Limu’s Prosperity Plan you can see that the real money is in recruiting others to join, this is very typical with all MLM programs. 

As you move up the 13 ranks you will qualify for more earnings and bonuses.

Most people who make the big money with MLM programs don’t do so by selling products, they do so by recruiting lots of people into their downline. You can earn really big bonuses if the people you recruited buy into the Fast Track packages, and even more money if they recruit others who also recruit others due to the 4-tier system.

You may have noticed that one of the ranks is the BMW Club Bonus and wondering what the heck is that? If you’re able to reach and maintain the 20k level you will receive a $600 bonus towards the lease or purchase of a brand new BMW car. Or just $300 in cash if you don’t want the car.

bmw car bonus
$600 Towards The Lease or Purchase of Your Dream BMW Car

Cash bonuses can also be huge if you’re able to move up to high ranks. There are cash bonuses of $10,000 to $250,000 if you can reach and maintain the rank of 100k or higher.

Is This Just Another Pyramid Scheme?

Clearly there is a lot of money to be made with Limu’s MLM business opportunity, but you’re probably wondering if anyone actually succeeds doing this or is it all just some kind of pyramid scheme?

First of all this is an MLM program and not a pyramid scheme. The difference is that with MLM programs you can sell products with actual value, in Limu’s case it’s their drinks and shakes, and of course you can also earn by recruiting new members.

With pyramid schemes there are no products to sell, you can only earn by recruiting others to that very same program.

Can You REALLY Make Money?

The answer is written in Limu’s fine print below their website, which says income is not guaranteed and it depends on your own skills, dedication, and effort.

So yes, you can make money but it’s just not very likely in my opinion because personally I think their products are way too expensive and it’s going to be hard to sell.

Also to reach those high ranks and earn those really big bonuses you’ll need to recruit a LOT of people, not only that but they would also need to be very successful and be making lots of sales.

If you’re just some newbie starting out without any marketing skills, this is just not going to work out very well for you. 

Personally I am not a fan of MLM programs and I think they’re a terrible way to earn money. According to a study published on the FTC’s website, they said that 99% of distributors in MLM programs lose money!

I’d advise you to stay away from MLMs altogether and just check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation instead where I’ll show you how to earn at least $1000+ per month by simply blogging for yourself without having to sell anything.

Is Limu a Scam Or Legit?

In my research Limu appears to be legit and not a scam. They have real products you can sell and also an in-depth recruiting system where you can potentially make a lot of money from.

That being said I highly do NOT recommend you join any MLM programs because it’s just such a tough way to make money from, and if you can’t sell enough volume you can potentially lose money doing this, and be stuck with leftover inventory!

It’s also pretty expensive to get started, the Fast Track Packs cost $499 to $999 and if you don’t buy it then you won’t be eligible for a lot of the bonuses.

The Autoship is also a pain in the ass because they require you to pay for more inventory each month even if you haven’t sold anything the last month.

Overall there’s just not a lot of good things to say about MLM programs in general. They have lucrative earning systems but very very very few people can actually earn the big bucks.

But fortunately there is a much better way to make money online that I’ll share with you below. It’s a method that don’t require you to sell anything, your earning potential is unlimited, it’s very easy to learn, and I’ll show you a way to get started for FREE today!

My #1 Strategy To Make Money Online

Basically what I do to make money online is by using a business model called affiliate marketing. I recommend products to people on my blog/website which contains affiliate links, when people makes a purchase through my links I earn a commission.

With affiliate marketing you are not selling products, you are RECOMMENDING products, this difference serves many benefits to you. There is no selling, no dealing with customers, no need to buy inventory, no ranks to climb and maintain, and yes you can make lots and lots of money doing this!

If you’d like to learn how to build a profitable website using affiliate marketing then check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation where I’ll show you step-by-step on how to do this all from scratch, and it will answer many of the questions you may have about this business.

I’ve been making money doing this since December of 2016 and currently make at least $1000+ a month from it, I know many others who are making way more.

There is no limit to how much you can make with affiliate marketing, it all depends on how hard you’re willing to work. Also it’s really not that hard to learn either, anyone can do this regardless of your background.

Check out the link below to learn more about this business and I’ll also show you a learning platform which provides you with all the training and tools you need to succeed (Get started today for FREE, no credit card required!)



This affiliate marketing website business is not a get-rich-quick scheme! So don’t expect to get started today and rake in $1000s in a week. It’s a 100% legit way to make a job-replacing type of income online, but it does take some time to see success.

While building your business I do recommend you check out my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites where you can earn some quick and easy money by filling out surveys, doing cash offers, playing games, watching videos, and a heck lot more.

These get-paid-to sites won’t make you rich, but they’re a fun way to earn some extra cash online while your website affiliate marketing business is growing.

That’s all I got for this Limu review, I hope you have found this helpful. If you have any questions or comments about their MLM program or anything else I’ve mentioned in this post then leave them down below!

12 thoughts on “Is Limu a Scam? An Honest Review of Their MLM Program

  1. Shui Hyen says:

    Hey Kent,

    Honestly, MLM setups is not my cup of coffee. Although the Limu’s compensate plan looks promising, but the hefty price of membership fee of $499 to $999 is ridiculousness.

    I concurred with you that affiliate marketing still the best business model in making money online if you done it right! All you have to do is to get some affiliate marketing training, create a website and choose a product to promote and drive to the site. That’s it, you have made a commission if people purchase via your affiliate links. Literally, you can start an online business with no money or little investment.

    Much Success! 

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Shui, yeah I agree that affiliate marketing is best for those looking for an online business that’s cheap to start and offers unlimited earning potential. MLMs are just too expensive for the average person and it requires the networking and marketing skills that most people don’t have.

  2. Glen says:

    Kent, I enjoyed reading your review of Limu. There is a misperception about MLM. First of all, as a business model, companies choose the Multi-Level Marketing model as part of their corporate strategy. The sales and training functions are moved to the “field” to the sales teams. To be successful in MLM takes more than recruiting. While I am not involved in MLM in any way, I personally know and socialize with several multi-millionaires who are successful in MLM. The common trait among them is that they have recruited, trained, motivated, and supported effective SALES TEAMS. Yes, it is true most people fail at MLM. But it is also true that most people fail at affiliate marketing (I have heard a rate as high as 95%).

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah I agree that successful MLM business owners all have one thing in common, and that’s the ability to recruit a massive team as their downline. Most people cannot do this because they don’t know how, there’s no training provided by the MLM company themselves, so it’s up to you to do this on your own. If you’ve got no networking and marketing skills then you’re not going to see any long term profits.

      Also about the part where you said that most people fail at affiliate marketing… well, a couple of things. First of all affiliate marketing is almost free to start, so even if you fail you’re not really losing much money except maybe for your website hosting fees if you have a website.. which is like $20 a month.

      But I do agree that most people fail at affiliate marketing as well (not sure about 95% though) but that’s due to the same reason most people fail at MLMs, they lack the proper TRAINING! Building any business takes a lot of skill and knowledge, that’s why I recommend people to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate which is the training platform that got me started with affiliate marketing. It’s a top-rated training program that teaches people how to build a profitable online affiliate marketing website from A to Z. It guides you step by step from building your first website to making your first dollar with it. If you follow the training provided I guarantee that you will not fail.

  3. Amanda Blaine says:

    Sounds intriguing, I am sure there are many health benefits to many of the underwater life we have yet to find.

    So Limu is like a pyramid business like, I remember when I was young my parents got into selling amway, many different products to sell but it really didn’t amount to much because of how it was set up. We had lots of amway products left over at our house though.


    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah I’ve heard of Amway, they’re a really big MLM company and has been around for like over 50 years, but just because they’ve been around forever doesn’t mean they’re any good. In my opinion all MLMs are a tough way to make money because of the way it’s set up, that to make a substantial amount of money you have to build a big team of recruits to sell under you. This is very tough to do, especially without any training on HOW to do it.

      By the way Limu is a MLM business not a pyramid scheme. The difference is that with MLM there are two ways to earn – by selling products or by recruiting a downline. With pyramid schemes you can only earn by recruiting. MLM is a legit business model while pyramid schemes are illegal.

  4. Christina says:

    Thanks for the great review of Limu! It looks like they have a lot of different ways you can make money with them, which is pretty cool. However, I was recently in an MLM and I agree with you – they are not easy to make money with!

    1. People don’t want to buy the products because they’re too expensive2. People don’t want to join and MLM

    Plain and simple. 

    The products used in MLMs are generally pretty good. I love the products that I got! But, because they are so pricey, you just end up buying a bunch of stuff yourself (it sounds like Limu has the same thing we had – spend 100PV every month) and not really selling anything. 

    I know I spent a LOT of money on my MLM. Affiliate marketing is SO MUCH BETTER in my opinion.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Sometimes it’s better to be selling expensive products because then the commissions are bigger as well. But the problem is it’s pretty tough to make sales without some kind of marketing platform like a store or online store, a website, a blog, etc. Many people in MLMs buy a bunch of inventory and end up keeping a bunch of it in their basement because they couldn’t sell it all.

  5. Mariah says:

    Limu seems to be legitimate but I’m not a big fan of the whole MLM thing. In my opinion, if the whole purpose of your business is just to get people to pay to join your business there’s something wrong. I know that a lot of people do it and people actually make money but it just feels wrong to me. I especially hate it when people that I haven’t spoken to in years reach out to me just to try to get me to join the MLM they just joined. It’s annoying. But to each their own ha ha.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Mariah, yeah I’m willing to bet that many people who signed up for MLMs doesn’t even have a plan on how to actually get customers or recruits. They just rely on ringing up their relatives, friends, neighbors, which is not enough! People who succeed at MLMs are able to recruit massive teams to sell under them, without any networking skills and being able to constantly find more and more people to sell/recruit you’re unlikely to be profitable long term.

  6. Chris says:

    I’ll level with you here – I’m not a fan of MLM setups, and I’m never likely to be really, but this lot do seem legit in what they’re doing…

    But there is one really worrying factor here – the price!

    A membership price of $499 to $999 is just off this planet. How do you expect people to pay that sort of money to just get their feet in through the door. Do they offer anything original that can back up these high prices?

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      The high entry price is very typical of MLM programs. So obviously it would take a LOT of sales or recruiting many many people just to merely cover that cost, no wonder 99% of people in MLM programs don’t even make any money!

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