Is Level Rewards a Scam? Warning! Read This Review First!

make money online completing offers referring people

Today a friend of mine told me about Level Rewards which is another “get-paid-to” site, but they’re quite different from ones I’ve seen before and it actually offers a MUCH higher potential, so I thought I’d check them out to see if I should be warning others about them or not.

So is Level Rewards a scam? How do you make money with them? How much can you earn? Do they pay, and if so what payment methods do they offer? Find out the answers to all these questions below in this Level Rewards review!

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Level Rewards Review

Name: Level Rewards
Type: GPT (get-paid-to) refer others
Membership Price: FREE to join

earn money referring others to join

What Is Level Rewards?

Level Rewards is a website that lets USA, Canada, UK, and Australian residents make money online by completing various offers and referring other people to join and do the same.

Offers are basically where you get paid to sign up for something, such as signing up for a survey site, a music site, an online casino, a gaming platform, and a bunch of other things.

Some of these offers are free, but other ones require a credit card for a free trial or even require a purchase.

How Does It Work?

First of all, I should clarify that the only way to earn money on Level Rewards is by REFERRING others to join.

By completing offers you will earn CREDITS which increases your rank level, there are a total of 10 different levels and each 1 credit you earn moves you up 1 level. The higher your rank level the more money you can make.

When you first join you’ll start out at level 0 and you won’t be able to earn anything yet. You’ll have to complete one or more of the available offers to gain credits, the amount of credit you earn per offer varies, but it’s usually around 0.20 to 2 credits per offer completed.

These offers have specific requirements that you need to meet in order to earn those credits, make sure you read them over carefully before you partake in the offer:

survey rewardz offer value
Earn 0.60 credits by completing Survey Rewardz offer

As you can see in the above screenshot, this Survey Rewardz offer is free but it only pays out 0.60 credits and you have to earn a whopping $3.50 USD from surveys in just 24 hours in order to complete the offer.

This offer is going to be REALLY hard to complete because in my experience most surveys only pay $0.25 to $1 and you won’t qualify for most surveys. Usually it takes at least a week or two to earn $3.50 USD by taking surveys, so the 24 hours they give you really isn’t a lot of time at all.

Also the 0.60 credits that you earn will only get you about halfway to level 1, you’ll still have to earn an additional 0.40 credits from completing other offers in order to be able to earn any real money. Starting to sound like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

There are other offers that pay more credits but you have to be really careful because some of them require you spend money first:

go daddy reward value requirements
Earn 1 credit for completing Go Daddy offer

As you can see from above, completing this Go Daddy offer will earn you 1 full credit and get you to level 1, but at the cost of $4.99 for purchasing and registering a domain name, and you CANNOT cancel it early. So basically this 1 credit will cost you $4.99!

You’ve Reached Level 1… Now What?

Once you’ve reached at least level 1 then you will be able to start earning money by referring others to join Level Rewards, you’ll be given your own referral link to promote. 

For every referral that reaches level 1 you will earn $5. For every additional level they move up you will earn an additional $5, so at level 10 you can potentially earn up to $50 per referral…but ONLY if your own level matches theirs.

So for example if your referral reaches level 1 and you’re at level 2 yourself, then you’ll earn $5. If your referral reaches level 2 then you will earn $10. But if you’re on level 1 and your referral is on level 2 or higher, then the most you can earn is still only $5 because you’re only on level 1 yourself.

How Much Money Can You Make?

How much money you make with Level Rewards depends on what level you’re on, how many referrals you acquire, and how many levels your referrals move up.

To promote your Level Rewards referral link you can post it on your blog, social media, share it with your friends and family, etc.

There’s really no limit on how much you can make, but some people may find it very difficult to get enough active referrals to make anything significant. But if you’re really good at getting referrals then making a substantial part time income from it is not impossible.

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How Does Level Rewards Pay You?

Once you’ve earned at least $5 from your referrals moving up to level 1 then you can submit a payout request, your payment will be made to you via Paypal within 24 hours.

So you may be wondering whether they actually pay or not? Apparently they DO pay and are quite transparent about it too, they have a Facebook page where users post screenshots of their payment proofs. This page is regularly updated and it appears that many people are getting paid without problems.

The Positives

  • Doesn’t cost anything to join
  • Lots of offers available, many of them are free
  • Very high earning potential for a GPT site
  • Fast and convenient Paypal payments

The Negatives

  • Only available in USA, Canada, Australia, and UK
  • Offers have tough requirements to fulfill
  • Hard to move up levels by just doing free offers, you’ll have to do paid offers if you want to move up levels fast
  • Unlike traditional GPT sites you don’t earn cash directly for completing offers

Is Level Rewards a Scam?

From my research it appears that Level Rewards is a legit site you can get paid to complete offers and refer others to join. There are plenty of payment proof and screenshots you can find from members, and it seems like people are getting paid and there’s no issues as far as payment goes.

Unlike regular GPT sites that pay you directly to complete offers, you’re given credits instead to move up levels which then lets you earn $5 to $50 by referring others to join.

Although your earning potential is much higher, getting to level 10 is not easy, and you may have to complete offers that make you buy something first. Sticking to free offers is fine, but they all have really annoying requirements that are very difficult to fulfill.

Also you’ll have to know how to effectively get other people to join Level Rewards through your affiliate link, otherwise if you can’t get any referrals then you won’t earn anything regardless of how high a level you achieve at Level Rewards.

Better Ways To Make Money Online

If you’re not a fan of having to get other people to join under your referral link in order to make money, then Level Rewards is probably not the right choice for you. Even if you manage to get to level 10, unless you’re able to get referrals (who also move up levels) then being on level 10 wouldn’t mean anything.

Why not just join sites that actually pay you real money every time you complete offers instead?

You should check out my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites where you can earn money directly by completing offers, taking surveys, playing games, watching advertisement videos, and much more.

Although these sites do pay and are a good source of extra income, they won’t make you rich and cannot replace your day job. If you’re looking to make a job-replacing type of income online I suggest you see my Top Work At Home Recommendation where I’ll show you how to make $1000+ per month by creating websites/blogs.

That’s all I got for this Level Rewards review, I hope it has helped you in making an informed decision. What are your thoughts on them? Have you gotten paid by them before? Let me know in the below comments, I always write back to my readers.

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